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Eye Turn Off

Chapter102 Never get rid of me

William gently sat beside Vivian, gently and persistently took her hand off her face. There were five deep bloodstains printed on her small white face. He could see tiny blood vessels on her swollen face.

The wound on the corner of her mouth had been scarred. The dark red color made her lips bright red, forming a strong contrast.

Every wound seemed startling. Even if he was prepared, he was deeply touched, and the undercurrent in his eyes showed that he wanted to destroy everything.

The tip of his heart was like a blunt instrument. His brows were tightly wrinkled with pain.

“I’m fine, just a little hurt.” Vivian saw William looking at the injury on her face, and didn’t want him to see her, so she turned over her face.

William lifted her clothes in a peremptory way. As expected, her white skin was covered with scars of different sizes. Although she had applied medicine, they were still shocking.

He didn’t know what kind of mood he was in, but when he saw the wounds, his first reaction was to recklessly let that woman repay ten times.

If not for the reason left in his mind to tell him that he couldn’t do that for his long plan, it’s not just his own efforts, it’s all their efforts.

“I’m sorry.”

Vivian’s pupils were suddenly constricted, and her hands were grasping the pillow, for fear that she would accidentally vent all her grievances in front of the man.

She was really hungry and fainted. How could she hear William’s apology?

But her eyes were full of tears.

“I’m in tears. I want to go to sleep. Go.”

Vivian thought that she could easily spend these days, and that nothing would happen. If it wasn’t for William, she would really deceive herself.

But he finally appeared and said that.

William looked at her dodging eyes, reached out and took her gently into his arms. His firm chin was on her shoulder, and his low, slightly dull voice said in her ear, “Vivian, why are you so silly?”

She wouldn’t even resist…

Vivian bit her lip and said slowly, “This is what I owe her.”

“Don’t go soft next time.” In the direction that Vivian couldn’t see, the man who had always been indifferent, for the first time his eyes were clearly full of killing meaning.

“William, if you really want to be good for me, please let me go, or you can put forward your third condition now.” Facing the man who suddenly became so gentle, Vivian felt comfortable.

She just wanted to take Roe to have surgery and leave the place far away.

William suddenly tightened his arm, and the breath from the tip of his nose becomes heavy, “Vivian, do you really want to leave?”

She couldn’t wait to get away from him.

Vivian slightly pursed her lips, and her eyes darkened. It was not that she could stay comfortably if she didn’t want to. It was not that all things could be solved easily if she wanted.

Then she heard herself ask, “Will you be separated from Angie?”

Repressed silence were around the two people.

Sure enough, she still got such an answer. Vivian felt that the scar in her heart had been reopened, and the blood made her feel hard.

But she insisted slowly, “Since you can’t do it, please let me go, I don’t want to be hurt.”

Her heart was already riddled with holes, and she couldn’t mend it again.

William still thought Vivian didn’t want to be hurt because of himself, but he also had reasons that he couldn’t say, and it’s impossible to let her go. Since she hurts, let him hurt together with her.

At least the pain represented she still cared about him, didn’t it?

“Give it up, you will never get rid of me.”

William’s voice fell into Vivian’s ears like a whisper between lovers. Her body could not help shivering as if she was suffering from such a terrible thing.

“So since you can’t get rid of me, you can start to arm yourself, be strong, and compete with me.” William’s clear voice was like a sharp arrow cutting through Vivian’s ears, straight into her heart.

Vivian said with difficulty, “William, I really thought you were confessing if I didn’t know you don’t love me.”

William’s dark eyes flashed for a while, and soon the streamer like falling stars disappeared in his eyes, so he held her and didn’t speak.

Vivian also didn’t think that the man behind her could answer for herself. This was just a self-mocking remark. It couldn’t escape to become a fact. She must strive for her own power.

“I don’t want Angie to know that I have something to do with you.”


Vivian suddenly found that her heart got more painful, although she had knew the answer for a long time, her heart still couldn’t help but have a pain.

She tried to make her voice calmer, “I hope the third condition can be finished soon.”

This was her ultimate goal, as long as the three conditions were fulfilled, the check could be cashed, and she could take Roe to keep away from the devil.

William began to hesitate. He understood that the woman in his arms had her own motive, but looking at her injury, he could not bear to refuse, “OK, but not now.”

“Well, I hope not too long.” Vivian still didn’t feel relieved.

“Can you tell me what important things you have to do?” William didn’t know why she was stubborn and persistent.

“This is my business.” So she didn’t want him to ask.

William compromised, “I can leave it alone, but now let me take you to the hospital.”

“I won’t go.” Vivian thought of the bad memory of her last visit to the hospital and refused directly.

William also seemed to think of taking her to the hospital that day. Her fierce reaction made him step back again. “It’s ok if you don’t want to go to the hospital. You have to let me help you with the medicine again.”

“No, Selina has applied the medicine for me.” Vivian didn’t want to expose her injuries to him.

“If you don’t agree,” William said in a friendly tone. “what we just said can also be invalidated.”

Vivian was clenching her teeth. The man was obviously threatening her, so she had no choice but to say, “Well, but don’t try nothing.”

William was stunned for a second, leaning against her sensitive ear, and said in a hoarse voice, “Don’t worry. I’m not interested in SM.”

“William!” Vivian was clenching her teeth again angrily.

This man was so shameless and obscene!

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