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Chapter 400 Welcome home

The policemen shake their heads. They don’t want to sit with Alex.

Finally Michelle takes the snack out of the shop and gives it to the policemen. Jason and his fiancee run away. Michelle looks at their backs and sighs.

Miya can’t help sighing.

“Miya, it’s not safe here. Can you come home with me?”

Alex says he can’t stand Miya living outside anymore. He’s alone in the empty room and really lonely.

Miya thinks for a long time and thinks it is really not safe here. Jason and his girlfriend may come again. She says, “I can go back, but you have to promise me two conditions.”

“I promise you anything you say.” Miya finally agrees to go back. Even if she has a hundred conditions, he has to agree!

“You must not break your promise.” Miya looks at Alex. After he nods, she says, “the first condition is to take Michelle back.”


Alex replies almost immediately. Miya is surprised and says the second condition.

“The second condition is not to tell anyone that I am at home.”


Her conditions are not severe and he can totally agree. Sure enough, Alex has the best wife in the world, and he feels happier.

“Then let’s go back.” Miya takes Michelle’s arm and says, “live with me.”

Michelle just listened to Miya and Alex. It seems that the previous Miya was a fake. She spoke to a man like this, and she just ordered him. But Miya’s husband agreed. She thinks this is the so-called love.

“Can I?” Michelle wants to follow them, but suddenly she takes back her hand. She knows that her house is a little dangerous now, but if she lives in someone else’s house, will she give others trouble?

“Yes, why not? I have lived in your house for a long time. Isn’t it normal for you to live in my house? Besides, you said you are godmother after the baby is born. I have four children in my family. I don’t care whose godmother you want to be.” Michelle hesitates but Miya pulls Michelle directly into the car.

Miya wants Michelle to sit in the passenger seat, but Michelle doesn’t agree. She says, “I’ll sit in the back seat.”

Miya agrees with Michelle.

Michelle is in the back seat and a little upset. She clenches her fist and is nervous. She didn’t expect what has happened today.

After more than half an hour’s drive, Miya finally arrives at her long-awaited home. Miya looks at the familiar building and is moved.

“Welcome home, honey.”

Alex sees Miya standing in front of the gate and can’t help but hug her from behind.

Miya feels a little shy, and she whispers, “come on, Michelle is in the back.”

Michelle looks at them and turns her head in silence. The couple is in love. But they should not show their love in front of her. Of course, she admits that she doesn’t want Miya to worry about her.

Alex knows Miya is shy, so he doesn’t embarrass her, “take your friend to the room. I’ll park the car first.”

“OK.” Miya nods. “Come on, Michelle, let’s go.”

Michelle is led away by Miya before she responds. Michelle walks through the gate and knows that they have just walked through the front yard. It is dark now. She looks back and sees something shining. Later she knows it is the gate and the lights are street lamps.

Michelle enters the house and swallows her saliva in silence. It is like a luxury house in the TV play. It seems to be more magnificent than that in the TV play. She can’t help asking, “Miya, who are you?”

Miya doesn’t understand Michelle’s question, “I’m Miya!”

Michelle is speechless. She would like to know Miya’s background.

Alex just called the police at the beach and ordered them. He must not be an ordinary person.

Michelle doesn’t go on. She is taken to a room by Miya.

Miya apologizes, “I’m sorry. I didn’t prepare in advance, so please stay here one night. Tomorrow I’ll have the servant clean your room.”

However, it is a room more significant than her shop. There are all kinds of things in it. It’s a presidential suite.

Miya is introducing, but she finds Michelle staring at her from behind.

Miya turns around. Michelle steps forward quickly. “Miya, do you know what you are doing?”

“What?” Miya is confused.

“You are flaunting wealth.” Michelle says.

Miya is a little speechless. After a while, she whispers, “am I?”

Michelle nods immediately, “yes. Poor people like me can’t buy this kind of room in their whole lives.”

“…” Miya is entirely speechless this time.

“It seems that I have to call you Rich Woman from now on.” Michelle jokes.

Miya smiles but doesn’t speak. She thinks of what she just said. She really forgets what she said. Is she so annoying?

They are talking when someone knocks at the door.

“Miya, it’s late. You can talk tomorrow.”

Alex’s voice comes from the door.

Miya wants Alex to sleep on his own. She has a lot to say to Michelle.

But Michelle pushes her out.

“Go to bed now. It’s too late. You’re not sleepy but I’m sleepy.”

Michelle yawns as she speaks.

“OK! If you need anything, call me.”

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