Chapter 206 We have slept together

James Grayson has said it and if she refused any more, he will feel that she questioned his character and he will get angrier.

She looked out of the window and felt very fickle and impatient. She felt the kind of restlessness that one has with the fear of the unknown or due to some unsteadfast and unreliable judgment.

The phone rang.

She took out her mobile phone from her bag and saw that it was Amelia’s, so she answered it quickly.

“Bella, where are you now? I have skipped my work. It’s raining hard. I’ll pick you up.” Amelia said.

Bella seemed to have received the timely aid she said, “I am going to the Blue Sky Garden. You give me a call me when you get to the Blue Sky Park.”

“OK, Muwwah. I’ll see you soon.” Amelia hung up his mobile phone.

Bella breathed a sigh of relief.

James Grayson had no expression. His eyes are dark.

“This kind of heavy rain is very suitable for training the soldiers’ will. After ten minutes, arrange emergency training. In addition, ensure the safety of the soldiers and let all the people in the medical room stand by,” James ordered Lieutenant Colonel Walker.

Bella, “…” She felt that James Grayson did it intentionally.

His ears are so good?

Isn’t it hard to overhear her chat with Amelia?

It seems that he knows her relationship with Amelia!

She can’t hurt Amelia.

“Don’t rush, it can be dangerous.” Bella murmured.

James Grayson looked at Bella with deep eyes. “Now we are cultivating the ability to resist danger so that we can survive in danger in the future. Does officer Bella want to ask about my military affairs?”

Bella couldn’t say a word anymore.

How can James Grayson become such a two-faced person?

She looked out of the window with a little anger.

After a while, Amelia called and said, “Fuck. The abnormal leader ordered the soldiers to have training in heavy rain. I have to go back. He really doesn’t have humanity. Fortunately, you and he didn’t…”

Bella’s heart tightened.

She didn’t want James to know about their past affairs and interrupted, “Amelia, don’t worry. Do your work. I will come back on my own. We have so much time to meet each other.”

“It’s the only way. You don’t know how strict James Grayson is. I dare not speak loudly in the military region. I’ll stop talking first and contact you later.” Amelia hung up helplessly.

Bella still hasn’t put away her mobile phone when James Grayson turned around, leaned to her side with one hand on her body, enveloped her in his own breath, and looked at her deeply. “Fortunately, I and you didn’t… Well, what’s the meaning of this sentence?”

With his every word, his breath fell on her face.

Bella tried to stabilize herself.

James Grayson had heard it. She cannot deny it she just has to cover it.

She raised her mouth slightly, “Exactly what you have heard.”

“We…” James Grayson’s eyes darkened, he looked at her, and slowly said, “Have we slept?”

Bella didn’t expect that he would ask this at this time and even so directly. She turned her face away and didn’t let him see her eyes.

James Grayson was clear and his tone was very calm, “it seems that we have slept.”

Bella didn’t know that she should go back. She was confused. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

Impulse is the devil.

The knowledge of psychology tells her that when the brain can’t think accurately and doesn’t know how to answer it, don’t lie because of a guilty heart and muddled mind.

A lie often pushed people into eternal damnation.

Bella looked at James Grayson and said to his eyes, “the chief’s skill doesn’t have any match.”

James Grayson raised his eyebrows, grasped her chin, and snapped, “What do you mean?”

“Fortunately, in these years you and I didn’t. Isn’t this sentence full of interesting meanings? But if the chief is angry, I will change my words. It means that the chief’s skill is truly amazing and made people exclaim in astonishment.”

James Grayson’s eyebrows were tighter. He looked at her smile and felt very uncomfortable. He let go of her chin, sit straight, and look at the front.

Bella rubbed her face.

James Grayson didn’t speak more. The atmosphere in the car has been frozen at zero. She also didn’t take the initiative to talk as it will expose herself guilty.

Careful words and deeds are the secret recipe for a long life.

Finally, they reached the blue-sky courtyard. Lieutenant Colonel Walker took up his umbrella and came to James Grayson.

James Grayson looked at Bella, his eyes were still cold, “give it to her.”

“Yes.” Lieutenant Colonel Walker came to support Bella.

Bella saw that James Grayson walked in the rain. The rainstorm was very heavy, and there was a layer of misty moisture around him, which looked cold and precious.

She thought of a sentence,

There was wind and rain in the town, you came from the sea.

Heart… has some warmth, Eyes… are somewhat moist.

Even if he has lost his memory, even if he became cold, even if he has changed a lot, but there were some things the same as before, such as his nature, such as his cold face and warm heart.

Bella felt a little sad in her heart. She stopped looking, took a deep breath, relieved her mood, and followed Lieutenant Colonel Walker to his villa door.

James Grayson went ahead and put several pairs of slippers at the door.

All were male slippers, and they were quite large in size. That showed, she may be the first woman to come here or women rarely come to him.

Bella lowered her eyes and put on the slippers.

James Grayson was pouring water. He didn’t look at her and asked coldly, “do you like coffee or juice?”

“Just boiled water,” Bella said.

James Grayson handed Bella the boiled water. Bella took it without any expression.

“Tell me, how much do you charge for a medical treatment?” James Grayson asked in a cold voice, with a formal attitude.

Bella took a sip of water and put down her glass. “When I was in America, I charged 2000 dollars an hour.”

“It’s reasonable. I’ll check it out for you in a month. Let’s start now.” James Grayson went to the study.

Bella looked at his back.

It was a good thing to have a line drawn between. It was just a business deal with a decided price and clearly distinct in public and private.

At least they didn’t owe each other emotionally.

Bella followed him into the study.

His study was clean and tidy. There were many models of warships on the table. He had many kinds of books. There was a book on the table, with a pen in the center. His habit of reading and taking notes hasn’t changed.

Bella sat opposite to him.

“Let’s start.” James Grayson said in a deep voice.

“What do you think, what is your problem?” Bella said softly, tapping the table with her hand.

“In the past three years, I have often dreamt about a woman. I have never seen her clearly, but she always appears in my dreams. At first, I thought it was my girlfriend, but later I found it was not.” James Grayson was suspicious.

“How did you find out?” Bella asked.

“She’s in pain, shout oneself hoarse.” James Grayson looked at Bella’s hand, and his eyes were deep. “I saw that she also didn’t have her little finger.”

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