Chapter106 Two expressions of magazine

The early morning sun slanted through the glass, shining on the man’s tall figure, his sharp and handsome face looked clearer, and his high nose looked more rigid.

His deep dark eyes were like two bottomless pools, and the two thin lips were as sharp as blades when he didn’t speak.

Vivian thought of a passage but she didn’t remember which magazine it was from.

It said that the more straight a man’s nose was, the more powerful he was. Also, if a man’s lips were thin, it meant that he was inconstant in love.

She didn’t know whether it was true or not. She only got the confirmation of the former. As for the confirmation of the latter, she might never have a chance to see it in her life.

She was very absent-minded.

William had put down his chopsticks and wiped the corners of his mouth. “I’m going to the office.”

“Ah? Oh, then go ahead and do it.” Vivian said after a pause.

William looked at her and said, “Call me if you need anything.”

“I see. Go ahead and don’t delay your business.” Vivian nodded casually. She didn’t know what William’s eyes meant.

After all, William didn’t explain anything. He got up, put on his coat and tied, and left.

She was the only one left in the small apartment. Vivian didn’t think her apartment was very desolate before, but when she saw William leave, she felt lonely in her heart.

Vivian didn’t want to eat any more. She went back to her room and took her cell phone to kill time. According to her injury, she needed to take at least three days off to reduce swelling on her face.

Just when she lost her mind, a phone came in after her, and Vivian almost dropped her mobile phone out after her. Seeing the phone screen, she clicked to connect immediately.


Selina’s strange came, “Hey, why didn’t you answer my phone yesterday?”

“I don’t know. I fell asleep early yesterday.” Vivian was at a loss. If she hadn’t answered the phone, she should have known when she picked up the phone, but when she clicked to turn on the phone, there was no hint.

“Oh! I see.” Selina lengthened the ending and laughed. She didn’t answer the phone because it was hung up by someone.

Vivian asked tentatively, “What’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing.” Selina immediately became normal, “did that bastard help you deal with that little bitch?”

Vivian’s eyes darkened, and she said honestly, “No…”

“Shit, it’s a waste of my efforts. William is not a real man. His own woman has been beaten and he does nothing at all?”

Selina thought something was wrong. Yesterday, William was angry to explode. How could he stop the fire here?

She asked in a low voice, “Vivian, tell me the truth, is William ‘weak’ in bed?”

“Selina, how can you say that??” What’s the problem? Vivian’s face was red. There was a thick and shaking ‘Pleurotus eryngii’ in her mind.

It’s over. She was deeply influenced by Selina.

“Vivi, why do you look so weak today?”

Selina had been a tomboy since she was a child. She listened to the dirty jokes and the Yellow texts. If Vivian was willing to listen to them, Selina could told her all about that for half an hour without repetition.

“Selina, I really doubt whether you and Robert are brothers and sisters.” Vivian said. How could Robert have a sister with such a character?

“Ha-ha, I also doubt whether our ancestral tomb is fuming. I’m so excellent. And it’s hard for the excellent people to tolerate. After all, I shouldn’t have such a great mission at my age.”

Selina was not ashamed at all, but proud.

Vivian said to her, “Selina, you know you are too old to say so much. Have you practiced it?”

“I don’t want to argue with you. What did that bastard say to you?” Selina pretended that she couldn’t understand her words.

“I don’t want you to look for him.” Asked Vivian, half leaning on the bed and dying.

She was now tortured by William. She couldn’t help it.

Selina said angrily, “I’m so angry with that.”

“Selina, did Roe ask me why I didn’t go back yesterday?” Vivian only cared about her son now, so let the man go to hell.

Selina’s tone slowed down consciously, “Yes, but I said that you can’t go back because you are busy with work. Although he’s a little disappointed, he’s still in a good mood.”

Vivian could imagine how disappointed Roe would be. She also wanted to see him, but there should be no chance in this period of time.

“Selina, please apologize to Roe for me. I may not be able to go back during this time.”

“I know, but you don’t know that I can’t bear to lie in front of Roe.” Selina felt like a villain in the face of this cute face.

It was really a test of endurance of her heart.

“I know, sorry to trouble you, Selina.” Said Vivian.

“Stop talking about it. You’d better have a good rest.” Her only fault was that she couldn’t stand boasting.

Vivian suddenly remembered an important thing, “By the way, Roe’s medicine is almost finished. I have a list here and I’ll send it to your cell phone later. Please go to the hospital and get it for me. I will pay for it later.”

“Just send it to me. Roe is also my son.” Selina pretended to be angry.

“Well, I see. I won’t say it.” Vivian replied with a smile.

“Goodbye.” Selina finished, and hung up the phone directly. Yesterday, she didn’t ask Grace what she wanted from him. Today, she had to ‘pry his clam shell’.

See if his shell or her fist was harder.

Vivian found Roe’s medicine list from the small folder and sent it to Selina. After staying with William for so long, she had been used to doing things carefully and was afraid of being found out.

After that, she put her mobile phone on the bedside table and leaned against the bed and looked out of the window at the sunshine. Today’s weather should be very good. In the blue sky, white clouds drifted with the breeze, and occasionally she could hear a few birds.

But on such a fine day, she could only lie in bed alone, and did not know how to kill the time.

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