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Chapter 395 Ben faints

“You are the owner! Are you back from your studies abroad?”

Jason is confused. Does this man know him?

“I used to come here when this coffee shop opened. Only the female owner was here a while ago. I can’t help but come forward and talk to you when I see you.”

The man seems to know what Jason is thinking and answers him directly.

“Study abroad?” Jason obviously doesn’t know what the man is talking about.

“Yes! The female owner of this shop told us.”

“She said that to you?” Jason smiles and wants to expose Michelle. But after he hears the following sentences, he…

“Why did you leave such a good female owner? After you left, she was alone in the shop, and many hooligans played tricks on her. I saw her cut her hair short. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t want to meet those hooligans.”

Jason just remembers that Michelle had long hair when she was with him. Did she cut her hair because he broke up with her?

Jason knows that Michelle is not easy. He is not a bad guy. She did a lot for him. But he abandoned her and now he even wants her to lose her way of making a living. He shouldn’t do it. He is upset and then leaves.

The man sees Jason leave and goes to Miya at the bar. “Miya, am I right?”

Miya nods. “Thank you. I’ll make you an ice cream.”

“No, no,” the man waves. “I watch Michelle grow up. She is a good girl, but she met this kind of man. I should help her.”

Miya wanted to say these words herself, but she was afraid that she would be too excited to do something drastic, such as slapping Jason. She felt that she might do it.

And the man passed by, so she told him her plan and asked the man to do it. Fortunately, the man did a great job.

“I remember your little grandson likes ice cream. You promised him yesterday, didn’t you?”

Miya has made ice cream and put it in front of the man. The man remembers that he promised his little grandson to give him an ice cream yesterday. He suddenly remembers that he is here to buy ice cream.

Finally, the man leaves with the ice cream.

Miya watches the man leave and thinks of Michelle, who is still in the cubby. Jason leaves this time, but it’s not easy to cheat him next time.

Sometimes, Miya has to admit that Michelle is mighty. She returns to work as soon as she knows Jason has gone.

Miya looks at Michelle and she feels upset. She doesn’t say anything to her this afternoon.

In the evening, a man that Miya didn’t expect comes to the shop.

Alex steps into the shop. Miya hides as soon as she sees Alex subconsciously.

She goes backstage, and Michelle is there. She says, “Michelle, please help me to entertain the guest.”

“Do you feel ill?” Michelle asks.

Miya hesitates and smiles, “maybe.”

What does she mean? Michelle is confused.

But when Michelle sees the man at the door, she is stunned. She seems to have met the man. It seems that one morning, he came here with Miya in his arms. Because he is very handsome, he is impressive.

However, she remembers that he said he was Miya’s husband. Is that why Miya doesn’t want to come out? She is a little confused. Miya was sad when she told her husband was dead, but he is near her, and she doesn’t want to see him.

“Michelle, don’t say you know me!”

Miya adds when Michelle walks out. She looks at Alex and is nervous.

He stays outside all the time. Why does he get into the shop today? Miya really can’t figure out what Alex is thinking.

“Is Miya here?”

Alex asks directly. Miya hears him and immediately moves to the door and watches Alex.”

Michelle hears Miya, so she shakes her head. “I’m sorry. I have never heard the name.”

If they haven’t met before, it’s OK to say so. Now it’s apparent that they’ve met before. It’s embarrassing for her to say so.

Michelle says in her heart, “I will be exposed, and my reputation will be destroyed.”

But Alex doesn’t say anything and takes a seat.

Michelle is stunned. She turns around and sees Miya gesturing and asking her what’s going on.

Michelle is also confused. Why? She comes up to Alex and hands him the menu.

Alex takes the menu and does nothing. He looks up at Michelle. “If you know a woman named Miya, ask her to go to the hospital to visit a kid named Ben. Tell her that Ben misses his mommy very much and that he has a lot to say to his mommy.”

Alex remembers that when he received Lisa’s text message, he immediately came here, but on the way, he received a call from the babysitter.

“Sir, Ben fainted! His body is scorching now. He may have a fever.”

The babysitter spoke in such a hurry that it didn’t sound like a lie. He said, “don’t panic. Call Randy and ask him to take Ben to the hospital.”

Then Alex turned around and hurried to the hospital.

In the intensive care unit, Ben was in bed. Although the doctor said that his illness was not serious, Alex couldn’t help blaming himself. For the first time in his life, he was so depressed. He felt as if he were separated from his wife and children. He was the most miserable person in the world.

Miya hears Alex. Ben is ill. Her son is ill and misses her very much.

Miya begins to blame herself. During this period, she has been trying to avoid her life. She is angry with Alex and doesn’t visit her son. She thinks she is the most irresponsible mommy in the world.

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