Chapter 207 She’s still in his heart

Bella’s eyes trembled, and she looked at James Grayson deeply. She wanted to see the trace of lying on his face.

But, no… There was nothing.

He looked much deep and complex than her.

In his dream, she has always been there!

Did he think about her?

Even if she had decided to not turn back… Even if she had decided to have a clear mind… her heart still ached!

“We met three years ago, on the train. At that time, you met me, and you were angry with me and you asked me about my little finger. Dreams not necessarily related to memory, we can see anything in our dreams that gets stored in our memory.

Once there was a psychopath and she told her own ghost story. In the story, the name of her husband’s lover is Lily. The name of her husband’s daughter with his mistress outside is Megan. But in reality, Lily is her daughter’s name, and Megan is her daughter’s classmate’s name.

You remember that the woman in your dream doesn’t have her little finger. Maybe you subconsciously think it’s me. But in reality, it’s not me.” Bella explained.

“OK, let’s start the treatment.” James Grayson sat on the chair.

Bella took back her thoughts and regarded James Grayson as an ordinary patient.

“Three years ago, you lost your memory in an accident.” Bella started talking.

“How do you know that I lost my memory in an accident?” James Grayson squinted his eyes suspiciously and looked at Bella.

Bella knew she was wrong. “We used to know each other, didn’t we? I naturally know such things about you.”

“All right, go ahead.” James Grayson said rationally.

“Can you elaborate? What is your last memory?” Bella asked.

James Grayson’s eyes fell on her. “Massacre, hopelessness, suffering.”

Bella lowered her eyes.

In fact, the most painful thing for James Grayson was she. So he forgot her existence.

It was he who chose to forget her.

Now, why! Why does he want to regain his memory?

After all to remember each other will just be a burden on both of them.

Bella stopped knocking on the table. “If your girlfriend gives you a box, what do you want in the box?”

“No if.” James Grayson said coldly.

“Chief Grayson has a strong insight ability, strong will and is not easy to be hypnotized. For such patients, I usually ask them to take a pill.

Most of the time, patients’ nature and defense ability will be reduced after eating it. It is easier to hypnotize. But I think that if I give medicine to the chief, the chief must be more defensive.” Bella took her bag.

Take out a white bottle, take out a white medicine, put it in the palm of your hand and pass it to James Grayson.

James Grayson looked at Bella.

Bella smiled. “Are you afraid that I will poison you? This is your territory. If I poisoned you, I can’t live on my own and I don’t want to die.”

James Grayson held the back of her hand, and his red lips touched the palm of her hand.

It was like a current.

Bella’s body trembled, and she took back her hand. There was a little moisture in the palm. She rubbed it lightly on her clothes.

James Grayson glanced at her hand and swept past the displeasure. He quietly put the tablet in his mouth, drank two mouthfuls of water and swallowed it.

“Now, you can start. You don’t need to doubt me.” James Grayson said.

Bella took out her mobile phone from her bag and played a gentle and elegant music.

“It was a sunny morning, and the wind blew over your face, bringing fragrance.

You took a deep breath, relaxed and felt happy. From the rose garden, you came to the grass.

The grass was soft and comfortable to walk with bare feet.

You saw a girl’s back in the distance. The girl is wearing a white skirt, sitting on the grass, barefooted you slowly walk towards her…” Bella gently said and slowly looked at James Grayson.

James Grayson was asleep. He was leaning on the chair. His eyebrows were twisted and he looked worried.

Bella’s eyes were stained with a layer of sadness. “You saw that girl. She was beautiful, just like the person you imagined. She said, James Grayson, sleep with me.

You lay down on the grass, bathed in the sun, felt the fragrance of nature, and fell asleep peacefully.”

James Grayson’s eyebrows gradually relaxed out and he fell asleep.

Bella got up, took a blanket on the sofa and covered it on James Grayson.

She went to the window and looked out.

It was still raining, the wind was strong, and the branches were shaking, like the devil’s madness.

Bella’s cell phone rings. She took it, went out, closed the door and answered, “What’s the matter?”

“Is it convenient for you to answer the phone now?” Paul Watson asked.

“Yes, tell me, what happened?” Bella walked towards the gate.

“We did the research in the directions you said, and really found Julia Patrick’s lover, he is a fitness coach. He knew Julia Patrick was dead and was very sad.

He said that Julia Patrick gave him a box a few days ago, saying that if the police find him, they will give the box to the police to make him safe. Would you like to come and have a look?” Paul Watson said.

“Well, I’ll come to the hotel now. You bring him to the hotel.” Bella changed her shoes and went outside.

Lieutenant Colonel Walker and other soldiers were standing outside, like sculptures, with expressionless faces.

James Grayson’s men were well-trained. When Lieutenant Colonel Walker saw Bella, he was a little surprised

“He is resting. Don’t wake him up. He hasn’t slept well for a long time. Is it convenient to send someone to take me away now?” Bella asked.

Lieutenant Colonel Walker was on guard and returned to his study.

He saw that the chief was really resting, so he went out and said to Bella, “Miss Bella really has the ability. The chief has been haunted by nightmares and didn’t sleep well. I will send someone to send you back now.”

Bella nodded, “thank you very much.”

The soldiers sent Bella back. Because of the rainstorm, the car was not fast. An hour later, Bella arrived at the hotel, and Paul Watson had already been there.

“Why are you so late? The housekeeper said you left the house early.” Paul Watson said.

“The road over there was blocked and the car was stuck in the road.” Bella looked at the fitness coach.

The fitness coach was very handsome, very strong. He opened his mouth, “is Julia really dead? How could this happen? She was fine before.”

“Give me the box,” Bella said.

The fitness coach handed the box to Bella.

Bella opened it. There was only one picture in it. Bella has seen this picture in the drawer of Julia’s bedside drawer.

It was a picture of Robert Walker and Julia Patrick when they were young. Robert Walker has hugged Julia Patrick, and they were smiling.

“Does this picture mean that Robert Walker killed Julia Patrick?” Paul Watson was suspicious.

“That means Julia Patrick has committed suicide.” Bella judged.

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