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Chapter 403 No kinship

Susan is still nervous, but there is a knock at the door.

She is flustered, but she asks nervously, “who is it!”

“It’s me.”

Susan knows who this person is. She takes a look at the man next to her and is flustered. If Alex comes here in the past, she will be very happy and will definitely dress up to see him. But if Alex sees them, it’s harder for her to be with him again.

“Honey, what’s the matter with you?”

The man feels Susan’s tension and asks.

Susan shakes her head and says, “can you hide? I have to entertain my guest.”

The man is confused, “I’m familiar with the voice outside. Maybe he’s someone I know.”

Susan thinks that their society is a circle. The more famous they are, the more likely they are to know each other. Alex Family is a locally renowned family, and so is this man’s family.

She thinks for a moment and coaxes him, “if you stay here, you can do anything to me when I come back.”

“Really?” The man’s eyes are shining.

Susan nods firmly. She looks at the man in front of her and sighs and thinks of the past.

At that time, she was pregnant and ran away from home. She was hidden in a place where it was easy to find, but Alex’s people never found her. Sometimes she wanted to go back, but she was embarrassed. If she went back like this, it didn’t make sense for her to run away from home.

Because of her stubbornness, she was soon faced with vagrancy.

Fortunately, at that time, she met Johnson, who was in college.

At that time, she didn’t know who he was, but she knew he was rich.

He was charming at the time. There were many girls who loved him. Of course, he didn’t refuse them.

According to what he said at that time, he wanted to save her just because he felt it interesting.

Susan didn’t think that mattered. After all, she felt that Alex was the only man worthy of her. No matter how nice other men were to her, she would not fall in love with them.

Susan also thought that even if she was beautiful, she was pregnant and no one would like her, but Johnson was a surprise.

He pursued her shortly after they met and showed her his love many times.

At that time, Susan was very moved. Especially when Johnson said he could take care of her and her baby all of her life, she felt that God was still treating her well.

So when Gogo was a month old, Susan agreed to Johnson’s pursuit.

At first, Johnson was really polite and didn’t offend her, but he would surprise her every day.

He was an art student, and his favorite was painting her. She didn’t like painting but she wanted the feeling of being covered with color.

They had a sweet time.

Susan sighs and locks the bedroom door. She goes and opens the gate.

She is still well dressed. Her turtleneck covers her body. She opens the door and sees the man in front of her and pretends to be very calm.

“Alex, are you here to visit me?”

She has a smile on the corner of her mouth, but her voice is flustered.

Alex sees it and takes his cell phone from his pocket, which he has been investigating these days, “I want to talk to you about this.”

Susan sees her cell phone and is puzzled. “You come here to give it back to me?” If he does it specially, he must have seen those love letters. Is he moved? Susan is a little excited.

But Alex says something unexpected.

“I investigated the phone. You bought it a few months ago. It was new when I got it. You did’ t use it often. I’m here to borrow your old cell phone.”

Susan frowns. “I just didn’t want to use that one, so I bought a new one.”

“The number on your mobile phone is different from the number given to me before.” Alex goes on.

Susan has been speechless. It’s strange that she made such a mistake.

“I just changed my number…”

“I’ve checked. The number you gave me is still in use.” Alex looks at Susan and seems to say, “I’m ready.”

“You investigated me!” Susan listens to Alex and finally finds something in her favor.

“I didn’t mean to, but you’ve changed so much over the years that I wonder what you’ve been through. You even have a child.”

Susan changed a lot when she came back. Alex, of course, had to find out what happened to Susan over the years.

But he was dumbfounded by the result. Susan’s life in the years after she left him was terrific. Susan was dull when she was with him.

She didn’t like sports before, but she bungee jumped and parachuted. What surprised him, even more, was that there was always a man around her.

“I said that the child is yours. Why don’t you believe me? I also said that you could check the DNA.” Susan growls. She has said it many times. Alex never believes her, which makes her feel sad.

Alex knows Susan will say that. He raises his hand and Randy hands him a document. “This is the DNA report of Gogo and me. You can have a look at it yourself.”

Susan is puzzled and takes the document from Alex. After reading it for a long time, she still can’t accept it. It says, “No kinship.”

“No, it’s impossible.” Susan’s face suddenly turns pale. She looks at Alex and shakes her head. “It’s impossible. He’s your child. He’s yours. I wasn’t with another man six years ago…”

Susan stops abruptly. She thinks of the night that hurt her heart six years ago. “You were in Falling Bar with your friends once. I went to see you, but you got me drunk. And then we…”

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