Chapter 23 Annoying Gossip

For two consecutive weeks, Karin has never seen Charlie again.

Occasionally, when she hears a colleagues in the cafe complaining that he hasn’t come here for a long time, she has a slight loss in her heart.

In this moment, she would deeply blame herself, feeling that she is hypocritical.

He is drawing a clear line with her indirectly. As careful as she is, how could she not understand…

On Friday night, she has dinner from the cafeteria and returns to the dormitory.

“Karin, comes here.”

Billie beckons, and she walks in wonder, “Why?”

“Look at this news. That’s the so-called mysterious mistress of Charlie …”

She looks at her at random, and her heartbeat almost misses a beat. She is too familiar with this scene, because the heroine of the photo is her…

“Charlie bids the gift for his girlfriend, just for winning her smile,” the news reads.

The nameless title makes her frown unpleasantly, muttering, “You also believe this gossip.”

“No.” Billie gives her a look, suddenly says, “Well, how do I think this woman’s back is a bit like yours?”

“How is this possible!”

She hurriedly looks away. “I have no such luck.”

“That’s true.”

“This woman looks very young. Hey, it’s another woman who depends on beauty to win the heart of rich man…”

Karin blurts out, “What are you talking about? They may only be friends. Don’t draw conclusions without seeing them.”

“The photo has been displayed here, and the news.”

“This is Entertainment Weekly. At least most of them are false reports. Last time, it said that Japanese king died in a car accident. But he is quiet well!”

Billie argues with her, “Occasional deviation does not mean that there is no truth at all. Besides, if you look at this picture carefully, Charlie obviously uses the body to cover the face of this woman. If the two do not have any special relationship, does he need to protect her carefully? ”

Karin is so angry at what she said. She snatches the magazine and tosses it aside, “The more you talk, the more outrageous it is. I suggest you join the paparazzi after returning home. The news is absolutely brilliant!”

“Well, I think you’re so weird. I am talking about others, what are you so excited about?!”

She blushes and turns back, screaming, “I just don’t agree with you.”

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