Chapter 29 The Magic of Being Lost in Someone

Time passes by, and in an instant, it’s twelve o’clock.

Karin is not relieved because of Charlie’s words, but she really doesn’t want to disappoint everyone.

Two hours later, these guys finally decide to go back home.

“Miss Karin, let’s meet again next time.”

She nods with a smile, “Well, okay.”

After a few words with Charlie, they drive away.

What should she do next? Karin lowers her head, her eyelids are almost closed up…

“Let’s go.” Charlie’s voice is like a light breeze blowing through her ears.

She looks up, “Where?”

“My home.”

“What?” She wakes up suddenly and says, “No. I don’t want to bother you. I can stay in a hotel.”

Thinking of the sharp eyes of the housekeeper of Charlie’ family, she shakes a bit.

“Why so scared?”

Charlie is clearly misunderstood, and she hurriedly explains, “It’s not what you think of…”

“What does that mean?”

Karin sighs, “I mean, it’s not good to disturb your family so late.”

“It’s okay, no one is in my house.”

“No one…?” She is a little startled, wondering what that means.

“Get in the car first.”

Charlie pulls the door and waits for her to sit in. He also sits over from the other side, watching her with her hugging herself, and asking, “Is it cold?”

Before she could say she is not, he has taken off his suit jacket and puts it on her.

Karin’s face begins to get hot, and she smells the faint perfume on his clothes. She doesn’t know what brand it is, but he has a magical power that makes people feel confused…

“You said just now that there is no one in your family. What is going on?”

“Charlie family is a big family. I have three uncles and two aunts, but I have no parents.”

“No parents?”

“On my 18th birthday, they gave me a special ritual of adulthood. That was, they both passed away.”

Charlie’s eyes dims, and his fingers holding the steering wheel bulges out with strong joints.

Karin’s mouth widens in surprise, but she doesn’t ask why, because she couldn’t do so just in order to satisfy her curiosity…

If he wants to say it, he would say it even if she doesn’t ask.

But obviously, he doesn’t want to say.

The car is very quiet, leaving only the sound of their breathing.

Looking at the skyscrapers passing by the window, Karin is a little lost, just lost, not sympathy.

Because she feels that she doesn’t know Charlie at all.

“Do you have siblings?”

“Many, but there are only three elder sisters to the same mother.”

“They don’t live in Charlie House?”

“The eldest sister is married, the second one and the third one come back to live occasionally. They are more lively and always like parties or something. I am used to being quiet, so I kicked them out.

Charlie’s expression has returns to normal, and there is no strangeness in his eyes.

“Then… do you have a girlfriend?”

This is a relatively private question. Karin knows whether to ask, but asks himself out of his mouth.

He gives her a meaningful glance, parks the car to the side of the road, and laughs, “Do you want to know more about me?”

She blushes and shakes her head awkwardly. “No, I just…”

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