Chapter 115 Be Drugged in the Hotel

After getting out of the room, Rex calls Lily, one hand gesturing the cigarette into his mouth, while the other holding the phone. Under the warm yellow light of the alley, the man’s cold face is finally shown, exposing a touch of tenderness.

“Hello?” After a few ring, the woman’s soft voice is heard.

Rex’s cold eyes completely dissipated, “Have you eaten?”

“Not yet, I’m just back from the orphanage. It is very pity to see the children, so I couldn’t help but stay for a while.” On the other end, Lily is half lying on the sofa while smirking on the phone, “What about you?”

“I’m in the club.”

“Go back then. I’ll wait for you…”

Rex inhales and exhales again quickly, then cuts her off, “I miss you so much.”

No one has ever been able to make him so distracted, make him so blind. Pehry is right, he is a complete workaholic. However, since Lily’s existence, he always wants to go home and grasp some time to accompany her with everything.

Lily’s heart suddenly beat faster, and then she responses in a low voice, “I miss you too.”

Even if it is only for one day, she misses him very much, very very much.

He blabs a few words again, in which are trivial daily small things. However, both of them feel so warm and happy.

The smoke on his fingertips burned to tail and he extinguishes it in the trash can. In this moment, he sweeps across a graceful figure, it is Jade.

Rex winces, “Wait for me at home. I’ll go back tomorrow night.”

Lily is stunned, “Are you busy?”

“Yeah, talk to you later, bye.”


One second after he hung up, Jade stands before him and slightly adjusts her facial expression, pretending to greet easily, “Hello Rex, long time no see–”

Rex doesn’t even look at her. He passes by without saying anything.

Jade looks at his unfriendly face and she is a little afraid, this man’s aura is too strong. Especially when he is in a bad mood, a glance can make you speechless.

Only when facing Lily, he shows his warm side.

At this time, Jade is frightened, but still manages to smile, “Rex, don’t look at me like that. In fact, we didn’t have any occasion before, only because of some things in Tim’s family, you also know it. I’m not with Tim anymore, so we’re not enemies.”

“Enemies?” Rex finally speaks, but he is contemptuous, “Are you worth?”

Jade is blocked in her mouth by his words, her face is mixed with red and white-colored, but still talks in thick-skin, “Rex, you’re a great man that didn’t remember the villain. Let’s forget about the unpleasant pass. Lily and I were best friend before, I know you blame me because of her, but I don’t want things to be like this, this is not I want.”

While speaking, she also raises her hand to wipe the corner of her eyes, acting like sad crying, “How did I not know how much Lily loved Tim before, the two are almost inseparable, I was also confused, so I misjudge her….”

Rex doesn’t even have a desire to listen, thus he looks at her coldly, “Get lost.”

Little did Jade expect that he could be so unsympathetic, which make her expression stiffen, and even before she could response, she is pushed aside?

She turns around incredulously and looks at the man who doesn’t go back but leave. It is like he crashes through her body and is cleaning his hand with a handkerchief.

Jade expression droops down suddenly, her hand clasps tightly on the side, making a trembling fist. For you information, she has slept with several people in order to know his dinner tonight! Including Randy and his subordinates.

Well, since he just dislike and avoid her, don’t blame her using other ideas!

Jade recalls that she has put some drug in his glass. After inhales deeply, she walks back to the private room with her normal emotion, which is relax and happy.

“Rex, you come so far from J city, we need to treat you well, do you want to go upstairs after this?” one of the man suggests, even he doesn’t clarify, his facial expression has said everything.

Rex’s expression stay still, “No, let’s go next time.”

“Well, okay!” The man doesn’t force, to be precise, he doesn’t dare to force, he then raises his glass to cheers everyone, “Let’s toast. If you have any business in this city, just contact us whenever you need us!”

Although this sentence doesn’t have any meaning, it is still very pleasant to hear, especially with the present of this man.

Rex doesn’t let him stuck in an embarrassing situation, he then glances at the wine on the table and stands up smoothly, “Thank you for you trouble.”

Jade watches the man raises up his head to drink the red wine. Her heart that is hanging for a while finally is at ease. He drinks all of it into his stomach.

People sit down and chat, leaving some space for each other to talk about private affairs. Jade has been paying attention to Rex’s reaction. After waiting for more than ten minutes, the effect of the drug is gradually shown in his eyes, exposing some drunken eyes.

This drug is purchased by her trustee, who specially prescribed for her. It is not a low quality drug, which is not obvious but actually is really powerful. It doesn’t let them dizzy at once, but gradually let them feel drunk.

“Rex, did you drink too much?” One of the bosses concerns and asks.

Rex nods. His temple hurts a bit, which is a typical drunk symptom. He then glances at the glass on the table, doesn’t remember how much he has drunk.

“Rex, should I take you to take a rest?” Joe approaches, asking in a tone that only the two of them could hear.

Rex nods, “Okay.”

Hence, after a simple chat, Rex lets Joe booked a room, which is located at the top of the building. It is a presidential suite.

“Rex, do you want me to stay?” by looking at his appearance, Joe is a little worried.

Rex doesn’t like to have someone in the same space, thus he waves off, “I’m fine. You can leave.”

Joe doesn’t force, only leaving a hangover drug then leave.

After the door close, Rex is left behind all alone. He tries to stand from the sofa, but unexpectedly, when he just makes an effort, he bounces back again.

Slowly, there is some unusual bloating pain. Although he occasionally has the pain, this pain is too muddy.

And gradually, his sense evacuated and the drowsiness struck in. He doesn’t have a time to take a bath and walks directly to the bed. He falls on the comfortable mattress and immediately falls asleep.

Outside, Jade has been wandering for about twenty minutes. After counting that it’s about time, she has prepared in advance if the door is closed.


The room is not locked!

With a joy in her heart, she walks in lightly and sees a man lying on the bed, “Rex, Rex, how can you also have this day…..”

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