Chapter 396 We just quarreled

Then Alex leaves. Miya looks at Alex’s back and is lost in thought.

Michelle comes over. She looks at Miya, who is hiding like a thief, and says, “he’s gone. You can come out.”

Miya just notices her posture. It’s a bit inappropriate! She stands up straight and looks at Michelle.

Michelle looks at Miya and thinks of what the man just said. She says, “Miya, I have something to tell you.”

“What is it?” Miya keeps smiling and looks at Michelle. But she seems flustered.

Michelle sees Miya’s panic.

“I met that man. He brought you back to the lounge that morning. He told me not to tell you that I had seen him, so I didn’t tell you.”

Miya remembers that day. She knows it was him.

“He said…”

“He is my husband.”

Michelle wants to say this, but Miya says it first. She looks at Michelle and apologizes, “I’m sorry I lied to you. In fact, my husband is not dead.”


“We just quarreled.” It’s a quarrel, but they never seem to quarrel. Miya looks at the sun and thinks of something. She’s been here so long that she’s almost forgotten why she left home.

“Did you run away because of the quarrel?” And you curse your husband. Michelle doesn’t feel like she knows Miya.

Miya nods “because I feel I can’t let go of myself and him.”

The truth of that picture is not clear. How could she go back? She doesn’t like the feeling of being scolded in that house at all. Of course, she doesn’t want to see Alex flirting with other women.

Michelle feels that what Miya says is difficult to understand. She looks at Miya. “I don’t understand. You love each other, but why don’t you give each other a chance to explain?”

“Maybe we love each other so much. We are afraid.”

Miya looks at Michelle and slowly says, “since I was pregnant with this baby, I’ve been sensitive, and sometimes I don’t know myself. For my husband, I may say I’m sorry, but I really don’t have the courage to face him.”

Michelle is stunned. Finally, she shakes her head. “I don’t think I can understand it. Maybe my IQ is too low. But he said his son misses Mommy. Are you pregnant for the second time?”

“Yes.” Miya touches her stomach, and she looks proud, “I was pregnant for the first time when I was 18. I have three children.”

Michelle is shocked. It turns out Miya has so many children.

“Can you tell me your story?” Michelle looks at Miya and thinks there are many stories about this woman.

Miya thinks for a moment and finally shrugs, “I’m sorry. The story is too complicated. I don’t know what to say.”

“All right.” Michelle doesn’t ask.

Miya doesn’t go on. At night Michelle falls asleep. She slips out and drives Michelle’s car in the warehouse to the hospital.

She can’t really abandon her children. It’s midnight. She goes to the front desk and asks, “excuse me. Do you know which ward Ben is in?”

The receptionist takes a look at her and instantly wakes up. “You are…”

Miya remembers coming here several times. She looks at the receptionist and is afraid that she will shout her name.

“May I visit him?” Miya looks at the receptionist with a polite smile from beginning to end.

The receptionist nods and takes Miya to the ward.

It’s the intensive care unit. Miya looks at it and is sad. They just haven’t seen each other for a while. Why is he in the hospital?

She takes a deep breath and finally pushes the door open.

Ben is sleeping soundly. He breathes evenly.

Miya looks at Ben and almost cries. Ben hasn’t been away from her for a long time since he was born. She sees that Ben seems to have lost a lot of weight.

Miya reaches out and touches Ben’s little face.

“I’m sorry.” She says.

Ben’s eyelashes move. He seems to be sensing something.

When Miya’s hand touches his face again, he suddenly opens his eyes.

“Mommy, is that you?”

Ben grabs Miya’s hand and Miya shivers.

Miya freezes. She looks at Ben and asks, “how do you know it’s me?”

Ben freezes and lies, “because I feel like you’re Mommy. It seems that I feel right. Mommy, I miss you so much! When you were not at home, those aunts came to our house and bullied us.”

“Aunts?” Miya doesn’t seem to understand what Ben is saying.

“Yes, they are well dressed but vulgar. They pester dad and look disgusting. I hope you can go home and drive them away.”

“If I get rid of them, your dad will be upset.”

“Why? Dad hates them. How could he be unhappy?”

Ben pesters Miya and says, “Mommy, why don’t you go home? We all miss you. Someone says you are dead. Can’t you scold them?”

Miya has decided to forget the past, but she listens to Ben and recalls it subconsciously.

She sighs and says, “Ben, I miss you too, but now I really can’t go back. I’ll go back when the problems are solved, OK?”

“What happened?” Ben asks Miya.

Miya can’t say what is going on. “Well, I’ll go back on your birthday, OK?”

Ben immediately becomes unhappy.

“Mommy, my birthday is over this year.” He remembers that no one remembers his birthday this year, “no one remembers our birthday since you left. When we think about it, our birthday is over, but no one remembers what we were doing that day.”

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