Chapter 399 It’s a misunderstanding

“Are you lesbians? It’s disgusting. How dare you say I’m ugly! I’m going to kill you.” The woman pulls up her sleeve and is about to fight Miya.

Jason stops her. “She’s pregnant after all. If something happens to her, we can’t afford it.”

“Jason, are you the same as those men? Do you think she looks beautiful and unites with outsiders to bully me?” The woman shakes Jason’s handoff and rushes at Miya.

When she is about to touch Miya’s body, a man pulled Miya into his arms.

Alex looks at the woman in his arms and sighs. As soon as he parked, Miya disappeared. She’s a pregnant woman, but she runs fast. He is puzzled. Fortunately, he followed Miya. If that crazy woman hurts Miya, he will punish her whole family.

“Who are you?” The woman looks at Alex, who suddenly rushes out, and can’t speak.

After all, she can’t be rude in front of a handsome man, so she calms down.

Alex looks at the woman without expression and then at Miya in her arms and says, “I’m her husband.”

Miya finds out at the moment that no matter who Alex introduces himself to, he says he is her husband, which makes her a little satisfied.

The woman immediately becomes angry. “You’re Michelle’s friend. Your wife is beautiful but you are interested in Michelle! Sometimes I really don’t understand the taste of men. She has short hair like a man, but you like her.”

Her insults are very unpleasant.

“What do you say?” Miya looks up from Alex’s arms and questions.

The woman bursts out laughing, “I’m helping you! This woman is a slut. She seduced Jason for many years. I didn’t know about it until this year. Jason opened this coffee shop with her. Your husband seems to be rich. She cheated Jason because he didn’t have money, but your husband is different. Maybe she will seduce your husband when you don’t pay attention!”

Michelle listens to her and can not help biting her lower lip.

“Why do I believe a shrew?” Miya has a bad temper. She usually looks gentle, but she is stubborn and protects her friends.

“How dare you call me a shrew?”

“I didn’t mention your name, but you admit. It has nothing to do with me. Can you go home and look in the mirror? Why do you come out at night to scare people?” Miya is in a bad mood at the moment. She speaks a little unkindly. In fact, she swears that she is really a good girl.

“Jason, don’t stop me. If I don’t get this coffee shop today, I will never go home.”

The woman pushes Jason away and walks up to them. But halfway, she stops.

Alex looks at them with warning eyes and they are a little scared, “I can give you two ways. The first way is to go home now and don’t show up here later. The second way is to enter the police station. I’m different from you. I’ve given you at least two choices. You’d better choose.”

“Don’t brag. I will not be frightened by you.” The woman is obviously not afraid.

Alex immediately takes out his cell phone and calls the police.

After a while, the phone is connected. A man seems to have fallen asleep. “Who is it?”


Alex just calls, and the director wakes up in a flash. “President Alex? President Alex, what can I do for you?”

“There is a burglary on the beach. I hope you can solve it. It’s freezing here. hurry up.”

His tone is extremely polite, but it sounds frightening. The director agrees and dresses immediately and calls his subordinates.

The woman thinks that Alex is bluffing, but after a few minutes, she sees the police car park in front of her.

Several patrolmen see Alex and bow respectfully. They smile and say, “Mr Alex, where’s the burglar?”

Alex looks up at Jason and his fiancee.

The patrolmen immediately come up to them and gesture, “please follow us back to the police station.”

The woman grabs Jason’s arm and whispers, “Jason, do something about it!”

Jason shakes his head helplessly. He knows Alex is powerful and he can’t provoke him.

Jason is a chicken. Miya can’t help feeling aggrieved for Michelle.

Michelle looks at them and chooses to ignore them, but Jason looks at her affectionately and seems to say sorry.

Miya notices that Michelle is about to be moved. She breaks free from Alex’s arms and wants to come to Michelle and tell her not to forgive him, but it is too late.

“Excuse me, sir. The owner of the house is me, and they are my friends. We quarreled and they misunderstood. In fact, it’s a misunderstanding.”

“Misunderstanding?” The policemen don’t believe it. “If it’s a misunderstanding, why are you hurt on the head?”

Michelle touches her forehead and finds her fingers red. It is obvious that she is bleeding. “I accidentally hit my head. I don’t know.”

The policemen look at her and are confused. They look at Alex, but Alex is looking at Miya and Miya is looking at Michelle.

Miya knows Michelle is determined and she doesn’t want to hurt her.

She says, “I’m sorry. It’s a misunderstanding. Thank you.”

The policemen see Miya in Alex’s arms and know their relationship. They can trust Miya.

“Thank you. There are some snacks in my house. You must be tired of patrolling. Why don’t you come in and have a rest?”

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