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Eye Turn Off

Chapter104 Warm Contact

When Vivian stood on the kitchen counter, she realized that William was supporting herself in “processing”.

“Why, don’t you want eggs?” William said in a low voice.

“Oh, I’ll be right away.” Vivian immediately began to wash a handful of green vegetables, a few chopped green onion and ginger, a piece of lean meat, and two eggs.

After a while, two bowls of noodles with green vegetables and tasteful pork were placed on the table.

William took a look at the noodles in front of him, which were still fragrant. His eyes went dark and he was not speaking. He took the chopsticks and ate elegantly.

Vivian was also eating noodles in the bowl. Her eyes were always unconsciously glancing at the multifaceted man. She hesitated and asked, “William…”

“Keep Quiet during Meals and Bedtime.” The cold voice of the man came softly.

Vivian looked a little embarrassed. What Roe said to Selina now was spoken by William now. They were really like each other.

One is a child, another is an adult, which looked very similar. In fact, Roe was a little like herself, for example, his eyes were not as sharp and terrible as William.

If Roe’s operation was successful, he would be as tall as William, so she could rest assured.

Vivian kept staring at him. She stared at William’s eyebrow. He didn’t like her sight now, just like looking at another person through him.

Another person who was very important in her heart, although he didn’t know whether it was a man or a woman, what can be sure was that the person in her heart had inextricable relationship with himself.

For that person, he believed that Vivian could give up everything.

It was not a good experience.

“It’s enough.”

The man’s voice was colder. Vivian unconsciously shook her chopsticks and speeded up the speed of eating, although she didn’t know where she offended him.

After dinner, because of the inconvenience, William finally cleaned up the kitchen.

Sitting on the sofa, Vivian had the illusion that she had become an old Buddha. It would be perfect if she had another piece of fruit to digest after dinner.

At last, William came back empty handed after finishing his work. Vivian was disappointed.

William wanted to pretend that he couldn’t even see it. He said in a light tone, “You’ve just had dinner. You’ll eat fruit after half an hour.”

“Well.” Vivian was a little embarrassed to be guessed, and casually picked up the remote control to kill the time.

As early as at the dinner table, she wanted to ask when William could go, but after several unsuccessful attempts, she could only bear it.

The eight o’clock variety show was broadcast on TV. Vivian didn’t see it, just kept looking at the man next to her.

It’s almost dark. The sun was setting down.

Why, he really didn’t want to leave.

Vivian couldn’t help it. She pretended to be sleepy and yawned, “So tired…”

She kept shouting in her heart, William, leave…

It seemed that William really heard her inner call, stood up from the sofa, directly carried her back to the bedroom and put her on the bed, and even kindly pulled the thin quilt for her.

The smile on Vivian’s face became deeper. Now he can go.

Unfortunately, her expectation did not achieve. William took off his shoes and lay beside her after covering her.

“William, aren’t you leaving?” Vivian subconsciously asked.

William raised his eyebrows and said in a flat voice, “Did I say I want to leave?”

Vivian was shocked and hurriedly explained, “Isn’t it getting dark? I’m afraid you are not safe to drive on the road…”

William glanced at the sky, which was not dark at all. Staring at her flustered expression, he said slowly, “It doesn’t matter. I will stay at night.”

“What? No, William. My bed is too small and you will sleep on the floor. Don’t forget that I am an injured person now. ”

At last, Vivian also became assertive. She remembered that in the afternoon, William seemed to be very accommodating himself to her. When she was still injured, she had to do whatever she wanted.

But she forgot what was overdue.

William ignored her bitter eyes directly, and his tall figure lay down directly. She also rolled back to his arms. His deep voice seemed to come out of his chest, and he said, “Just sleep.”

Vivian listened to the heartbeats of her heart, felt that the whole ear close to his chest was numb and red, and she protested in a low voice, “Hey, William, this is my home, you are breaking the law…”

“Well, do you want to call the police?” William answered carelessly and he seemed to deal with a child who was making trouble

Vivian felt that she had been greatly insulted and said angrily, “You really think I dare not call the police.”

Then an expensive cell phone was put in her hand.

“… I want my own cell phone.” Vivian persisted.

“No password.” William said without a trace of emotion.

Does it mean that he lets her call at her will? William’s mobile phone was more advanced than her old broken one.

She just clicked, and his mobile phone automatically jumped to the WeChat page, a blank page, without a message.

Vivian was very unbelievable that he will use WeChat too, and will there be only one person among his friends?

She thought, Angie might be in his friends list too.

All of a sudden, a chat group of five people jumped out. There was only one message on it, “Where is old fox and K?”

Is it the nickname for William?

Vivian didn’t want to violate other people’s privacy, and returned his mobile phone to him, “You got a message.”

William took a look at it. He clicked twice on the screen of his mobile phone and put it away, “Don’t you want to call the police?”

Vivian snorted and wriggled like a caterpillar for a few times.

“Go to bed. I’ll get up tomorrow and change your medicine again.” William touched her head placidly.

Vivian blushed, silently drew her head back to the quilt.

“Don’t touch me. I’m going to bed.” A vague voice came from the quilt.

Five minutes later, Vivian regretted. It was so hot in the quilt. Her face was facing the waist of the man now, and the taste of the man became stronger.

The sultrier it was, the harder she breathed. Then she felt his heat gushed on her, and then she screamed like a frightened rabbit running out of the quilt.

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