Chapter 8 Bringing the ‘Nation’s Husband’ Home (8)

“Three months?!” Zhao Meng widened her eyes in shock. “Miss Qiao Anhao, are you his wife or his mistress? No, you’re worse than a mistress! A mistress would at least get benefits, but what have you gotten? Look at what you’re wearing, which item costs more than a five digit sum? And with the authority he yields, he could easily groom you into an A lister, but instead he gave you a small role in ‘To the End of Time’…” Qiao Anhao remained silent, her heart trembling with Zhao Meng’s ruthless words. It was the truth, she was indeed worse than a mistress. Even though both roles included sleeping with a guy, a mistress had to be of interest to the man at the very least. But Lu Jinnian was infuriated after she had slept with him. Qiao Anhao lifted the coffee and downed a big gulp, suppressing the bitterness biting at her. Calmly, as though she were speaking about someone else, she said, “You should know we were forced to get married. There were no feelings involved, lack of communication is normal.” Zhao Meng and Qiao Anhao have known each other since young, so even though their interests and hobbies differed, they still had a close relationship. Hence, regarding some matters, Zhao Meng understood. She was silent for a long while, staring at Qiao Anhao who remained impassive. Finally, she took a deep breath. “Qiao Qiao, during middle and high school, there weren’t many girls who could talk to him but you were one of them. He treated you well and had even gone out to play with you several times. Why did you suddenly stop interacting in college? Why did you start treating each other as strangers that had never met before? Many a time he would treat you impatiently, not minding his language. What exactly happened?” What happened? Qiao Anhao slipped into a trance. She stared at her coffee for a long while before shaking her head slowly. Softly she whispered, “I don’t know, all this while, I’ve been desperately wondering what exactly happened that year.” Lu Jinnian’s assistant had already parked the car at the main entrance by the time Lu Jinnian exited Jing Chen hotel. The minute his assistant saw him, he immediately came out to open the back door. Lu Jinnian entered the car wordlessly. While closing the door, his assistant raised his head to peek at his boss’ expression, only to find his face tight with his lips clenched into a straight line. The assistant definitely hadn’t expected such an expression! He hurriedly closed the back door in a panic. Returning to his front seat, he started the engine and scooted out.

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