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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 103 I’m never busy

Ryan frowned at her arrogant attitude to Jessica. His sullen gaze fixed on her.

Amy had the sudden illusion that she was stared by a beast, and she froze. She slowly turned around, and just met his deep, cold eyes, which made her blood freeze suddenly.

She swallowed and stuttered, “Mr. Ho…Howard, what’s the matter?”

“If you have something to do, just go ahead.” Ryan spoke politely, but his voice was as cold as ice.

Amy knew that he was driving her, but she was not easy to find the opportunity to get along with him, so she was not willing to give up.

“No, no, Mr. Howard, I am not busy.” She suppressed her fear and said shyly, “I’m never busy with you.”

Ryan was tired of seeing women behave like this in front of him. But considering that they were pretended lovers, he said nothing at all, except that there was a touch of sarcasm on his face.

Amy stood tremulously in front of him, her hands trembling at her sides, and she had an impulse to run away, but she forced it back.

The chance to marry into a rich and powerful family was just around the corner and she would never give it up!

Ryan ignored her, but went to Jessica, said softly, “You got good comments in ‘Acting Supremacy’ and ‘Spy’. Tina has prepared two variety shows for you. You can choose one from them.”

A wisp of hair fell from her temple, and he put it behind her ear, in a very familiar gesture.

A handsome man and a beautiful woman standing together looked like a perfect match.

Amy was looking at them aside with envy. “Mr. Howard is so busy, but still pay attention to Miss Rosen’s schedule. It’s so enviable.”

Her words sounded extremely jealous.

Jessica looked at Amy’s jealous look, and realized that they were too close.

“Ryan, if you like her, you have to pay more attention to her. You can’t be so cold.” Jessica did not like Amy, but she still held back the uncomfortable feeling and reminded Ryan in a small voice.

Then she moved away from Ryan and said, “I have something to do, so I have to go.”

Jessica did not see Ryan’s face. She bent forward to pick up the flowers with her head down and felt really upset.

If Amy had a quarrel with Ryan because of her, he certainly wouldn’t let her off. She knew his temper well.

Ryan looked kind of unhappy, but he did not stop her and just frowned. On the contrary, Amy stopped Jessica and said deliberately, “You don’t have a boyfriend. If you go in with a bunch of flowers, people will talk in private.”

When she spoke, she was staring at the rose in Jessica’s arm. Everybody knew what she wanted.

Jessica hated it when people took anything from her. But Ryan gave her roses and a diamond necklace, and didn’t give anything to Amy, his girlfriend, which seemed inappropriate.

“You are right. Here are the flowers.” She pressed her lips and handed the rose to Amy.

When Amy snatched it from Jessica’s hand, she felt a pang of satisfaction, but she pretended to be discontented.

“It is so cold that my hands are too cold to hold the flowers, but if you ask me, I will accept it reluctantly.”

She took the red rose in her arms and smelt it delightedly.

Jessica’s face fell. What the hell! She really wanted to throw this bouquet on her face!

She took a deep breath, suppressed her anger, and glared at Amy secretly. And then she said goodbye to Ryan, turned and went away.

If she stayed here, she would want to punch Amy!

When Amy saw Jessica leaving in a rage but didn’t dare to say anything. She felt a pang of relief, and the roses in her arms looked even more beautiful.

Some people of the crew had said that Mr. Howard did not come to see her because he did not care about her. When she went back with the roses, she could prove them all wrong!

But the thought had just crossed her mind, and her arms suddenly emptied.

“If your hands are cold, throw them away.” Ryan’s eyes clouded over with anger. He grabbed the roses from Amy’s hand with a sneer, and threw to the ground.

He gave Jessica the flowers. Even if she didn’t take it, it couldn’t be given to other woman.

Amy did not expect him to do this. She paused, and stuttered, “But… But these flowers are wrapped in plastic, and it will pollute the environment.”

“Did you mean I have no morals?” Ryan twisted his lips and glared at her coldly.

Did she really think she could deceive him with her schemes? Well.

Amy got goosebumps all over her body under his gaze, and she was in a cold sweat. “That… That’s not what I meant. I just… I just think it’s … wasteful, no, I…”

His powerful aura overwhelmed her and she didn’t know what she was talking about.

He thought she was a tough nut, but she was just a small potato who threw her weight about. With a sneer, he warned, “I’m asking you to pretend to be my girlfriend, and you’d better weigh up what you should or shouldn’t do.”

Amy’s agent had said the same thing to her. But when different people said, she had different feelings.

She pinched the corner of her dress, trying to suppress the fear, and said in a low voice, “Are you sure about it? There are also quite a few people in our circle, played a couple in the drama at the beginning and then they actually got together.”

And he could look for anyone to pretend to be his girlfriend in his capacity. Instead, he found her. That proved she was more or less special for him!

Ryan pressed his lips with displeasure and said sarcastically, “You? Who gave you faith?”

She was chosen because she was stupid. She had offended Jessica and would be punished sooner or later.

Locked by his fierce eyes, Amy felt vaguely as if she were the prey whose neck was about to be broken. She was so scared that she didn’t dare to say anything this time.

But in her heart she did not agree with him.

Of all the people in the entertainment circle, he chose her. He must have feelings for her, but he may not know it!

Ryan then looked away and took a look at the direction that Jessica was leaving, looking disdainful and indifferent. “You’d better not let me know you bully Jessica, or… “He didn’t mind changing a fake girlfriend.

He paused and didn’t go on, but they both knew what it meant.

Amy was resentful and jealous of his protection to Jessica. But he had just warned her, so she dared not say anything, and just put the blame for it on Jessica.

Since she met the paparazzi, nothing good has happened!

He spared the time to come over just because he wanted to see Jessica. Now she was gone, there was no need for him to stay, so he left.

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