Chapter 398 Michelle’s in danger

Miya looks back at Alex and says, “I’ve been away for so long. Don’t you know the real reason why I left?”

Alex thinks that Miya left home because of his neglect. He believes that she will come back in a few days, but he waits in the coffee shop for a long time and thinks she doesn’t want to go home. He asked Lisa to ask her, but the answer Lisa gave him confused him.

“What did I do to make you distrust me?” Alex asks, “don’t you believe in my ability or my loyalty?”

Miya freezes and asks, “Alex, do you have any other women besides me?”

Alex shakes his head firmly. “No, I haven’t contacted any other women since I had you.”

“Ha, ha!” Miya sneers, “Alex, you’re so smug!”

“I’m telling the truth.”

At this time, Miya’s phone rings suddenly. Miya takes out her mobile phone and looks at it. It’s Michelle who calls.

Miya hears the quarrel and the sound of things hitting the ground.

“Michelle, what’s the matter with you?” Miya is afraid that Michelle has an accident.

“Miya, where are you now?” Michelle’s voice is a little loud. She seems to have just cried.

Something is wrong with Michelle. Miya says, “what happened to you?”

Michelle doesn’t answer Miya, “it’s good that you’re not at home now. It’s a bit messy here. If you’re in a safe place, you’d better stay a little longer. You’d better come back in a few days.”

“Bitch, who are you calling?”

There is a sharp woman’s voice on the other end of the phone, and Michelle is crying for pain.

“Michelle, what happened to you?”

Miya asks anxiously, but the phone is hung up.

Miya’s eagerness and helplessness make Alex worry. “What happened?”

Miya hears Alex’s voice and is relieved. She presses Alex’s shoulder and says, “Alex, take me to Michelle’s house now. Hurry up!”

“Calm down. Can you tell me what happened?”

“No, Alex, we need to get there now. Michelle seems to be in danger.”

Alex hears Miya and remembers the girl named Michelle. She takes care of Miya for a long time. She is a benefactor of their family. They have to save her.

“Well, calm down and I’ll drive right away.” Alex comforts Miya and drives his car to Michelle’s house.

Miya clenches her fist. Her palms are sweaty. She calls Michelle a few more times, but no one answers. Her heart is more disturbed.

“Michelle, you bitch. You and Jason broke up a long time ago, but you still occupy his property. You are shameless.”

“I said I opened that coffee shop with him, and I paid for all the money. It has nothing to do with Jason.”

“The coffee shop is making a lot of money now, so you owe it to yourself, right? You said that you opened this coffee shop with Jason, so Jason is also the owner. He accounts for at least half of the profits. And we just want to borrow your coffee shop for a few years. We’ll give it back to you.”

At night, the beach is quiet. The quarrel makes the beach suddenly noisy.

Few people are living here. They are all fishermen. They usually go to bed early. Fortunately, Michelle lives in a remote place, so, the quarrel never bothers those people.

But no one comes to help her.

Miya sees this scene when she arrives at Michelle’s house.

A strong woman pulls Michelle’s hair and hits her against the wall. A man looks at them and says nothing.

Miya has met the man. His name is Jason and he’s Michelle’s ex-boyfriend.

“What’s wrong with you!”

Michelle is angry, and she fights hard and slaps the woman.

The next moment, however, the man reaches out and slaps Michelle and holds the strong woman in his arms.

“Honey, this woman hit me. My face hurts!”

Jason rubs the woman’s face and glares at Michelle. “How dare you hit her? Bitch!”

Michelle listens to Jason and laughs, “Jason, is that what you are proud of? I’m glad you broke up with me at that time. Otherwise, I will cry for a long time if I see you. You’re a bully. I shouldn’t have loved you before.” Michelle spits in front of Jason.

Jason looks at the woman in front of him and suddenly feels sad, but he still has to protect the woman beside him.

“How dare you scold him?” The woman suddenly pulls up her sleeve and rushes up to fight Michelle.

Michelle is very thin. Compared with that woman, she is vulnerable.

When the woman is about to slap Michelle, suddenly a woman with a prominent stomach appears beside them.


Miya yells. She looks at them and is very angry.

“What are you?” The woman is like a mad dog.

“What are you? How dare you bully Michelle?”

The woman laughs as if she has heard a joke. “You mean this bitch? You don’t lecture people just because you’re pretty. I’m not one of those men. So I won’t show you any mercy.”

“Why don’t you look in the mirror? You look ugly. Why do you come out to scare people?”

Miya was not to be outdone. The woman just doesn’t act like a good person, especially with that ex-boyfriend of Michelle’s.

Michelle looks at them and immediately runs to Miya and says, “Miya, forget it. Don’t reason with them.”

Miya pats Michelle on the arm. “No, I will never let this kind of person bully you.”

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