Chapter 394 Michelle’s past

Michelle hears Lisa’s call for help and looks up. She sees the door is closed and then it’s quiet.

There are few guests at this time. They are sitting at the bar, so no one cares about the lobby.

“Miya, did you just hear Lisa?” Michelle asks Miya.

Miya replies, “did she call for help?”

“Yes, is she in danger?” Michelle is worried.

“Don’t worry. Her husband has just taken her away. She is safe. Let’s work hard so as not to be too busy later.”

Miya is understating, but Michelle seems to have got the point.

“Lisa is married, too?” Michelle is surprised. She talked to Lisa and Miya about age. They are of the same period, but Lisa is married, and Miya will have a baby in a few months.

So Michelle is shocked to learn that Miya has three other children in the future.

Miya nods. “Can’t she get married?” She is confused. They can get married at this age. Why is she surprised?

“No, No.” Michelle shakes her head. Sure enough, there are few people who are single at this age, but she is one of them.

Lisa leaves in a hurry, so she doesn’t know Michelle’s gossip.

Shortly after Michelle’s surprise, a man comes to the door. The man is a handsome young man. He hesitates when he comes to the coffee shop.

“Welcome.” Michelle hears something moving at the door and immediately goes to meet the guest, but she sees him and is stunned.

“Michelle, long time no see. How are you doing?” The handsome young man looks at Michelle and is a little embarrassed, but he goes ahead.

She tries to smile. “I’m doing well. You must be thrilled.”

The handsome young man nods, “this time I’m here to tell you that I’m going to get married.”

“Really? Congratulations.” Michelle is pretending, so her expression is a little exaggerated.

The handsome young man nods, and suddenly his face changes. They are embarrassed. He rubs his hands and says awkwardly, “my girlfriend has always wanted to open a coffee shop, but to prepare for the wedding, I have no savings, so I want to…”

“What do you want to do?” Michelle’s heart pounds. She seems to foresee what he wants to say.

“Can you sell this shop for me? But I don’t have that much money.”

Michelle hears him and is shocked. “Jason, you know I only have this coffee shop.”

He looks down and says, “I know, but this coffee shop was originally opened by you and me. I didn’t take anything when we broke up. I’ve heard that this shop is trendy, but I haven’t collected any money. I think the profit of this period is enough to open another coffee shop.”

“Do you have a conscience?” He abandoned her and the coffee shop a few months ago, but he says it was a long time ago. “I remember we broke up not long ago.”

“It’s been more than half a year, Michelle.”

Michelle freezes and is too depressed to speak. It turns out they’ve been apart for so long.

“Michelle, where did you put the lemon?”

While the young man is going to speak, Miya suddenly comes out of the bar.

Michelle doesn’t want to talk to this man. She hears Miya and is glad to be able to leave. “I remember putting it in the fridge.”

“It’s not in the fridge!”

“Really? I’ll find it.”

The young man raises his hand and tries to catch Michelle, but there is a pair of horrible eyes staring at him. He looks up at the bar and sees a pretty girl staring at him all the time.

The girl is good-looking, but her eyes frighten him.

Miya calls Michelle at the bar, but no one answers. She looks at the lobby and hears their conversation. She can’t help laughing at what the young man says. She looks down on such a man. He even bullies her family here. He is disgusting.

“Miss, why are you looking at me like this?”

Jason finally can’t help asking.

Miya smiles contemptuously and turns around and ignores him.

Miya goes to the cubby and sees Michelle crying. She comes forward and pats her on the shoulder.

Michelle looks back. When she sees Miya, she can’t help crying.

The girl has always been strong. She touches Michelle’s short hair and asks, “you know he is going to get married so you went to the barber’s this morning, right?”

Michelle listens to Miya and shivers. At last, she nods, “but he…” But he doesn’t understand her at all.

Michelle has no idea what to say. She can only be held by Miya and patted on the back.

She and Jason have been classmates from junior high school to college. They fell in love after graduation. They were happy, but he abandoned her. A few months after they broke up, he proposed to another woman.

Their classmates say he is going to get married and those who know they were in love ask if she is the bride.

She can only say sadly that it’s just gossip and they can’t take it seriously.

Miya looks at Michelle crying and can’t comfort her. She can only protect the coffee shop and keep it from being taken away by others.

Jason is standing at the door. They don’t respond, so he sits down on his own.

Miya goes to the bar and sees that Jason doesn’t seem to think of himself as an outsider.

In fact, she knows him. There were fireworks on the beach that night. He was the leading actor in the proposal.

This romantic way caused most girls to scream and envy, but Michelle stood there and was in a bad mood. The next day she seemed to see Michelle cutting her hair at the window.

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