Chapter 93 Who Am I To You? (9)

In an instant, Lu Jinnian’s glare frosted over. Knowing that she had discussed a new drama with producer Sun over cards burned a fire within him. He couldn’t hold it back any longer. Without any warning, he stood up from his chair and extended his hand. He grabbed Qiao Anhao by the arm and pressed her down onto the desk. He then gripped her neck, and as he stared intensely into her eyes, he ruthlessly asked her, “Qiao Anhao, who am I to you?” Lu Jinnian’s attitude had always been like this. With no warning at all, he pressed Qiao Anhao hard against the wooden table, painfully crushing her back. Lu Jinnian glared into her eyes, as though an angry fire surged inside him. He gritted his teeth and continued to ask in low roar, “I’m asking you, who am I to you?” As though he had used all his power to scream and to clutch her throat with his fingers, Lu Jinnian began to shudder. His voice swiftly hardened as he said in a trembling voice, “A tool for you to get into the entertainment industry? Or a stepping stone for you to get to higher places? Now that there’s someone inviting you to shoot a show, you go and try to kick me aside?” After his words, Lu Jinnian’s chest began to heave, and his entire body trembled. “Or are you saying that you’ve already climbed into my bed three times and now you’re tired of me. You want to go and climb into someone else’s bed?” Qiao Anhao, who was naturally afraid of him, now faced a furious Lu Jinnian. She was so afraid that her entire body stiffened and she didn’t dare look at him. A second later, the hand he used to clutch her neck suddenly grabbed her arm. He flung her up from the table and brutally threw her onto the bed behind her. Giving no explanation, he cruelly pressed her down. “Qiao Anhao, just when did you hear that those who “put out” ever get to become the boss? Between the two of us, when was it ever up to you to make the decisions?” He stared into her eyes. His eyes had become slightly red and looked like they were filled with despair and reluctance. The cold in his voice just then became a little hoarse “Qiao Anhao, don’t think that just because you’ve accepted two dramas that you now have wings. Let me tell you, if you can get in the circle, you can just as easily disappear from the circle. Even if you don’t want to take the leading role in the next show, you WILL take the role!” When his words stopped, he fiercely covered her lips.

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