Chapter 402 Something happened

Joey looks at Gogo standing at the door and can’t help asking. He is also excited to know that Miya is back.

Gogo hears it and can’t help looking up at the family in front of him.

“Gogo, come in.” Miya also calls his name softly.

Gogo is in a trance. To be honest, the family is kind to him, and he should be satisfied.

“Come in and touch Mommy’s stomach. Can you believe there’s a baby in it?” Andre sees Gogo standing there and grabs his arm and takes him into the room. Andre takes Gogo’s hand and puts it on Miya’s stomach. “Do you feel it? It’s amazing, right?”

Miya’s baby is four or five months old and can move. Each of them can feel her stomach roll.

When Gogo feels it, he immediately takes back his hand and says, “it’s amazing.”

Miya looks at the warm scene and smiles.

Alex wants to spend more time with his wife and children and enjoy such a warm moment, but he receives Randy’s call.

“Alex, something happened.”

Alex remembers Randy has been around Susan’s house recently.

Alex doesn’t want to worry too much, because Randy says Susan has been at home and doesn’t come out. So he tells Randy to relax a little bit and do other tasks.

But he hears from the security guard that the day he brought Ben back from school, a woman came to see her child.

There are only four children in his family. If it’s not Miya, it’s Susan.

So he asks Randy to follow Susan. Susan keeps herself at home and doesn’t come out and it doesn’t help him at all.

“What happened?”

“A man came into Susan’s house.”

Alex remembers the man who called Susan. He may have something to do with those pictures.

“OK, I’ll be right there.”

Many people are hiding in the dark near Susan’s home. They think Susan doesn’t know, but Susan has long suspected that someone is nearby.

Susan has been confused these days.

She is hiding in the house but there is a knock at the door.

She trembles and is afraid, but she cranes her neck and plucks up courage and asks, “who is it!”

“Honey, it’s me.”

The voice is a little hoarse, but it does sound familiar.

Susan is relieved but more frightened.

“Honey, why don’t you answer the phone? Do you know how hard I find you?”

Susan swallows and opens the door.

She looks at the tall and handsome man in front of her and asks coldly, “Why are you here?”

“Why am I here?” That man seems to have heard a big joke. He looks at Susan and says, “naturally, I miss you.”

There is fear in Susan’s eyes, which makes the man feel more excited. He hugs Susan and takes her into the room and puts her on the bed.

His voice is a little loud. “Honey, we haven’t seen each other for a long time and haven’t had sex for a long time.”

Susan thinks in her mind, but she can’t say anything, because she has no chance to say anything, and her red lips are blocked.

She kind of rejects the feeling, but she doesn’t push away the man in front of her.

“Honey, you don’t look delighted.”

The man feels Susan’s stiffness and asks.

Susan says, “Johnson, I didn’t expect you to want to have sex as soon as we meet. Don’t you even want to talk to me?”

The man hesitates, but he indulges himself, “we can still communicate in this form. Don’t you feel that physical communication is more interesting than chatting?” Then he goes on with his previous movements.

Susan can’t argue. She met this man long ago. He showed up in front of her when she was the poorest, and he fed her and took her and his son in. At that time, he was a bit crazy and charming, but now it seems that he is a pervert.

The man feels Susan’s stiffness and punishes her, “honey, why are you absent-minded?”

Susan cries out uncontrollably.

The man says, “good.”

Susan feels that her body is no longer her own. After a long time, she thinks that the man stops.

The man still puts Susan on the bed, but he makes her put on a seductive pose, and he begins to put up the canvas.

“I saw the canvas on the head of your bed and thought you would paint after having sex with other men, but as I just felt, you are perfect and have never been with a man other than me.”

Susan looks up at the wild face. It is familiar, but it is also strange.

She tries to smile and says nothing.

The man does not put on the clothes but picks up the paint and daubes it on the canvas.

Susan doesn’t feel uncomfortable. She is used to it.

When Susan is in a daze, she has a pen in her hand. She looks up and the man pulls her up. “Honey, it’s your turn.”

Susan is pushed to the canvas, and she is also naked.

The man is lying in bed and he’s doing the same thing as Susan did just now and he is just in the opposite direction. Susan sees that she is naked on the canvas. But she is used to it. Since it is his request, she draws him beside her.

She used to hate painting, but since she met him and fell in love with him, they began to look for all kinds of thrills. Finally, they even have the habit of drawing a picture every time they have sex. They drew many pictures that year.

Before, Susan thought it didn’t matter. No one could see the painting anyway, and she felt that she could rely on the man and didn’t worry.

But now she can’t. She wants to go back to Alex. If those paintings are exposed, she will fall into an infinite abyss and have no chance.

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