Chapter 404 Too clever for your own good

Falling Bar? Alex has an impression of it. He met Miya there, but…

“You should know that I won’t go to that kind of bar myself, let alone invite friends.”

Susan’s face is pale. “Alex, I thought you were responsible, but I didn’t expect you to make this fake document and cheat me because you don’t want to be responsible!” She holds the thin paper and shouts.

“I don’t need to lie to you like that. You can take a closer look at Gogo and me. Do you think we look alike?”

Alex asks.

Susan thinks carefully that they don’t look like each other, but… “He is your son, which will not change. I am pregnant after one night stand.”

“Son?” Alex seems to have heard something interesting. If he didn’t check their DNA, he really doesn’t know it.

Susan doesn’t understand what Alex is laughing at all of a sudden.

“Are you sure he’s a boy?”

Susan is even more confused. She has no idea what Alex is laughing at.

“In fact, when I came back, I wanted to talk to you, but you were always with Miya and didn’t look at me.” Susan really feels aggrieved.

“Susan, I think I’m kind to people. Today, I want to ask you if Miya’s running away from home has anything to do with you.”

Susan looks up at Alex. His eyes are serious.

“Ha ha!” Susan bursts out laughing. “Are you trying to blame me for everything? Miya’s disappearance has nothing to do with me. I heard she died. This bitch should die.”

Alex is furious. He didn’t expect Susan to turn violent. He clenches his fist and puts it behind him. If he doesn’t know Miya is safe, he will have stretched out his hand.

“Why don’t you speak?” Susan comes up to Alex. “You don’t allow people to say bad things about Miya, do you? This bitch should die. She always pesters all kinds of men. You are one of them.”

Susan used to be an elegant beauty, but she changes. Alex doesn’t know if she is hateful or pitiful.

“Susan, calm down. I’m here to talk to you today.”

“Do you remember what did you do when you were looking for Miya? You didn’t eat. You drank every day. You wanted to go all over the world. But have you ever thought about what did you do when you were looking for me? Have you ever looked for me in person? You are the one I love the most in my life, but you are the one who hurt me the most.”

Susan’s words silence Alex. He did nothing for Susan.

He doesn’t love Susan very much. He can’t imagine life without Miya, but he can imagine life without Susan. Without Miya, he might die, but without Susan, he might be addicted to work and wait for Miya to show up.

Alex is shocked by his idea and feels a little guilty about Susan.

He says, “I’m sorry.”

“You’ve said sorry many times.” Since she came to the city, Alex has said it every time she wants to talk about love. “I sometimes wonder when you have become so polite.”

Alex doesn’t know. Recently, he has been particularly infatuated with his family. When he talks to his daughter, he has to be gentle. He changes as a matter of course.

“I’ve said it many times. Every time I think it is the last time. I’ve let you go. Can’t you just let me go?”

“No.” Susan says firmly. She suddenly picks up a mobile phone from the shelf behind her. “Isn’t that what you want now? I’ll give it to you!”

Susan is sure Alex won’t check it. In general, people who feel guilty about her won’t doubt about it.

But Susan forgets to turn it off. The screen of the mobile phone lights up. It’s a picture of a woman pestering a man.

Alex suddenly wakes up.

He picks the phone up. He looks at the screen and says, “tell me the password.”

Susan freezes. She strides forward and tries to snatch Alex’s cell phone.

Alex certainly won’t let Susan succeed. “I know you won’t give it to me. Just tell me when and how many of these photos are available.”

“Alex, Alex, listen to me.”

Susan tries to explain.

But Alex doesn’t believe her at all, “you lied a lot to me. How can I believe you?” He is going out of the house.

Susan wants to hold Alex by the waist, but a man behind her holds her.

“Honey, is he the man you miss?”

The voice is very frivolous. Alex looks at the man in front of him. He’s a little familiar. Alex is angrier.

Johnson stands in front of Susan and looks at Alex.

They are of the same height, but their temperament is different. Johnson is frivolous, but Alex is serious.

They look at each other. The current flashes through the air and seems to blow up the little room.

Johnson is only wearing underpants and has scratches on his body. Alex knows what they just did.

Alex suddenly feels funny. The woman who showed her love to him is already with another man. Isn’t it ironic?

Alex thinks that if it is another man, he will wish them well, but he doesn’t like Johnson. Especially his smile is very annoying.

“Alex, listen to me…” Susan comes forward and tries to communicate with Alex.

But Alex just looks at them and leaves. No one stops him.

Susan looks at Alex’s back and wants to chase him, but there’s a voice behind her.

“Smart-alecky, kinda like you.”

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