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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 25 Loyalty

Nothing is more embarrassing than this, Karin is standing in the dark, her face flushes.

“Yes, I did make a mistake, thank you for understanding.” She lowers her voice. “If nothing is wrong, I…”

Without saying anything, she is interrupted by Charlie, “Let’s have dinner together tomorrow.”

The expression is stiff, and she doesn’t know how to answer until she hears the voice again, “Is that all right?”


Hanging up the phone, she is so confused. She couldn’t understand why she agrees. Obviously, she actually wants to refuse.

At the end of the course, it is already half past five in the afternoon. This last lesson is decided temporarily by the professor, and no one expects it. Karin hurriedly returns to the dormitory. She does not forget her agreement with Charlie. She changes a clean set of clothes, and runs out with a backpack.

Outside the school gate, Robert has been waiting for a long time. She hurriedly walks over and apologized, “Sorry for keeping you waiting.”

“Oh, it doesn’t matter.” Robert smiles and pulls the door. “Miss Karin, please.”

The car slowly sets off and heads for a very wide road. Karin watches the greenery on both sides and sighs sincerely, “There is no city purer than Zurich.”

Robert echos, “Yes, Zurich is indeed a good place.” He pauses and asks, “I wonder if Miss Karin plans to stay here in the future?”

She gives him a surprised look, and quickly shakes her head, “No.”

It’s not a lie. She really never thinks about staying in this country.


“My family and my boyfriend are in Britain, how could I stay here.” She smiles.

Robert nods meaningfully, “Oh.”

“Why are you here in Zurich? You migrate here?”

“Yes, my grandfather haves followed the Charlie family, so my mission is to be loyal to Charlie.”

Karin wonders, “What age is it, and is there such a loyalty? Your family is so admirable!”

She looks at Robert. He should be about the same age as Charlie. In addition to his skin being a little darker, he is considered a handsome man.

The car parks in front of the Metropolitan Club, it is a top private business club. Robert looks at his watch, “Let’s wait a little, President Charlie is almost out.”


Karin begin to feel inexplicably restrained. She hasn’t seen Charlie for about half a month. She suddenly doesn’t know what to say after meeting.

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