Chapter 401 Mommy’s back

“OK, Rich Woman.”

Miya takes a look at Michelle and goes out. She has a lot of questions to ask Michelle, but she can’t disturb her.

“You are willing to come out at last.”

As soon as Miya goes out, she hits Alex in the chest. It’s sturdy and she feels her nose hurt.

“Why are you suddenly in front of me? It scares me.” Miya looks up and accuses Alex.

Alex sees Miya and says softly. “I’m sorry. I apologize to you.” He reaches for her delicate nose.

“Do you think an apology is enough?” Miya turns around and doesn’t want to look at Alex.

Alex doesn’t know what he did wrong. They can’t talk in front of other people’s doors. “Honey, how about we chat in our room?”

As soon as Miya steps back, she touches the door panel behind her. Michelle just said that she is tired, so Miya can not disturb her. Miya has to agree.

When they get back to their room, Alex asks, “why can’t I get through to you just now?”

As soon as he entered the house, he couldn’t find them. He didn’t know which room Miya had taken her friend to, so he wanted to call her, but her cell phone was turned off.

Alex remembers when Miya just disappeared. He installed a chip in her cell phone, but he couldn’t find her at all.

Miya takes out her cell phone and makes a phone call. Alex’s cell phone rings.

Alex looks at the unknown number on the screen and is confused.

“This is my new number. The old mobile phone card and the mobile phone were scrapped.” Miya says casually.

“Why?” Intuition tells him something must have happened.

Miya doesn’t want to answer this question. She glances at Alex and goes into the bathroom to wash her face. She says, “I’m sleepy. I want to sleep. Let’s talk about it tomorrow.”

Alex sees that she is avoiding. Of course he won’t force Miya. Anyway, their life is still very long.

At night, Alex sees Miya lying in bed and naturally puts his arm on her and holds her. He feels that way he can sleep well. But Miya pushes his arm away and seems to repel him.

Alex is depressed, but he comforts himself that he will find out why.

Miya doesn’t know what’s wrong with herself. When she pretended she didn’t know Alex, she felt safe when Alex held her. Why does she reject him now?

They fall to sleep with doubts.

The next morning, Miya is still sleeping, and the door of the room is knocked.

Alex is sleeping, too. He hears the noise and immediately gets up and covers Miya and goes to open the door.

Alex is still sleepy and his eyes are half-open. He looks down and sees three children standing at the door and looking at him with sparkling eyes.

“Why are you here?” They knock at the door early in the morning.

“Daddy, is Mommy back?” Joe is obviously excited.

Alex raises his eyebrows. His daughter is brilliant. “Why do you say Mommy is back?”

“Because there are suddenly two pairs of women’s shoes at the door, and one of them is the type that mommy often wears. Although we don’t know who the other is, we think one of them should be Mommy.” Andre says and smiles.

He is right. Alex should be glad Ben isn’t at home now, or he’ll say, “Dad must have brought a bitch back. He’s becoming more and more unreliable, and he doesn’t deserve Mommy.”

Alex thinks of Ben’s voice. He is also his son. Ben has been abnormal since he attends the promotion class. Sometimes he really wants to go to their school to see what the teachers in the promotion class have taught him.

Miya hears the children and opens her eyes. She does see several children standing at the door.

The children see Miya get up and they walk over at once.

“Mommy, I miss you so much!”

Joey pounces on Miya like a butterfly. She is so reckless. Alex frowns and pulls her off Miya.

“Dad, what are you doing?” Joey is shaking her little fist, but she is too short to hit Alex.

“Joey, you’re so reckless. Mommy has a baby in her stomach. What if you hurt her?”

Andre explains for Alex.

Joey knows she did something wrong. She makes a face and looks at Miya. “I’m sorry, Mommy. I’m so impulsive, but I’m glad to see you!”

Miya smiles at the children in front of her. “I have to apologize to you, too. I haven’t come to see you.”

“I forgive you.” Joey lies on Miya’s stomach and listens, “I heard my classmate say that when her mommy was pregnant, she could hear the baby’s voice in her mother’s stomach and talk to her. I also want to whisper to my future brother or sister.”

“Really? I want to listen, too.” Andre is also curious about their new life.

Alex looks at them and thinks he will listen after they leave.

A child is looking at them silently at the door. There’s a lot in his eyes. He seems envious or jealous.

Every time he sees that they are happy, he will show such an expression. He comes into the house and should be a member of the family, but he feels a little lonely.

He knows Miya comes back and he is happy to see her, but when they rush in and try to touch her stomach, he winces. In fact, he wants to do it, but he doesn’t have the courage to go forward.

In what capacity can he enter? At best, he is just a superfluous person in the family or a destructive existence.

Gogo’s head is small, but he always thinks a lot. No wonder he is still depressed.

“Gogo, what are you doing there?”

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