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Chapter 108 Banish

Other people also felt that Jessica was boasting. She was not Mr. Howard’s younger sister, but Amy was Mr. Howard’s genuine girlfriend.

Wasn’t she afraid that Mr. Howard would banish her from the entertainment industry if she provoked Amy?

They talked a lot, but Jessica was not afraid of what they were worried about at all. She curled her lip and said to Clara, “It seems that my brother would answer you phone if you call him.”

Even if Ryan hated her, he wouldn’t banish her from the entertainment industry. After all, she was one of the members of Howard family, and he had to care about his family’s reputation.

Listening to this, Amy’s face suddenly changed. “You …”

“Well, if you can, call my brother now in public and see if he answers your phone!” Jessica put her hands around her chest and glanced at Amy.

She did not know Amy had made a lot of phone calls, but Ryan did not answer. She just simply thought that Ryan was very busy, so he should not have time to answer Amy’s call.

Amy flushed with shame because of Jessica’s words. She was embarrassed by the crowd’s gaze. She bit her lip, and it took her a long time to answer.

“Do you know how much a minute of Mr. Howard is worth? There is no need for me to waste his precious time for you!”

Jessica put her hands around the chest and looked sidelong at her. “Well, do you mean that you can waste if you want to?”

She waved to Clara. “Clara, let’s go. My one minute is worth 548 dollars. There is no need to waste on such people. Let’s go.”

Clara pointed her middle finger to Amy and followed behind Jessica leisurely.

Amy flushed with anger because of them. She shouted at the assistant behind her, “Is her one minute worth 548 dollars? She thinks I’ll believe it?”

“Well, Amy,” The assistant said warily, “I don’t think she meant to say how much money she makes per minute. She meant to say… go to hell, bitch!”

The others also looked at her, with subtle expression on their faces.

“Are you clever enough to know everything?” Amy’s face was burning. She pushed the assistant away and left angrily.

When she was gone, the others remarked —

“Just now, when Jessica said if Amy can make a phone call, I think Amy didn’t do it. Is it an illusion or something?”

“It’s not an illusion. I feel the same way.”

“Maybe Mr. Howard really won’t answer Amy’s phone call! These rich people just play around with female stars. Their feelings should not be as good as Amy said.”

After Jessica finished her part, she stood by watching and learned from other actors. When Tina came, they two moved to a new place to discuss about the new variety show.

“A love show, and a survival show, both are very popular these days. According to your rank, you would not have been able to take part it. But you were on the four hot searches in a row the day before yesterday and have received a lot of attention online, so these programmers made an exception and issued an invitation. I suggest you take part in a love show. It’s easy to gain favor and the task is easy. Of course, it depends on your will.”

Jessica had watched both of these variety shows.

One was four different types of relationships. The advantage was that the task was easy. Jessica could attract a lot of fans with her beautiful looks.

The disadvantage was that it was easy to be paired off with others by the audience. If she appeared in a TV series or a movie later and hyped her relationship with someone else, or had other affairs, there was a high probability that she would be scolded badly.

Another show was to survive in the wilderness. The shortcoming was the task was difficult. Even if the females really did not have the strength and said they were tired, it was very likely that they would be blamed for affectation.

But the advantage was also significant. If her performance was outstanding, she would gain a lot of fans. And these fans were much more reliable than those fans attracted by her good looks or love relationship.

Jessica chose the survival show “Challenge the Wild” without much hesitation.

Mainly because she used to be a paparazzo, she knew a lot of gossip of those popular young stars. It was too difficult for her to pretend to be in love with those people who were duplicitous and not to her taste.

“Are you sure you chose this one? Do you want to think it over?” Tina was worried that she would quit halfway if she couldn’t suffer.

“Sure. I don’t like physical contact, and if someone invited me to ride the ferris wheel and then kissed me secretly, I’d probably throw a punch at him.”

Her personality didn’t go with her looks at all.

It was settled.

After Tina let her sign the contract, Tina asked casually, “Do you know a woman named Fiona?”

“Yes. She was my former colleague. And we don’t get along very well. What’s the matter?” Jessica asked.

Tina sorted out the contract and put it in her bag. “It’s nothing. It’s just a rumor from your crew. I don’t know where she heard of it. She wanted to disclose it but I stopped her. From now on, be careful about it.”

Jessica bit her lip, and said perplexedly, “But Alex always pestered me, I can’t help it. And then Mr. Johnson recommended me for this job…”

“You don’t need to worry. There is no evidence of it. It’s just that those people who are jealous of you are talking nonsense. As for Alex, I am on bad terms with his new agent, but I will try to deal with it.” Tina, who was much busier than she was, interrupted her.

“As for Chris, if you don’t like him, you should keep as little contact as possible. There’s a contract to be signed with Daniel, so I have to go.”

She did not give Jessica the opportunity to ask her to stay, and hurried away.

Jessica tutted and said to Clara, “Baby, do you think I am too bad? Why does she still give me the cold shoulder after my brother had given her instructions?”

Apart from signing the contract and other important matters, she couldn’t see the agent at all.

“Daniel is the best actor, so do you think you are inferior compared with him?” Clara was eating sunflower seeds and was on her phone, leisurely and didn’t look like an assistant at all.

Jessica, “…”


“But don’t be too discouraged. I heard that it was only because Tina had an affair with Daniel that she cared so much about him.”

After Clara threatened Fiona, she put the sunflower seeds and mobile phone in between her arm and body, and her two fingers touched each other a few times obscenely.

Jessica’s mind went blank for a few seconds before she said with a twisted face, “Are you sure you’re not kidding? Tina is more than ten years older than Daniel, isn’t she?”

“It’s sexual discrimination! If a man can find a woman who is ten years younger than him, why can’t a woman find a man who is over ten years younger than her?” Clara hit Jessica on her head with the bag of sunflower seeds.

Jessica was not a sexist. She had seen Daniel and Tina, but she never thought that they might be in love.

And she had never heard of any affair between them before, not even in the form of rumors. She had no idea where Clara got the news.

“I found you! Jessica, don’t stay here in a trance, quick, it’s your turn!” One of the staff members came panting and shouted at her.

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