Chapter 208 Sincerity seemed worthless

“It’s true that only she can find her temple in the dark. It’s so precise, but I’m afraid that Mr. Gabriel Patrick won’t be convinced by our one-sided words and will think us perfunctory to him.” Paul Watson was worried.

“Let’s ask Robert Walker, what this picture means to him. I think there should be a lot of evidence to prove it.” Bella said quietly.

“Why do you think so?” Paul Watson can’t understand this mystery.

“Julia Patrick was ready to commit suicide a few days ago. She designed it precisely. In fact, her mind was very delicate. She chose to commit suicide and was worried about her death that it would involve the gym coach, so she gave this box to him, it cannot be useless” Bella analyzed.

“Since she chose to commit suicide, why she made it a mystery? Can’t she simply choose to cut her wrists?” The policeman asked.

Bella heard it and her wrist ached, but she looked calm.

“Because she had resentment.” Bella said softly, “if I guess well, Mia Scott should be her husband’s second woman. Julia Patrick was not a left-handed person, but she inserted the needle into her left temple with her left hand, in order to make trouble for Mia Scott.”

“If she wanted to frame Mia Scott, why she left the evidence to prove that she committed suicide? I cannot understand.” Paul Watson can’t think.

Bella slightly raised her mouth. “She didn’t want to frame Mia Scott she just wanted to get her in trouble. Julia Patrick was kind, sensitive and loved her husband, but it doesn’t mean that she had no temper.

When she was alive, her husband betrayed her. She swallowed all the bitter water in her heart and never tried to spoil his image. But while dying, she just wanted to lose her temper like a child.”

“You are right.” The fitness coach said, “That Mia Scott is really the woman behind Julia’s husband. Julia’s husband bought a villa for Mia Scott outside. They often live together. Julia Patrick knows, but she didn’t say it. Julia Patrick was a good woman. I advised her to divorce. I told her that after divorce, I will marry her. I loved her.

But she said that she cared about their family’s reputation, the Walker family’s reputation, and her own family’s reputation. She cannot destroy anyone’s status. Her husband, her son, will become a joke for others, she can’t do it.”

The fitness coach was emotional. “Last month, Julia’s foot twisted. I went to take care of Julia Patrick. Robert Walker, the bastard, said that Julia Patrick had an affair with me and forced Julia Patrick to divorce.

Julia and I have never had a relationship at all. I was very angry and poke out the relationship between Robert Walker and Mia Scott. Robert Walker was afraid of this incident. His attitude immediately changed. He took Julia back home and took care of her every day. He didn’t even let me see her.

A few days ago, Julia Patrick came to me and gave me this box. I felt something wrong. I called her, but her phone was turned off. Unexpectedly, she chose to commit suicide.”

After hearing this, Bella was very uncomfortable. She felt oppressed and heavy.

The most heartbreaking love is not when two young lively people got separated…

But the one, when someone accompanies the other for decades, have children with him, experience ups and downs of life, but when the beauty fades the love also disappeared, leaving one alone when her foot is in the grave!

“Let’s meet Robert Walker,” Bella said to Paul Watson.

“He’s a jerk.” The fitness coach said and walked away.

Robert Walker didn’t ask them to go to the office to find him. Instead, he asked to meet in a coffee shop.

Bella and Robert Walker were in the cafe.

Bella put the photo on the table and pushed it to Robert Walker. “Do you want to know how your wife died?”

“Julia Patrick’s is a good person, good to everyone. I can’t imagine who can kill her.” Robert Walker frowned.

Bella smiled, and her eyes were full of sarcasm. “Her death for you is a liberation. You know how she died, but you just want to hide your secret.”

“What are you talking about?” Robert Walker said.

Bella said, “Her death, for you is a chance to be together with your love. I just want to ask Mr. Walker, in your heart, whether you want a romantic and beautiful woman who gives you her everything, or a woman who knows that she will destroy your reputation but still won’t turn back and even hurt the woman who loves you the most.”

Robert Walker stopped talking and looked at Bella deeply.

“Some people have an elegant heart. Some people have only an elegant appearance. People with an elegant heart can see each other’s, elegant heart. People without an elegant heart can only see each other’s elegant appearance. Let’s talk about the story of this picture.” Bella looked up at the picture.

Robert Walker took a look at the picture and pondered over it.

“You don’t believe in Julia Patrick’s love now, or you really don’t have the heart to love someone?” Bella asked.

Robert Walker looked at Bella. “She said before that if she will get angry with me, she would write her mind on paper, put it in an iron box, and will hide it under this stone table.”

“Take me there. There should be her last words. Maybe the last thing she wanted to say to you.” Bella stood up.

Robert Walker frowned. “I want to see it first. It’s my personal thing.”

“You still don’t believe her? How ironic!” Bella really felt disgusting.

An hour later, they got the iron box Julia Patrick had hidden.

Bella stood aside with a black umbrella to watch Robert Walker opening the box. There was a letter, and a small iron box locked with a lock. On the small iron box, there was a piece of paper. The words on the paper were not beautiful, but they were very neat, “Robert, open it yourself.”

“Set password.” Bella glanced at the small iron box and looked at Robert Walker with clear eyes. “She even protected you till her last breath. She should be in heaven.”

Robert Walker took out the letter from the envelope. He wanted to make sure that his secret will not be exposed.

The contents of the letter were as follows,


I’m very sick. I have to leave now. I can’t take care of you anymore. I’m sorry. Thank you for taking good care of me. Marrying you is the best thing in my life.

Theo, I’m sorry, mom is leaving. Mom didn’t really want to leave. Mom won’t see you getting married and your children. However, mom is ill. Mom has to die to be free. I’m sorry, please forgive me.

My husband is very good to me. My death has nothing to do with other people.

Robert, I hope that you can be happy and find a good wife to take care of you. I am leaving, if there is heaven, I will protect you in heaven.

Julia Patrick’s last words!

Bella put away the letter and gave it to the police. The people involved in this case were all senior officials. Suicide was the best peaceful ending.

She looked at Robert Walker.

The man gentle as jade and modest in appearance, was looking at a letter in a small box, and weeping bitterly!

Bella suddenly thought, if she had died at that time, James Grayson after recovering his memory would be crying for her like this…

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