Chapter 22 Love Is Helpless

She looks at the strange number displayed on the phone screen, hesitates for a moment, and answers, “Hello?”

“Is it me. Have you fallen asleep?”

She lowers my voice and answers, “Not yet. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, to make sure you’ve arrived safely.”

“You sends me outside the school, so I won’t be robbed at school…”

Thinking of the embarrassment just now, she works hard to create a relaxed atmosphere.

“That’s good. Good night.”

“OK, good night.”

Quietly waiting for the other party to hang up first, she hears, “Yes, what will you do in the future, you can ask for Robert. He will give you all his help.”


She is slightly lost. Until she hears the beeping hang-up sound on her mobile phone, she wakes up and turns on the faucet again and laughs at herself, “Karin, who do you think you are? How could Charlie, such a noble person, will have an idea for you…”

Although it is in the middle of the night, Charlie’ s house is still full of lights. As soon as Charlie returns, the housekeeper comes forward respectfully and reports, “Charlie, Miss Mia is here.”

He asks, “Where is she?”

“She’s waiting for you in the living room for almost three hours.”


Charlie walks into the living room steadily, and glances at the back of the sofa. He walks calmly and greets her, “Mia.”

The woman turns slowly and smiles quietly at him, “You are back.”

“Well, why are you waiting here so late?” Sitting across from her, he looks at her softly.

“I want to ask you something.”

Mia lowers her head, and raises again, “I hears that you have a close relationship with British girl recently?”

Charlie doesn’t seem to be surprised, and says faintly, “Yes.”

“Why? You play woman again?”

It is impossible for any man to put his mind on a woman, especially a man like Charlie. It is not that Mia does not know this, but in recent years, he has rarely has affairs with women, and she is very grateful for this, but she didn’t expect that another girl comes up again.

“She helped me. That’s all.”

Charlie light a cigarette. His chin slightly raises, and he blows out enchanting smoke slowly, “You don’t have to worry about anything. I know what I am doing.”

“Then, I will not worried about.”

She sits next to him, stretches her hands around his neck, closes her eyes, and tries to kiss him, but is pushed gently away by him, “It’s late, go to bed early.”

Charlie stands up and Mia hugs him from behind, “Why treat me like this?”

There is an interrogative tone in her grievances.

“Because you are not those women.”

He glances slightly, removes her hand, and goes upstairs without looking back.

Mia stares at the back of his, thinking, is it really because she is different? But why doesn’t she feel that he is special to her.

Vision gradually blurs. This man, always makes her helpless in love.

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