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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 109 A good time

When she thought that she would be scolded late, Jessica couldn’t care about messing up. She ran and shouted, “Haven’t I finished filming today?”

She had already finished her part, but Amy was not in the state today and had lots of retakes. The leading actor and actress had been shooting for a long time and were tired, so the director asked someone to call her back temporarily.

In fact, Jessica was also quite tired, but she dared not say. She picked herself up for the scene.

Perhaps Amy made too many mistakes today and made the director angry. When the shooting ended at 1 am, he praised Jessica, which he seldom did. “Today your state is ok.”

The director’s words attracted the envious eyes of countless actors. Jessica suddenly did not feel tired.

“Look at Jessica and look at you!” The director turned to scold Amy, “You started a few years earlier than her, but what are you shooting? Go back and study the script. I’ll change you if can’t perform well!”

Amy was not arrogant as usual, but nodded repeatedly. “I will study the script carefully when I get back.”

Then, when the director didn’t notice, she gave Jessica a glare.

If this paparazzo hadn’t let her lose face in public, would she have been in a bad state?

Jessica grew angry at her glare. “Why did you glare at me? Do you feel jealous when the director praised me? If you do well, let the director praise you, too!”

Seeing the director look at them, Jessica was afraid that she would say ‘Don’t be so smug, bitch’, so she hurriedly changed her words.

“When you were criticized by the director, you have to accept it humbly. It’s not that I did it well, but that you did it badly. How much money do you think we’d waste in a day if you delayed filming? You can’t care less because it’s not your money! ”

The director seldom agreed with her. “That’s right!”

Amy looked at Jessica who looked like a worthless bootlicker. There was a long pause before she spoke, “Coward!”

“Director, Amy swears you!” Jessica turned to complain to the director, and completely ignored Amy’s startled look.

Then she left amid the criticism from the director.

She had a good time after a miserable day!

“Wow! Jessica, you are awesome!” Clara gave her a thumbs-up.

Jessica, “Well, a piece of cake.”

They were loud, and the others heard them clearly.

Amy gritted her teeth and her eyes were red because of anger. She had never seen such a brazen person who distorted the fact like the paparazzo!

“What’s your attitude? You don’t what I say to you?” The director raised his voice. Of course he knew she wasn’t referring to him as ‘coward’.

But she had made a lot of trouble in the name of Mr. Howard’s girlfriend, and gave the crew a foul atmosphere. So he was going to punish her this time!

Amy was grievously wronged, but she was afraid of being kicked out of the cast, so she could only said in a soft voice, “No…”

A lot of people were looking at this, and even if she didn’t see their faces, she knew they were laughing at her.

“Okay! Keep your mouth later. If I find again that you spread rumors or pick on others on the set, you should get out of here right away!”

The director snorted, shouted at the crowd to knock off, and went to where the photographer was to see the film.

Amy’s face was burning. When she heard him, she said goodbye to the director under her breath, and then walked towards the hotel hurriedly with her head down and a sullen face.

She hadn’t been so humiliated since she became Mr. Howard’s girlfriend! Jessica, the bitch, she remembered her!

Jessica lived next door to Amy. She was going to take a bath when she heard a burst of clang next door.

She opened the door and saw the assistant who had been following Amy this afternoon, standing at the door with her head down and a very clear palm print on her face.

Jessica was wondering if she wanted to go up and ask what was going on when she heard a heavy weight fall, and the door of the next room shook violently.

“Don’t you want to laugh at me? Then you can stand outside tonight and let others laugh at you. If you’re not standing at the door when I watch the monitoring screen, you won’t have to come to work tomorrow!”

Amy’s hysterical voice came from inside the room, Jessica could hear clearly even through a door.

Jessica looked at the assistant, went back to the room, took two boiled eggs out, and handed to the assistant. “Put it on your face and you’ll feel better.”

As for whether to give up the job or not, the assistant had to decide for herself.

“No, thanks. Amy will be angry.” The assistant said in a small voice, and did not take them.

Jessica didn’t force her. She was not a lifesaver and didn’t have much kindness and patience. She turned around and went into the room, only to be stopped by the assistant before she closed the door.

“Miss Rosen!”

“What’s the matter?”

The assistant lowered her head again and covered the palm print with her hair. “Amy is unhappy. You’d better to be careful.”

“Thanks for the warning.” Jessica put two eggs into her hand, “Well, It’s not out of pity this time. It’s your reward. You should change your job.”

“Thank you for reminding me.” The assistant hesitated and caught the eggs, but it was clear that she had no intention of resigning.

After that night, Jessica got defensive. She didn’t want the same thing that happened in the bombing scene of “Spy” to happen again. After all, she had only one life, and she was not always so lucky.

There were a lot of wire works in fantasy drama. Jessica thought it through and felt that if Amy wanted to do anything, the wire was her best choice. So she had to go over it several times before she did a wire work, but there was nothing wrong with it.

Amy did nothing but played a few tricks as before. After half a month, she stopped thinking about it, thinking that maybe the assistant had thought too much.

As for Alex, Tina probably didn’t make a deal with his agent. He still hanged around in front of her all the time, which was very annoying.

Jessica missed the days when Chris was here very much. The way he handled things was rough, but the point was it worked. But he had been busy lately and couldn’t come to help her.

She called Jeffrey. All he did was pick up girls, so calling him here didn’t delay him.

The overall situation was much better with him. At least several times when Alex wanted to take advantage of her verbally or physically, he was stopped.

The only drawback was that the cast began to say that Jeffrey was her sugar daddy. There was nothing she could do but let them do it. That was better than saying her brother was her lover.

Jessica also let Jeffrey help her think of a few ways to deal with Alex, but he was experienced in dealing with women and didn’t know how to deal with men, so his plans didn’t work.

At a lunch break of this shooting day, Jessica was waiting for Jeffrey to give her lunch, when Alex came again.

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