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Chapter101 A Man of Unique skill

“William, the reason why Vivi was hurt is because of you. Stay away from her.” Selina said, rolling up her sleeves and going to beat William.

She didn’t believe a national champion couldn’t beat down a weak lawyer.

When Grace saw Selina’s action, he was almost scared to death. He quickly grabbed the woman in his arms. “Selina, calm down, you can’t blame William for this.”

With his skill, he would be even with William. This woman was so confident that she could beat down others. Let him pull her back.

“Bullshit. If it wasn’t for him, how could Vivi be beaten and humiliated in front of so many people? You don’t know that when I found her, she was kicked and pulled in her hair by that bitch and she was forced to kneel down. If Vivi can’t have children later, her life will be over.”

Selina deliberately embroidered the truth, which was to provoke William and make him angry.

Grace also frowned frequently, looking at his friend who had been silent.

That calm and self-confident man, the cold air floating on his body would turn the cool office into a cold winter, his calm face showed the calm before the storm, which made people feel a chill.

It had to be said that the purpose of Selina had been achieved.

William turned around to the door without saying a word, and his fingers, which were constantly tightened, rattled, as if to restrain the anger that was about to erupt in his heart.

Soon he quickened a lot his steps. His steady pace just let them see his fluster.

Originally, Selina was stunned for a while. Could her be wrong? How would William be so nervous? She always thought that William was a cold-blooded and cold-hearted man.

“Selina, tell me the truth, did you exaggerate just now?” Grace asked seriously.

Selina paused and said, “No, I think.”

“Let me go. I’m going to sort him out!” She didn’t really come to William, but wanted to rough that bitch up through William.

This is better to get revenge, isn’t it?

“You can stop. Your goal has been achieved.” Grace grabbed her directly on the sofa.

Selina waved her fist and stood up. “You are in collusion with him. Don’t stop me. I will blow his head off.”

“Oh, come on, you are no match for him.” Grace couldn’t resist to hurting her.

Selina was stunned for a moment, and shook her head incredulously. “How could it be? Though William looked very scary. How could he beat me down?”

“Yes, you’re the national champion, but he’s Brazil judo Black Belt eighth Dan. He’s also good at Sanda and some combat skill, are you sure to fight with him?” Grace let go and didn’t stop her.

When Selina heard William’s titles, she couldn’t believe it and looking at the man beside her, “But, isn’t he a lawyer?”

“Who says a lawyer can’t learn that?” Grace showed a puzzled expression.

Now it’s Selina’s turn to interrogate him. “No, you two must be plotting something.”

Grace’s eyes flashed and he smiled, “You know it’s a conspiracy, of course you can’t say it.”

“Anyway, I don’t want to talk with you.” Angie got up and was ready to leave.

But Grace wouldn’t let her go so easily. It was not easy to wait until she’s caught up in his own trap. Naturally, he wanted to ask for some benefits…

The sky gradually darkened.

Vivian continued to lie on the sofa. She was still in the mood to decide whether to order a take out.

What can I do? I’m hungry. My knee seems a little swollen.

She couldn’t ask Selina for help any more.

Her stomach growled.

There was a ‘protest’ in her stomach. Vivian looked at a bag of chips under the TV set. She was going to buy it for Roe. What about buying it again next time?

She moved her knee a little, the feeling of pain spread all over her body, and a layer of sweat came from her back.

But Vivian couldn’t bear to give up the food at hand, and she moved her disabled leg a little.

When she could almost touch the chips, and the smile on Vivian’s face was deeper. With this bag of chips, she would surely survive until morning.

Suddenly there was a loud bang at the door, and the door of the apartment was opened roughly.

Vivian was so stupefied to see that horrible man walking towards him.

Maybe she was frightened by the man, Vivian reacted and wanted to step back. But she forgot that she was still a “cripple”. Just after that, her foot hurt. She stepped back and leaned back.

“Help!!!” Vivian instinctively wanted to catch something. Fortunately, she caught a piece of clothing and didn’t fall to the ground.

“Oh, it’s OK that I didn’t fall down.” Vivian realized later that she was holding the clothes, but the clothes were also the clothes of the man who gave out the cold air. She loosened it like an electric shock, and she still fell steadily in his arms.

It turned out that she didn’t react quickly, but he kept holding herself so that she didn’t fall.

“Vivian, what are you doing?” As soon as William opened the door, he saw a woman full of scars running to get chips.

“William, why do you have the key to our home?” Vivian finally noticed the key point. She remembered that when she left, the door was closed.

“I asked someone to make it.” William replied without changing his expression.

“…” How could he be so domineering? Did she say she allow him to do that? “William, you are violating my privacy. How can you do that?”

William ignored her, holding her back to the sofa, gently put her on the sofa, and then got up to turn on the light.

For a moment, Vivian thought that she was the treasure in William’s hand and was being gently cared by him. She shook her head hard to wake up.

How could she have this unrealistic idea? She was really hungry for a long time, and she was in a confused state of mind.

The headlight on the top of the head was turned on.

Vivian couldn’t get used to the dazzling light for a while. She put her hand over her eyes and said angrily, “William, are you crazy? Who let you turn on the light?”

After a while, the man did not reply.

Suddenly, she realized that she was in such a mess. Vivian hurriedly took the pillow and put it on her body. She shouted, “Turn off the light!”

She didn’t want him to see the scars on her body. The bright light made her feel like she had nowhere to hide.

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