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Eye Turn Off

Chapter108 Performing Arts

Vivian walked out of the cafe and looked at the gray sky on her head.

A drop of cool water with the summer heat hit her forehead, followed by more rain.

At one time, passers-by began to hide under the eaves, complaining one after another.

“It’s raining.”

“I’m dying. I thought it would not rain so soon.”

“Isn’t that the rainy season in summer? Let’s talk about it. It’s estimated that it will last until tomorrow morning.”

Vivian held out her hand, letting the rain drop in her palm. It then slowly slid down to the ground along the lines of the palm. She hadn’t seen the rain for a long time this summer.

“Hey, look, is that woman sick walking in the rain?”

“She’s doing behavioral art.”

“I think she’s out of the mainstream now.”

The woman they were talking about was her. She needed to be washed by the rain to make her chaotic brain clear and know her situation clearly, instead of being foolishly controlled by others.

Vivian let the rain wet her hair, clothes and every pore. She thought it didn’t matter. This is no worse than that in the coffee shop, isn’t it? It’s a good choice to get wet.

Vivian was silent. Suddenly she laughed. It was so pure and indulgent. It seemed that at this moment, she had laid down her burden and released her suppressed inner feelings.

Drenched in rain made her feel very happy. She forgot the criticism of Angie, the insult of Vanessa, the strength of William and the pressure of life for a while.

In the rain, there was a black low-key car in the alley. The man in the car held his chin and looked at the delicate figure moving forward. Her body was wet. The rain was falling on the ground along her clothes.

He said with a sigh, “Why does the old fox like such a stubborn and interesting woman?”

The man sitting next to him looked at the figure that was about to disappear in the rain, and sent a text message to a person in his mobile phone.

“K, what about reminding old fox that his woman was in the rain?” It seemed that man was not satisfied with the person next to them.

“Little Red Hat, I don’t mind if he knows that you came to amuse him.” The man called K slowly turned off his cell phone.

“Come on, it’s not fun. Don’t call me little red hat. I have a name.” It was really not fun to just watch it.

“James? Or Jimmy?” The man chuckled.

“Donald told you many times, don’t call me Jimmy, call me James!!!” James was like a cat trodden on its tail.

Grace, who was called Donald Duck, was not angry. He looked at his wrist watch and said lightly, “Time’s up. Are you sure you want to continue to chat here?”

Knowing what to do, James turned his head aside and stopped talking.

I hate K. Just wait and see. That red haired beauty, right? Then don’t blame him for using tricks.

“He’s coming out.”

James’s angry expression also disappeared. He looked serious through the glass window and watched a middle-aged man come out by many bodyguards in black suits. Soon he came up to another car.

He patted the driver’s seat and said, “Follow him.”

“Vivian? Fuck, it’s really you. Are you stuck in the door? ”

With an umbrella, Selina hurriedly pulled Vivian in. Looking at Vivian, she wanted to knock on her skull to see if it was empty.

“Selina, why are you here?” Vivian looked at his friend in surprise.

Selina stopped for a moment and said, “I just passed by. I saw a fool in the rain. I was curious about who it was. I didn’t expect it was you.”

Of course, she couldn’t say that Grace sent her a message. She didn’t believe it at first, but it was raining outside. After all, she still worried about Vivian. Unexpectedly, it was raining.

“Ha-ha, it’s really cool in the rain. Why not…”

When Selina saw Vivian smiling and looking at herself, she was a little surprised. Before she knew it, the umbrella in her hand was thrown aside, and the rain quickly drenched her.

She was still there laughing.

She didn’t feel cold at all.

Selina immediately made a counterattack. She immediately took a handful of water from her body and poured it on Vivian. She proudly said, “Ha-ha, I’ll let you throw your umbrella.”

“Selina, you are sneaking attack. It’s too cunning.” Vivian’s face was watered coldly, she couldn’t open her eyes, and she raised her hand to wipe away the rain.

Selina was also getting wet. The exaggerated red hair stuck on her made the shape of her head obvious.

Now it’s her turn to laugh. “Ha-ha, your head is like a football.”

“Your head is like a coconut.” Selina found out that she had revealed her true shape and covered her head quickly. Is it her fault that her head is small? This is the only failure in her perfect life!

Unfortunately, the skull couldn’t be filled.

“Selina, the color of your hair is beginning to fade.” She always thought that Selina’s hair was dyed. Unexpectedly, when the rain rushed, it started to fade.

“My God, it’s because of you. I managed to keep the color for half a year. Got on the car, hurry up.”

Although Selina said this, she couldn’t help laughing when he saw the rain mixed with red hair dye on the ground.

The two people were like fools, laughing in the rain, and poked each other a few times from time to time, playing recklessly.

The people around them also seem to be infected by the pleasant atmosphere between them.

The rain is not so bad, is it?

The other two men were in a very bad mood because they lost the man. But when they saw the two people on the street, they couldn’t help saying, “K, are they fools?”

Grace also saw the crazy laughers. His eyes were a little more profound, and he said rudely, “Little Red Riding Hood, I heard that you are not a man, I can understand now.”

“Who is not a man? What did the butcher say to you?” James was furious.

“Are you angry?” Grace said in a cool voice, “Don’t forget how William protects his woman.”

“…” Big gray wolf turned back to Little Red Riding Hood in seconds.

The old fox only protected his woman.

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