Chapter 397 What’s wrong

In fact, Miya remembers their birthday and celebrates it in private, but she didn’t expect that no one paid attention to them.

Miya has been silent. Ben thinks he can’t scare his mother away.

“Mommy, actually, I’m delighted to see you. Are you happy recently?”

Ben changes the subject.

Miya looks at Ben and is happy, “I’m glad to see you, too. In fact, I miss you very much, but I have an obsession and dare not go back.”

“Is it because of dad?” Ben asks.

Miya freezes.

“In fact, the saddest person after mommy left is Dad. He really looked for you for a long time, but recently…” Ben says they were anxious about Alex when Miya disappeared, mainly because he didn’t eat or sleep because of Miya and kept looking for her.

But he suddenly changed. He often smiles and has a bitch around him that makes them angry.

Miya listens to Ben and is in a trance. “Isn’t he normal now? I don’t see how much he loves me.”

“That’s because he…”

Ben covers his mouth. He just comes close to telling the truth.

“What?” Miya thinks what Ben doesn’t say is more important.

“Because Dad already found Mommy.” Ben feels that his parents can not continue to misunderstand each other. They will be sad!

Miya opens her eyes wide. “What do you say?”

Ben sighs and continues, “actually I had a fever before, but it wasn’t serious, and I didn’t need to be hospitalized at all. But dad said I have to live here so you can come here and I can see you.”

Miya freezes. She thinks about it and realizes that she has been tricked.

But in fact, she has seen Alex watching her outside. They just don’t expose each other.

Though she knows it, she seems to be able to frighten his son. So she says on purpose, “are you lying to me?”

As expected, Ben is obviously nervous. “Mommy, we didn’t mean to cheat you. You haven’t come to see us for a long time. We don’t like to be told we’ve been abandoned by you.” Ben’s eyes turn red.

Miya looks at Ben’s face, and her heart suddenly softens. She opens her arms and hugs him tightly. “I’m sorry. It’s my fault.” Even if she is angry with Alex, the children are innocent after all.

Miya doesn’t know Ben is laughing happily in his heart.

Ben believes in his father’s majesty.

What is the truth?

Alex did get a call from the babysitter on the way. As soon as he got home, he saw Ben lying on the ground with a high fever. At first glance, it was dangerous, but he was taken to the hospital, and his illness was not serious.

Ben was arguing with Alex and wondering why he still couldn’t see Miya.

Alex knew what he was thinking.

Alex said, “you want to see your mommy, don’t you? Then do as I say.”

So he stays in the ICU for half a night.

“If your mother questions you, cry, and her heart will be soft.”

So Ben succeeds in getting Miya’s comfort because of his red eyes.

“I’m sorry, Ben. It’s too late now. If I don’t go back, I may not be able to catch the car.”

“Mommy, will you come to see me again?” Ben suddenly reaches for Miya’s clothes.

Miya looks at Ben and nods, “yes, and I will definitely come back to see you. You have to be good!”


They agree to meet tomorrow. Miya has a lot of ideas. After she leaves the hospital, a man is leaning against the car at the door and seems to be waiting for her.

“Miss Miya, can we have a talk?” Alex opens the door and lets Miya sit in.

Miya looks at Alex and thinks of Ben and gets in the car.

Alex goes to the other side and sits in the driver’s seat.

“What do you want to talk to me about?” Miya looks ahead and reminds herself not to look at Alex so that she won’t be fooled by him.

“I want to talk to you about our children.” Alex turns around and laughs when he sees Miya sitting upright.

“I’m listening.” Miya seems to feel Alex’s gaze. She still cranes her neck and says nothing.

Alex suddenly stoops and gets up and lies in front of Miya. “Are you afraid of me?”

Miya is calming herself down, but a face in front of her startles her. She unconsciously pushes away the person in front of her. “What are you doing?”

“Did I scare you?” Alex blinks and looks innocent.

God, it’s disgusting. Miya almost slaps him in the face, but she holds back.

“Nonsense, what if you scare the baby in my stomach?” Miya turns around and ignores Alex.

Alex surrenders immediately. “I’m sorry, honey. I was wrong.”

“What did you do wrong?” Miya doesn’t turn around and still doesn’t want to talk to Alex.

“I shouldn’t have scared you.”

“What else?”

“What else?” He just did one thing wrong.

“You really don’t know what you did wrong.”

Alex is stunned. He looks at Miya and wonders if Ben has exposed him. It occurs to him that Miya has just come out of the hospital and looked at him. She seems to have expected it. He is now sure that he is betrayed by his son.

“And I shouldn’t have lied to you.” Alex continues to apologize.

“What else?”

“What?” Alex opens his eyes wide. What else? “Tell me directly what I did wrong, honey. I feel like my IQ might be a little low. I don’t know what else I did wrong.”

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