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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 116 He Sleeps Beside Me

All of her effort that she has prepared is for this moment!

Jade walks over and tentatively pats on Rex’s shoulder. The man on the bed doesn’t respond at all, his breathing is heavy, his brows are frowning, and he looks very uncomfortable.

Even so, it doesn’t affect his handsomeness.

She couldn’t help but imagine what would it be if Rex presses against her body….

There is a blush in Jade’s face but she is not in a hurry. In fact, she doesn’t think of doing it today. After all, when Rex wakes up and finds out what she has done, she would definitely unable to live.

All she wanted to do is to make Lily misunderstood.

Jade sits on the bed and leans against Rex’s body, wondering whether it is because of drink too much that makes his body slightly hot. The high temperature made her unable to restrain.

Jade murmurs dreamily, “How good would it be if you’re mine?”

After a while, the buzzing sound suddenly heard in the air. Jade leans down her ear against his body and carefully listens to the source of the sound. Finally, she found the phone on Rex’s pocket.

She almost doesn’t hesitate to pick up, but doesn’t speak, only listen to the soft voice coming from the phone–

“Rex, have you returned to the hotel?”

Jade doesn’t speak, but her expression is triumphant. She even imagines what kind of expression will it be when she hears her voice.

After Lily chatters and talks a lot, she couldn’t help but asks, “Hello? Rex, can you hear me?”

Jade sneers. When looking at the man lying next to her, she couldn’t hide her inner pleasure. She deliberately squeezes her voice, giving a charming yet chilling voice, “Who are you? Rex has fallen asleep.”

At the end of the phone, Lily is struck by thunder and stands still for nearly half a minute before recovered. The fingertips that is holding the phone turns white, “Who are you?”

“Hmm, it’s only been a few days and you don’t even recognize my voice? My–” Jade pauses, deliberately says in a sarcastic tone, “Best Friend.”

Lily only feels that all the warmth of her body is pumped away in an instant, as if the whole person has fallen into a cellar by her sentence. Her body shivers uncontrollably, she steps back and leans against the wall to stand firm.

Lily tries to calm herself down. Even though her body is trembling, her voice remain stable, “Where’s Rex, give him the phone.”

“My best friend, don’t you understand my word? Rex has fallen asleep.” Jade glances at the man on the bed and whispers, “Rex, wake up, did you drank too much just now, is it uncomfortable?”

With that, she also mention about the club, which make Lily feels distresses after hearing it.

Rex indeed goes to the club for socializing tonight. If they aren’t together, how can Jade know it?

“I can’t wake him up, just say it tomorrow.”

Lily inhales deeply, “Jade, are other people’s things so good? No, it should be said, do you always want my things?”

“Oh.” Lily doesn’t feel ashamed, her tone is triumphant, “I can have it if I want, what you can do?”

“You will be no good result.” Lily stares at the wall, she has never hated a person like this before, she wish she could peel her skin and lets her suffer all the hardness. She will never talk with this kind of tone again, forever.

Jade’s smile also condensed, her eyes turn cold, it is full of jealousy and fierceness, “Lily, I can’t get used to your pride, what do you think you are? Men can like you, they can also like others. You’re just a stupid girl that believe everything, don’t fall into others trap easily!”

She can deceive Lily, but can’t deceive herself. Rex only loves her! She hated it when thinking of it, thus she desperately wants to get everything she had.


Beside her, Rex suddenly groans, seems extremely uncomfortable and moves a bit.

Jade’s eyes slightly changes and quickly hangs up.

The president suit is very peaceful. Jade sits aside, afraid that the man behind her would wake up. Although the drug is still on, Rex is always an unexpected man.

Fortunately, Rex only moves a bit to change his posture and continues to sleep.

Jade breaths in relief and carefully takes his finger to unlock his phone, then finds the call history to delete Lily’s previous call.

After doing all of this, she doesn’t think that this is enough, thus she takes off her top clothes and approaches the man’s head, then takes a face close-up selfie and sent it to her.

From the photo, it can be seen that she is not wearing a clothes, and also Rex is snuggling in her arms.

Jade looks at it in satisfaction and sent it to Lily. After it was successfully sent, she deletes it.

She puts back his phone at the original position. Although she doesn’t want to leave, still she has to leave, which make her keep on turning back before she completely leave.

On the other hand, despite of Jade’s call, Lily still believes Rex. Regardless of it, seeing is believing, what if Jade framed him?

But this hope is soon being smashed by the photo. She looks at the photo of the man and woman, intimate posture, explicit pictures, which make her tears couldn’t stop to scramble out of her eyes.

How come……

Her body slides down the wall and she half sits on the cold floor. Only tears are flowing, she couldn’t even make a sound.

Jade, Rex.

How can they be together?

Lily doesn’t understand, it’s just like once she found out about Tim, the same things happen again, her heart is too pain like it is about to spilt up.

How can she believe it, how to explain it?

Only the photo of them lingering together is lacked behind…

Thinking of these possibilities, thinking that he also cherished the intimacy with other woman, her chest seems to be crushed by a ton of stones, it is too painful that she couldn’t even breath.

Lily raises her hand to grab her clothes on her chest, as if to relieve the pain.

Tears burst out from her eyes, she couldn’t see anything. After a moment of silence, she finally couldn’t help to cry out loud, “Huhuhuhu…Why, why…”

It’s almost 11 o’clock, what are they doing?

Jade texts her a message, did Rex know?

If he knows, why did he stay still, even without any interruption? If he doesn’t know, did he have planned to sleep with Jade…

Despite the possibilities, she couldn’t accept it. She wanted to find an excuses for him, but she is too pale and weak.

Rex, Rex…

These words seems to be carved on her heart, very deep until her bone and blood, thus it is so painful at this time.

Lily blinks her tears away and scans everything around her. He has obviously given her endless warmth, but now it feels very cold.

Perhaps, from the beginning, she shouldn’t believe him and they shouldn’t start.

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