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Chapter 107 Vanessa’s appointment

When Vivian was at home, William would come back after work, which even made her sometimes felt like having an illusion.

It was like they were still in the same relationship, they just changing places.

Although every night the man accompanied her, Vivian felt that they were having different dreams in the same bed. She was very careful to keep the distance, that is, she did not allow herself or William to cross.

The office didn’t call her to urge her to go back to work. She knew it was William who told them. She was also very leisure.

Unfortunately, the leisure time was always so short, which made Vivian think that this was the fate.

Whenever she was a little slack, someone would give her a slap in the face and let her return to reality from her dream.

Today’s weather was particularly dreary, with thick clouds floating in the sky, like a mountain pressing on the head, making people feel a sense of restlessness.

Sitting in a coffee shop by the window, Vivian was looking at passers-by bowing their heads and leaving in a hurry. She seemed to be absorbed.

“Vivian, sorry to have kept you waiting.”

When Vivian heard the voice, she got up from her seat and answered politely, “Auntie.”

Vanessa pulled out chair and sat opposite to Vivian. She said in a tone of estranged voice, “Just call me Madam.”

Vivian was not feeling very well, but she said again, “Madam.”

The waiter also followed and asked courteously, “Lady, what do you need to drink?”

“A cup of coffee.” Vanessa said, looking at Vivian carefully. She didn’t pay much attention to her before. Now it seemed that the woman in front of her was really a beauty. No wonder William would like her.

The waiter nodded.

There were only two of them by the window.

Vivian had expected such a situation for a long time, but she didn’t expect that Vanessa would be so dismissive.

“I heard that the injury on your face was caused by Angie.” Vanessa glanced at the injury on Vivian’s face, it seemed that she was talking about a cheap dress.

Or in the eyes of Vanessa, she was a cheap commodity, “Just a little hurt.”

Vanessa looked at her with a sneer.

Maybe it’s going to rain. There were not many people in the coffee shop. The waiter brought up the coffee soon.

Vanessa didn’t move, as if the coffee in front of her was just a decoration, and she didn’t speak, so she stared at Vivian.

Vivian knew that this was a trick that rich people like to play. They always looked down on you with a disparaging attitude, which made you feel ashamed, and made you feel like you were being crushed by your humble self-esteem.

But she was not humble or ashamed. She did what she should have done.

“I don’t know what the matter with you for asking me out is.”

Vanessa had to admit that Vivian was a very calm woman, but that didn’t mean anything. “Vivian, I don’t want to play games with you. I’m looking for you. Shouldn’t you understand?”

Vivian clearly saw the disdain in Vanessa’s eyes. She tightened her hand and answered clearly and slowly, “Madam, please say it directly.”

Vivian’s lukewarm reply made Vanessa feel like hitting cotton with a fist, and there was a trace of sullen on her demure face. “Is it really good? You know that. If you didn’t do that, how could Angie be so sad?”

“What kind of thing?” Vivian thought it was funny. The well maintained woman in front of her looked like a woman in her early thirties. She was clearly angry but still needed to maintain her elegant image.

Vanessa was also angry at Vivian. “Vivian, I didn’t know whether it was due to your lack of parental control or the old people’s indulgence.

She paused and said in a more disdainful tone, “Or it should be said that you are always so rude.”

“Madam, first of all, I respect you as an elder, so I didn’t show much impatience because of your questioning, and I didn’t question you because I was a victim, so could you please show your proper self-discipline?”

Vivian said this with a smile to Vanessa. She could accept Vanessa’s questioning, but it didn’t mean that she could insult her elders.

If Vanessa had despised Vivian before, now she thought she was too looking down on the woman in front of her. She was not as submissive as Angie said, “It seems that you forgot you interfered with other people’s feelings. That’s the behavior of mistress.”

“I really don’t want to explain it again, but since you asked me that, I’ll repeat it again.”

Vivian said flatly, “I had a close relationship with William for a while, but I didn’t get involved. Angie broke up with William at that time.”

“What do you mean by your entanglement with William now?” Vanessa didn’t think so. This woman couldn’t get rid of the name of mistress.

“You’re worried too much. I will keep a distance with William.” Vivian drooped her eyes and said that. She thought she could explain to Vanessa.

If this was what Angie wanted, she could do it.

But only by herself.

“I remember you and your old grandmother are in the countryside. Your life should be very hard. William was really an excellent man. It’s not good for some cats and dogs to stick it up.”

Vanessa said with a slight smile, “You shouldn’t do this humble thing.”

Vivian pinched her hands on her thigh for a long time. It seemed that only in this way could she not be too humble. She really worked hard. After a long time, she looked up at Vanessa again. There was no wave or billow on her face. “I understand.”

Vanessa understood what Vivian wanted to say. She understood her identity and position. It’s no need to be warned by anyone.

“Very well.” Vanessa was satisfied with Vivian’s witty answer. She reached out and took out a check from the bag beside her and pushed it to Vivian.

She said in a general tone, “I know that this money is not much, I should compensate for the injury on your face. I hope you don’t mind.”

Ha-ha, how ironical it was. Vivian looked at the check in front of her and thought it was ridiculous. She calmly stood up from her chair and said, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll go first.”

Finish saying, she didn’t wait for her reaction and left slowly.

Vanessa looked at the check on the table and smiled contemptuously. Vivian thought that she would be pure and lofty if she didn’t accept the check. She had seen many women who played the cat and mouse game.

It was good if Vivian knew how to deal with it and she would also let her go. Otherwise, she had some ways to deal with Vivian.

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