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Chapter 114 Meeting Ryan Again

Lily’s pupil shrinks and when she sees him clearly, she subconsciously wanted to run away.

However, it’s a pity that there is a difference between man and woman. Even if she tries to run, she can’t run away from his chasing behind.

Her wrist is pulled, and she is sent to the wall of the yard, her body is thrown to the wall innocently. Her back is shocked with the hit, which make Lily struggles but still be able to hold it and looks at the man in front of her in vigilance, “This gentleman, please let me go!”

Ryan is still smiling. Although the corner of his mouth formed a fake smile, after hearing the word, ‘this gentleman’, it disappeared.

“Your memory is not that good, you have forgotten me so soon.”

Lily’s breathing is unstable, “Sorry, some things should not be remember, so I forget it.”

Hearing the words, Ryan snorts. A big man of nearly one meter nine stand in front of her like a wall, especially with the light from his back, it makes him look like he is soaking in a gloom.

“Shouldn’t be remember?” He approaches, his narrow eyes locks on her, “I don’t mind you to reminisce for a while.”

Lily’s face completely changes, “Ryan, what exactly do you want!?”

Hearing his name blurted out of her mouth, his face softens, “I don’t want anything!”

“Then let me go!”

Ryan watches as the woman is blushed in red because of her anger and immediately started to play, “What if I didn’t let you go…”

“You!” Lily is so mad that she sweeps around, and unwillingly admits that this is an excellent hidden place. There are only few people passing by, the backyard is so big that it doesn’t attract any attention.

She looks at him in an alarm, only to realize how awful he is.

The anger gradually passes and Lily calms down a little, “Why are you here?”

The previous encounter is so unpleasant that even appearing in the same place made her curious.

“Relax, I’m not stalking you, I happen to pass by.” Ryan doesn’t lie about it, however he doesn’t only pass by, he deliberately come here, but only doesn’t expect that he would meet her.

Lily half believe and half doubt by his statement. The phone in her pocket rings, Ryan glances at her and releases one of her hand while still clenching the other, “Pick it up.”

Lily rolls her eyes and picks it up while trembling, “Hello?”

“Did you go to the orphanage?” the man’s calm voice comes out, which make people feel at ease.

“Yeah, I’m here.” Although Lily is talking to Rex, her vision is locked on Ryan, “Are you done?”

Obviously, Ryan is too close that he can hear what they said.

“Not yet, there is still a meeting later.” As soon as he said it, come the voice of the secretary informing him of the meeting, Rex doesn’t delay, “Is everything alright?”

Because of it, Ryan slightly raises his eyebrows, looking at her with interest, wondering how she will answer.

Obviously, Lily doesn’t let him to be curious for too long and almost doesn’t hesitate to blurt out, “Of course, take care of yourself, don’t let everyone wait, we’ll talk later.”

Not only did she not reveal the problem, she even forgot to tell him a few words.

There is a trace of interest in Ryan’s eyes. He doesn’t expect that she will be this calm.

After hanging up the phone, Lily locks her gaze with his, there is a little disgust in her eyes, yes, disgust.

As for Ryan, who captures this emotion very well, feels that the woman in front of him is very weak. He can kill her with a little effort, but her emotion is very interesting yet persevering? It seems not enough. In short, it arouses his desire to conquer.

The next second, Ryan makes moves that let Lily despair.

He reaches up to lift her chin, “Lily, you are very interesting. If it surprises you in our first encounter, then for the second time, I believe it is destined by the heaven.”

Lily pouts her lip coldly, “You are insane.”

Ryan is not angry, “I hope your fun can stay still, oh right–”

Speaking of which, he finally lets her go, “My promise to you is still valid. You have saved me once, I will definitely help you.”

“Thank you, I don’t need it.”

“Don’t talk too much.” Ryan looks up at the distance and turns to left.

Lily looks at his shadow. Her heart is depressed and swayed. She quickly walks back to the gate. The staff is still moving the supplies and nothing is abnormal.

There is a cold sweat in Lily’s palm, praying that she will never meet this man again.

On the other hand, after dealing with the branch company, Rex is also had to eat and socialize with the person in charge, which is the leader of the city, called Randy. He is forty-six years old and has a high official position, thus he personally treats him.

The location is set in a prestigious club of the city. It treats only membership customers, variety of dishes are available. High class room and some other entertainment venues are available upstairs, which is the first choice for a big boss and politician. It is extremely confidential.

Hearing that Rex is coming, the owner of the club personally greets him and serves the best private room for him without any additional charge.

They intertwine with each other, and it is inevitable that embellishment is indispensable. Women have become a common escort, even if they do nothing. With these people, any embarrassing or serious things can be adjust.

Both of them sit on the main sit, Rex and Randy sit side to side. The remaining four or five people are local people with head and faces. Randy knows that Rex is not an ordinary people and naturally will not be slack. He blends in politely.

There is only one person, who seems very easy-going.

A woman who accompanies Randy is very familiar. Rex doesn’t pay much attention to it, even his eyes are lazy to glance at her, but when he hears the voice, he remembers it. It is Jade.

His eyes slightly moves to look at her, but he doesn’t want this look to be misread, thinking that he might interested to Jade.

All the people present here are human essences. No one points it out, only keep their eyes open.

From the beginning, Jade sits down quietly and gradually let it go. She thinks that man is all the same thing. In order to get his business trip information, she has spent a lot of money on private investigator. She will not let it go easily.

Thinking of it, Jade unconsciously moves her hand to her pocket to touch somewhat hard edge, which is a drug that she has prepared in advance.

“Jade, drink it, why are you doze off!” A man reminds her.

Jade picks up the wine glass hastily and talks to the people around him with a smiling face, but always looks at Rex whether intentionally or unintentionally.

Rex lowers his eyelids and snorts, and then pulls the chair back, “I’m going to the bathroom.”

Saying it, he turns and walks out but without entering the toilet in the private room.

There is a flicker in Jade’s eyes. The hand holding the glass unconsciously tightens. The opportunity has finally come!

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