Chapter 104 She didn’t have the guts

The special assistant who stood aside came and picked up the roses on the ground. He followed behind Ryan. And then after seeing the trash can, he threw the roses into it conveniently.

“Amy’s assistant was there just now.”

“Did she dare to let her assistant take vide.” Ryan stopped walking and his eyes looked cold.

“No, she didn’t have the guts.”

Then Ryan gave a snort and kept going out.

The figures receded.

Then Amy’s assistant came out cautiously without any noise. “Amy, it’s windy and cold. Let’s go somewhere else.”

“Isn’t it windy here? I didn’t say anything. What are you yelling for? If you’re so delicate, why did you become an assistant? Be an ancestor!” Amy was filled with anger. And her face contorted with anger.

The assistant had a grievance. It was Amy who was afraid of being disturbed by her and offered to let her hide on the other side of the wall for a while. Now why did she say she was delicate in a roundabout way?

“He let me be his girlfriend, but he treats her better than me!” The more Amy thought about it, the more she felt uncomfortable.

The assistant was far away from them just now, but she could hear their conversation clearly, so she said carefully, “Mr. Howard is so nice to Jessica. Maybe he is really her brother.”

She did not know Amy was just posing as a girlfriend. Only Amy and her agent knew about it.

“You are really stupid! The elder Mr. Howard and Mrs. Howard have no brothers and sisters, and Jessica’s surname is Rosen. How can she be Mr. Howard’s sister? If she were a family member of the Howards, why did her family allow her to be a disgraceful paparazzo before?”

“And can’t you see the way he looks at her? Are you blind or something? Can brother look at sister like that?”

“You’re so stupid, so that??s why you’re just an assistant! I guess you will only be an assistant for the rest of your life!”

Amy was so angry that she couldn’t be satisfied with the assistant now. After swearing, she walked to the set.

Relying on Mr. Howard, Jessica threw her weight around in front of her. She couldn’t swallow that!

The leading actor and actress were playing opposite. The two actors were acting very well, which made people enjoyable. Jessica was in the crowd, watching with relish when a small commotion came from a distance.

She looked around and saw that Amy was back with her assistant.

Then Ryan should be gone too. She didn’t know when she would see him next time.

Jessica pressed her lips, withdrew her eyes, and continued to watch the leading actor and actress playing opposite each other. But this time, she couldn’t concentrate on it.

“Jessica!” Clara pushed up to her and nudged her.

“What’s the matter?” Jessica asked listlessly.

Clara looked around at the people, pulling her. “Come on, step aside and talk. Don’t disturb filming here, or the director will scold you!”

They went out.

Jessica noticed sensitively that there was something wrong that people looked at her on the way. Especially when she passed in front of Amy, Amy looked at her provocatively, which made her feel kind of uneasy without any cause.

Until she dragged Jessica to a place where there were few people, Clara said, “Jessica, are you not ready to expose your identity?”

“It’s going to cause a lot of trouble.” Jessica said, “What’s the matter?”

Clara glanced around, and then whispered, “You don’t want to have trouble with the exposure, but the point is that you are in trouble now. When Amy came back just now, she told people all over the place that when she was dating Mr. Howard, you went there on purpose and knocked the flowers Ryan gave her.”

“Now people say you want to seduce Mr. Howard, poach her boyfriend. Oh, Jessica! Don’t be too innocent!”

Jessica left after she gave the flowers to Amy, so she didn’t know what happened to the bunch of flowers.

As soon as Clara said it, Jessica fumed. “She twisted the truth! Ryan gave me a diamond necklace and a bunch of flowers. She wanted the flowers so I gave them to her!”

The matter was not out of hand yet. At the worst, Jessica would reveal her identity.

So Clara didn’t worry, but just shrugged. “What are you going to do?”

She wanted Jessica to humiliate Amy.

“… Let’s see.” The point was that after her identity was revealed, she would have a lot of trouble.. Comparatively speaking, it was better to bear it.

As for the idea that if your family was rich and powerful, you could be invincible, it was definitely because of novels and movies.

There was always someone who was better than us. And even if you were rich and powerful, there was always a person who defied you, and disliked you.

Clara who was affected by the novels thought she could see that someone was humiliated, but she didn’t expect Jessica to continue to endure. She was disappointed. “Well.”

Clara even lost interest in speaking.

Jessica was amused, pinched her face and gave her the diamond necklace. “Ryan gave me the necklace. Put it away for me. Just in case I am invited to the award ceremony, I can wear it on the red carpet.”


The mobile phone just vibrated, and then Jessica took it out and had a look.

“I am going to get on the plane and expect to be back in a month.” -Ryan

He rarely kept her posted on his schedule, and she looked at the message, not knowing how to reply. She wondered whether he wanted to send it to Amy, but he sent it to her by mistake.

At the same time, in the airport.

Ryan looked down at the phone with deep eyes.

“Mr. Howard, it’s time to board.” The special assistant reminded in a low voice beside him.

Ryan still looked down at the phone, no response. The assistant didn’t dare to rush him.

When two minutes passed and there was still no reply, Ryan pressed his lips and walked into the VIP passage with the assistant.

“OK! Take care of yourself, Ryan!”

Jessica replied a message, but there was no reply. He must have turned it off. She put away her cell phone wistfully. She was not in the mood to watch the filming or the script, so she was ready to go back to the hotel to rest.

As a result, when passing a group of people, she heard them talking about her and Amy.

“Despite what Amy said, I don’t think I can believe all of it. If Mr. Howard really gave her a bunch of flowers, even if it fell on the ground, according to her character, could she not pick it up and show it off?”

Jessica thought what the person said was very right. Amy didn’t get it back. Maybe Ryan took it back. Of course, according to Ryan’s character, the possibility of throwing away was greater.

“I don’t know why she didn’t get it back, but I’ve just been to the place she told me about. There are still petals there. There must have been flowers there before.”

“Why don’t you say that the flowers were given to Jessica by Mr. Howard? I heard that Mr. Howard used to be very close to Jessica when they were on the set of ‘Spy’.”

“That’s not the point you’re talking about! If you ask me, whether Amy lied or not, and whether the flower is for Jessica or her, but one thing is certain. Jessica and Mr. Howard have an affair.”

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