Chapter 83 Oh, Aren’t You Honest (7)

Seeing that Lin Shiyi had left, Qiao Anhao wanted to quickly greet producer Sun and leave too. But before she could open her mouth, he glared intensely at her with a smile. “Xiao Qiao, do you want to drop by the room I booked later? Quite a few of the crew will be there.” Qiao Anhao’s lips curved and she softened her tone to reject his invitation. “Producer Sun, I’m so sorry. I’ve made plans with sister Yang to play cards. She’s probably waiting for me already.” “Cards? Speaking of which, I’m kind of itching to play. Later, I’ll stop by and show off my skills.” Producer Sun paused, then said, “Coincidentally, I’m preparing to invest in a new drama. They’ll start shooting late next year. ‘Alluring Times’ would have finished shooting by then. We should talk about if you’re interested in the new drama over a game of cards.” For him to put it that way, it was difficult for Qiao Anhao to reject his invitation. All she could do was smile awkwardly in agreement. – Lin Shiyi cried as she ran out of the KTV room. Lu Jinnian picked up the jacket behind him and got up to leave with a cold expression. “Have fun guys. I have matters to attend to,” he said as he turned to walk out the door. Lu Jinnian’s assistant hurriedly went around the room, joking with everyone. After saying “sorry” to the room full of people, he hastily followed after. Lu Jinnian walked swiftly with his assistant following behind, but not too close behind. He maintained a good distance between them. It was not until they were close to the elevators that the assistant speed up in front of Lu Jinnian and pressed the button. When the elevator doors opened, Lu Jinnian wore a blank expression on his face. As the doors shut behind them, his assistant secretly let out a sigh of relief. The assistant had followed Mr. Lu for seven or eight years. Of course, he’d know that Mr. Lu’s mood wasn’t good right now. Why? Even he hadn’t a clue, but he did know that Mr. Lu returned to the hotel with his clothes soaking wet. The first thing he said was to bring today’s filming material immediately. After listening to his instructions, the assistant brought back the tape for Mr. Lu to watch. After watching it, Mr. Lu’s expression became even more frightening. Whenever there was a social event, the crew would always ask Mr. Lu to attend. Today was no exception. The director had to entertain some investors of KTV downstairs, and so he specifically came to invite Mr. Lu, knowing full well that he wouldn’t attend. He had never taken an interest in these kind of social events, but for some reason, after the director took Lin Shiyi’s call, Mr. Lu unprecedentedly told them he’d be there in a while. Even though the assistant was shocked by Mr. Lu’s change of heart, he felt he needed to fulfill his duty of an assistant by tagging along.

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