Chapter 55 Memories of the Youth (3)

When the girl left and the nurse’s office was quiet again, Qiao An Hao mustered up her courage and asked him the question that was constantly on her mind. “Are you together with that girl?” Once she asked the question, she almost bit off her own tongue. Would Lu Jinnian see her as a gossipy girl? Qiao Anhao lifted her eyes anxiously, secretly observing his expression. When the question sank in, Lu Jinnian frowned slightly before lifting his face from his book to glance at her. In a light tone, he replied, “No.” Qiao Anhao nodded, making a “oh” sound. Lu Jinnian then returned his attention to his book. Silence fell on the room and after a long while, Lu Jinnian spoke up again, “Our class will be organizing an activity soon, and we’re both in charge.” Lu Jinnian kept a straight face as he spoke, his eyes never leaving his book. Qiao Anhao had buried into her blanket, breaking into a wide grin soundlessly. Due to the extreme pain from her monthly cycle, the nurse had to give her painkillers. Before Qiao Anhao could foot the bill, Lu Jinnian had handed the nurse thirty dollars. At the door of the nurse’s office, Qiao Anhao thought for a while before rushing to Lu Jinnian’s side. Reaching for her wallet, she took out 50 dollars and passed it to Lu Jinnian. “Here’s the doctor’s fee, thank you for your help.” Lu Jinnian swept a glance at the 50 dollar banknote she held and the wallet she had open. Inside, there was a thick stack of 100 dollar bills. His eyes dimmed slightly before he turned and took large strides away, ignoring Qiao Anhao. The second time Qiao Anhao had studied hard was after a picnic. At that time, Xu Jiamu and the group were barbecuing outdoors. They had invited a lot of friends and Lu Jinnian was included. That day, the weather was good and the skies were clear. Everyone laid down on the grass after the meal to cloud gaze. Somehow the topic shifted to their ambitions and their dream universities. Lu Jinnian was the only one who remained silent the entire time. On the way back, Qiao Anhao heard Xu Jiamu asking Lu Jinnian, “Bro, what about you? Which university do you want to go to?” “A university.” A university was globally acclaimed and one had to be the top of the cohort to enter. Qiao Anhao dared not even dream of entering it. She was not sure which university she wanted to enter, but when someone asked her if she wanted to enter a university in Hang Zhou, she nodded. She didn’t have any preference, but since Hang Zhou was a pretty city, she decided that it would be nice to enter a university there.

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