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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 202 Deep love

“Do you have a clue now?” Bella asked and closed the notebook.

The waiter served the food.

“If I had a clue, why I would have come to my mentor for help? I’m confused now. The main point is that Julia Patrick’s younger brother gives a specific deadline. How can I solve the case I such a limited time?” Paul Watson sounded a bit helpless.

Bella smiled. “Everything will be all right. We will go to the house of the dead after lunch, okay?”

“It should be OK. I’ll call the director. The pressure on the director is greater than me. Mr. Walker should not be at home at this time in the afternoon. It will be better if he won’t be at home.” Paul Watson said.

“How it will be better in his absence?” Bella asked casually.

“Who likes others to look around in their own home?” Paul Watson replied.

“I think he made problems for you in investigation, right?” Bella suddenly thought of the pregnant girl whom she met in the plan, “Does Julia Patrick have a daughter or son?”

“Yes, a boy, who is in the military area with James Grayson, he is a colonel or something. His mother had an accident. He should be back.” Paul Watson said.

Bella nodded.

It was about James Grayson’s family, she didn’t ask too much. After all, she had nothing to do with him.

After the meal they came out of the hotel, it was still raining outside rain and there was no sign of stopping.

The chief of the police station specially sent three of the most capable policemen to accompany Bella and Paul Watson.

When they went there, Bella found that Julia Patrick’s house, James Grayson’s house, and David Wilson’s house all were in the same villa area.

She got out of the car. Although she had an umbrella, it rained so much that she got wet.

After entering the villa, the door didn’t lead to the inner room, but to a refined porch. There were a lot of disposable shoe covers on the porch, and there were places for the umbrella.

“The design is very good. Is it designed by any design company?” Bella asked casually.

“It is designed by Mr. Walker.” The housekeeper replied respectfully.

Bella looked at Paul Watson.

Paul Watson smiled. “Mr. Walker is a very careful man.”

“He has a strong observation ability. He worked delicately. His work is gentle and elegant, seems inclusive, but he also pursues perfection, he has a high EQ, he is in a high position and has an excellent demeanor. Such a man should be liked by little girls.” Bella judged.

“Madam’s judgment is absolutely correct. Mr. Walker is exactly what she said.” The nanny said surprisingly.

“You’re just too good. I can only judge his carefulness. You can judge so many things. How can you do it?” Paul Watson admired her.

“From the porch design, and women’s psychology.” Bella put on the shoe cover.

The housekeeper opened the door.

James Grayson was sitting on the sofa holding a cigarette between his fingers. In the smoke, he looked at her unclear face.

There were two soldiers standing behind him. James Grayson was sitting in the opposite position of a young man. The man was wearing an almost similar uniform to James Grayson, his shoulder badge has two stars.

Bella judged that the young man should be Julia Patrick’s son.

The housekeeper went to James Grayson’s side, nodded respectfully, and reported, “Young Master Grayson, Young Master Walker, people from the police station are here.”

Theo Walker looked at Bella with red eyes. “Please find out the murderer as soon as possible.”

Bella didn’t speak. Paul Watson smiled and said, “We will do our best.”

Paul Watson looked at James Grayson and was slightly shocked.

Young master’s cousin was James Grayson, the legendary figure, the chief of the special military region, the popular candidate for president and the legendary figure whom normal people can’t see easily.

Indeed, James Grayson’s appearance, temperament, demeanor, and recognition was very high. Even after three years, he could remember a glimpse of him.

Now, he understood why Bella said she had a clash with Sierra Walker.

James Grayson is Sierra Walker’s son. Bella had any connection with James Grayson?

Paul Watson was shocked and turned to Bella.

Bella’s calmness was appalling. She asked Theo Walker, “Can I have a look around?”

“Yes, nanny will show you around.” Theo Walker ordered the nanny.

Bella went to the area where the incident happened. Mahjong table was at the southernmost part of the living room

“In the East is Jessica Lewis, in the west is Julia Patrick, in the south is Stella Ainsworth, and in the north is Mia Scott. The silver needle has been inserted in the left or right temple?” Bella asked and looked at the mahjong table.

“Left.” James Grayson said in a deep voice.

Bella turned her head, James Grayson was standing beside her and staring at her with his deep eyes.

Because it was too close. She could see her reflection in his eyes.

“Scarlett, I miss you so much.” Bella’s mind flashed this sentence, and her heart ached.

She took back her eyes and went to Paul Watson, who was still standing two meters away. “It only took ten seconds from the power failure to the murder. Almost all people don’t change their positions. According to this logic, it’s only Mia Scott who could possibly do it.”

“It’s very difficult to insert a silver needle with one hand. Above all, how one can insert it exactly in the temple in dark. I don’t think it’s her. Haven’t you seen her? She is soft, thin, had cut her wrist. I doubt this strength.” Paul Watson explained.

James Grayson’s eyes fell on Bella’s wrist.

There was a wound on her arm, due to time the scar turned white, but it didn’t disappear, so it was clearly visible.

Bella heard the words “cut the wrist”, and her wrist hurt a little. “Let’s go to the room and have a look.”

The housekeeper opened the door of the corridor and respectfully said, “This is madam’s room.”

Bella went in.

There was a broad bed, 76 inches wide and approximately 80 inches long. There was a pillow on the bed, and the quilt was folded neatly. There was a bedside table and a dressing table beside the bed. There were a lot of cosmetics on the dressing table.

Bella picked up some of them, looked at them and put them down.

She opened Julia Patrick’s wardrobe, looked down, and then put her eyes fell on several boxes of weight-loss belts. She turned them over and slightly raised the corners of her mouth.

She opened the drawer of the bedside table. The contents of the drawer were very miscellaneous. Medicine for a cold, three photos, plaster, romance novels, socks, and diet pills.

She took out the picture.

A picture she took in Bali last summer, with a bright smile and a little fat.

One is a picture of her son at the military parade. The boy was in uniform looked very handsome, with a bright smile.

The other picture was an old one. When a tall and powerful man hugged the delicate girl, she had a sweet smile, even the flowers and plants around were gorgeous.

“If you have found anything, you can tell me.” James Grayson spoke.

“My superior will report to you,” Bella said lightly.

James Grayson walked to her.

His breath was too strong.

But her back was still erect.

He took the picture from her hand, looked at it, looked at her with profound eyes, and said, “I just checked your data, so you are now a famous psychologist, well-known in the United States, a name in the industry…”

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