Chapter 26 Easily Be Loved

About ten minutes later, a handsome figure comes out of the clubhouse, along with several Americans.

Charlie shakes hands with them to bid farewell, slowly walks towards Karin, and says, “Sorry to keep you waiting?”

“No,” she answers with blinking eyes.

Robert steps forward, “Charlie, I’ll go back first.”

He nods, heads straight to the limo, and Karin follows.

She has always been most proud of her extraordinary self-control, but in the face of Charlie, she couldn’t control her heartbeat. At this moment, he pulls the door for her and she lowers her head passing in front of him. She smells a light smell of perfume, flushes, and sits on her seat.

Charlie doesn’t leave immediately, but walks in front of her and suddenly stoops down. She is startled, and before she could figure out what is going on, he reaches out his hand.

After a brief stiffness, Karin is relieved. It turns out that he just wants to fasten her seat belt.

This is not the first time she is so close to Charlie, but it is the first time that she is afraid to breathe in front of a man.

“Remember to protect yourself first when you go into the car.”


She nods slightly, Charlie smiles, closes the door, and sits beside her.

Opening the CD, Mozart’s serenade overflows from the speakers and surrounds the space in the car. The previous tension gradually eases, and the atmosphere is rendered with a melodious melody.

Karin secretly glances at Charlie who is focusing on driving. Although she hasn’t seen him for two weeks, it is as long as a century.

This man, even in silhouette, is perfect. This man. such a man, must have numerous girls chasing after him…

Karin is startled and shocked by the thoughts in her head. She shakes her head hard, and blamed herself, “What are you thinking about? Karin, don’t forget that you have a boyfriend. Ray is still waiting for you!”

“This is for you.”

Charlie vacates a hand and takes out a delicate gift box from the storage compartment.

“What?” She answers in doubt.

“Open it and see.”

Hesitating for a few seconds, Karin unpacks the exquisite outer package. What catches her eyes is an extremely chic hairpin with dazzling diamonds on it. The diamonds are dazzling. She has never seen such beautiful jewelry. The fingers holding the brocade box tremble slightly. She raises her head, and just about to speak–

“Don’t refuse, this is sent by my business customer. I don’t need it anyway. You can accept it.”

She is speechlessly, knowing that the reason is false, but she doesn’t consciously expose it.

“Thank you…”

Sincerely prodding, she puts the box in her backpack. It is not because of her vanity, but she could not bear to always refute others’ good intentions. However, another voice comes up, “You just couldn’t do anything to him.”

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