Chapter 101 Mount a challenge

“The one who eats more is thinner than you. Do you think that’s irritating?” Jessica squinted with a smile and riposted. “You can stay here, so I can go on a diet.”

Amy’s face fell immediately. “Jessica, are you mounting a challenge formally?”

“Miss Scott, are you a few years older than me? Don’t say such childish lines. It sounds awkward!” She didn’t mean to make fun of Amy, but she used to say these words when she was 13 or 14 years old.

But these words were harsh for Amy.

She stood up all of a sudden, saying through gritted teeth, “Don’t think you can arrogant even if Mr. Howard bought you hot search and fans! I am his real girlfriend. Do you believe that if I tell him, he will have you banished?”

Jessica curled her lip, “Ok, Amy. Stop making trouble for me all the time. Actually, I am…”

“Don’t change the subject! This is the last time I warn you to stay away from Mr. Howard!” Sure enough, when she said the word ‘banish’, the paparazzi Jessica was afraid. Amy felt kind of proud.

She winked at her assistant and signaled her to leave.

Jessica was in no mood to have been badgering with her, so she stretched out her leg to block the latter’s way, and said impatiently, “Ryan is my brother, blood related. We are not lovers. So, don’t bother me again.”

Anyway, her Ryan knew Amy was not a good person, and he did not mean to break up with her, so she didn??t need to collect evidence of her bad character.

As for the fact that she said they were blood brother and sister, it was purely for avoiding trouble.

The woman in love always took all the women around her lover as the enemy, so if Amy knew she just was adopted, she guessed Amy would still make trouble.

Jessica said that because she was absolutely sincere to reconcile with Amy, but she did not expect that Amy did not believe her at all.

Amy didn’t even think for half a minute, and said sarcastically, “You are the daughter of the Howard family? But I never heard of the Howard family having a daughter before.”

There had been kidnapping cases in the upper class, so her family didn’t reveal her identity in the media for her safety. But everyone in this class knew Jessica.

Before Jessica explained, Amy said, “If you are the daughter of the Howard family, why your last name is Rosen not Howard? Why you used to work as paparazzi so hard when your family is so rich”

“I…” just wanted to be on my own.

“Don’t say you don’t want to rely on your family; just want to be on your own. Your family is so rich and has a high social status, but you chose to be a poor paparazzi. That will only happen in the dumb TV series!”

She firmly believed that Jessica was afraid that she would tell to Mr. Howard, so she came up with such a clumsy lie.

But she was not stupid, and of course she would not believe this flawed lie. After another warning, she left triumphantly.

She had been angry with Jessica ever since she had known her, and now she felt better!

Jessica froze where she was for a while and did not respond.

Clara was in the same state as her. After recovering, she burst into laughter. She covered her stomach and stamped her feet, laughing until tears came out, attracting the attention of many people.

“Stop laughing!” Jessica gave her a hit with the fist and asked with mixed feelings, “Does that … sound like a lie?”

Clara stamped her feet and nodded, laughing, “If … if you weren’t my… my friend, I’d…think you were kidding me.”

Jessica, “…”

Why was it so hard to tell the truth? It seemed that Amy thought she was lost. Jessica felt really wronged!

In the afternoon, it was another intensive shoot.

But Jessica was only a supporting actress, she didn’t get much screen time. By 3 p.m., she was ready to call it a day.

However, the leading actor and actress whose acting was very good were big names, so she did not leave and stayed on the set to learn.

“Jessica, someone is looking for you.” A staff member came to tell Jessica.

Jessica nodded and was about to go out, but she was afraid that it was Alex making trouble again. Although he said he wouldn’t bother her any more, but she’d better be on her guard.

“Is this person also an actor?” She asked cautiously.


That was good.

She followed the staff member winding forward and stopped at the ancient corridor near the pool. A lot of ancient costume fantasy dramas were shot in the room with a piece of green cloth and then treated with special effects.

But Mr. Burwell felt that was not realistic, so many of the scenes were shot on the spot. They were shooting in a famous garden during this period.

“Where is the person?” Jessica swept around, but did not see anyone beside them.

??He would be here soon. You can wait here for a moment. Now I gotta go, or the director will scold me if he can’t find me.” The staff member said, then trotted away.

Jessica gathered her coat around her and sat on the chair in the corridor, watching the goldfish in the pond, lost in thought.

She became popular yesterday, and someone was looking for her today in such a remote place. Could it be that some rich man took a fancy to her beauty and wanted to develop some discordant relations?

That was not allowed. Jessica stood up and wanted to ask Clara for help, in case the person treated her forcibly or acted indecently.

If only they two were present, the person could make unfounded countercharge and said she seduced him.

“Where do you want to go?” A pair of hands shot out from behind and grabbed her by the back of her collar.

His cold hands touched Jessica’s neck, and she had goose bumps all over her. Jessica unconsciously wanted to shout, “Hooligan!!”

“What are you shouting about?”

The man’s voice came from behind again, sounding familiar.

Jessica looked round slowly with a stiff body. The moment she saw the people behind her, she relaxed completely.

“It’s Ryan. You scared the hell out of me.”

“Am I scary?” Ryan sneered. The fine golden sunlight danced on his eyelashes, with a bit of warmth, but his face was cold.

“You’re not scary. I’m a coward myself!” Jessica explained with a strong desire for survival, “I thought it was the same as that time when I had just become famous, a man came up to keep me as a mistress.”

Ryan caught the key word in her words. He frowned and his voice became cold. “Which time was that?”

Why didn’t he know which daredevil dared to keep her.

Then Jessica realized that she had blurted. “Nothing. It’s all over.”

She didn’t want to say it again. It made her feel sick every time she thought about it.

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