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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 405 No remains

“Why do you come out?”

Susan questions Johnson.

Johnson thinks it is funny. He pulls Susan in front of him with one hand and holds her chin with the other. “You’re my woman. Why should I watch my woman flirt with another man?”

Johnson is strong, and Susan’s chin hurts.

Susan has fear in her eyes. She looks at the man in front of her and bursts into tears.

Johnson sees Susan’s tears and suddenly freezes. He immediately becomes gentle.

“Honey, what’s the matter with you?”

Susan gets into his arms and hits him on the chest. “You just hurt me.”

Susan’s voice is small, and she knows that Johnson loves it the most.

Johnson is cheated. He looks at Susan and pities her, but the next second he looks lascivious. He picks up Susan and rushes straight into the bedroom.

“Honey, to make up for you, I’ll make you feel better later.”

Susan doesn’t speak. She just smiles and hugs Johnson’s neck in response.

Alex leaves Susan’s house and rushes to his office and begins decrypting the phone.

As soon as he turns it on, he sees a picture. A naked woman is wrapping around a man who is also naked.

He knows this woman. It’s Susan. But this man is himself.

Alex didn’t expect such a picture to exist in the world. There must be some misunderstanding.

If Miya also sees the picture, it’s understandable that she doesn’t want to talk to him.

He swallows, and his shaking hands indicate his nervousness. Finally, he sees Susan’s text messages and countless phone calls to Miya.

She has deleted the message’s content, but according to the restoration, she sends different photos every day and is provocative.

Alex suddenly understands. He begins to blame himself.

“Alex, do we have to keep an eye on Susan?”

Alex seems to have got what he wants, so Randy asks him.

Alex bows his head and thinks for a moment and finally nods, “yes, we have to pay attention to whether the man often enters her house.”

Alex didn’t expect to see Johnson. He thinks that Miya’s pictures must have something to do with Susan.

“OK.” Randy answers and backs out.

Alex copies the pictures and packs up and goes home. Miya always says that he doesn’t know the real reason. He thinks he knows it now.

At home, Miya is cooking for the children. All the children say they miss her cooking very much.

Michelle creeps and feels uncomfortable here.

Gogo looks at Michelle and tugs at her dress. “You don’t have to be nervous. Aunt Miya cooks very well.”

Michelle feels her clothes being pulled. She looks down and sees a beautiful child. The child is charming. Especially her eyes are as attractive as stars.

“Miya, your children are beautiful. I admire you so much!” Michelle is envious.

Miya feels proud. “You can have a baby, too. Lisa is charmed by Joey. She said she would have a son and let him marry Joey, but she’s not pregnant yet.”

Miya’s words successfully shut Michelle up. She looks at Miya and looks around. She still feels that she is out of place.

“You don’t have to be upset.” Gogo pulls Michelle’s clothes again.

Michelle crouches down to listen to the child.

“Actually, I was not the child of this family, but I have lived here for several months. The people here are perfect, so you don’t have to worry. You can live here at ease.”

Michelle hears Gogo and is surprised. Miya said she has triplets. There are three children here, but the one in front of her doesn’t look like the other two. He looks good, too. Is he adopted? Miya is afraid that he will be sad, so she makes up that they are triplets?

Triplets are rare. Michelle thinks about the poor life experience of the child.

Lisa calls Michelle while she is still thinking.

“Lisa, what’s the matter?”

“What happened? I’m at the coffee shop now, but it doesn’t seem to be open today. I went to your house, but I found that it was a mess. Can you tell me where you are now? I’m worried!” Lisa can’t help shouting.

Lisa is in front of that coffee shop now and listening to the waves lapping on the coast and can’t be calm.

People passing by are talking about the coffee shop.

“You know what? It’s said that the shop was robbed last night.”

“Really? What terror!”

“Yes! It’s said that there are no remains.”

“Nonsense!” Lisa turns her head and shouts at them. They are so rude!

“Ah! This woman is terrible.”

The girls leave screaming. Lisa feels a little speechless and yells, “if you don’t tell me where you are, I’ll beat you the next time I see you.”

Miya is cooking. She hears Lisa’s voice and says, “Lisa, we are at my house now. If you come here now, I can cook for you. We won’t wait for you if you are late.”

“I’m worried about you, but you’re cooking. Wait for me. I’ll be right there.”

Lisa yells and hangs up in a hurry. Miya seems to be able to imagine her coming from the beach.

They smile at each other and wait for Lisa to come.

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