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Chapter 46 A Bloody Affair

The fans charged forward ferociously. Their facial expressions looked even more excited and emotional than that if they were to meet their families for the first time in 30 years. Yang Xiao Liang would usually go forward to sign a few autographs when faced with such passionate fans. But it was different now. Yang Xiao Liang was afraid that a fan would punch him in his face, given Master Lin’s prophecy. The hired bodyguards were really serious, they formed a wall around Yang Xiao Liang, blocking the fans from going up close to him. Yang Xiao Liang awkwardly smiled and waved his hands up high. He wanted to leave the place quickly. The reporters wanted to ask him some questions but weren’t able to reach him due to the bodyguards. The reporters had an important task at hand, which was to find out if Yang Xiao Liang would end up in the hospital after he got beaten up. It wasn’t just the reporters who wanted to know, but the netizens were also concerned with it. But from the looks of it, it seemed impossible. The bodyguards protected Yang Xiao Liang so closely that even a housefly couldn’t fly through to reach him; not to mention a human beating him up. “Haha, the prediction about me getting beaten up. How hilarious.” Yang Xiao Liang laughed as he was about to leave the airport. “It’s not funny.” Suddenly, Yang Xiao Liang’s face changed, as if he saw a ghost. “You… You…” “B*tch, return my daughter back to me.” Then, the bodyguard in front turned behind and punched Yang Xiao Liang in his face. *bang* Yang Xiao Liang fell heavily onto the ground. “Just because you wanted to become famous, you dumped my pregnant daughter and caused her to commit suicide. I’ll break your face.” the muscular man said. Then, he started to step on his face. D*mn! The scene had become chaotic. Countless reporters rushed over and continuously snapped their cameras. Breaking news, breaking news indeed. Yang Xiao Liang really got beaten up and it looked quite serious. Yang Xiao Liang’s agent screamed in horror, “Quick, help…!” The other bodyguards hurried to help him. They had known that this was going to happen but they had to hide it from everyone just for the bodyguard to take revenge. “Don’t hit him anymore. We’ll cover you. Or else, these fans are going to murder you.” the bodyguards saw that Yang Xiao Liang was already badly injured. They immediately protected him by covering him with their bodies. The fans went crazy. Their idol Liang Liang had been beaten up. They panicked badly when they saw his bloody face. They wanted to take it out on the bodyguard who had hit him but the other bodyguards protected him from the fans. The reporters were shocked when they saw the state that Yang Xiao Liang was in. They hurried to the bodyguard who had beaten him up. “Why did you beat him up?” “You said Yang Xiao Liang dumped your daughter for fame. What exactly happened?” ;… The reporters went wild. They were consecutively getting so many pieces of breaking news. They had to find out more, they had to do it. Yang Xiao Liang was just lying there as if he had just died from the injuries. “I’m disfigured…” Yang Xiao Liang’s thought, right before he fainted. … On the way to a hospital in Shanghai. Meanwhile, Lu Zi Yi was carrying two durians as he made his way quickly to his girlfriend’s hostel. He knew that Ya Jie was watching her drama in her hostel. He had to get past the hostel caretaker before he could enter the place. He managed to convince her by sweet-talking his way through. Lu Ya Jie was playing computer games but was feeling rather low. Lu Zi Yi was incorrigible, he did not trust her and even fought with her childhood friend. How embarrassing. She even praised her boyfriend in front of him before, she didn’t expect it to backfire so quickly. “Ya Jie, are you really not going to forgive him?” her roommate asked. “Ugh, it’s not so easy this time. He saw my messages and fought with my childhood friend. It’s so embarrassing. Plus, he doesn’t even trust me.” “He’s lucky that I’m even in love with him, he looks like an ostrich. An ostrich doesn’t even trust me, how infuriating.” Lu Ya Jie said angrily. “It’s okay for him to be tensed over things like this. After all, he’s your boyfriend.” the roommate said. “I don’t care about others but he must trust me.” Lu Ya Jie replied. “But I heard someone from the next class likes him, aren’t you afraid…” the roommate said. “I can confidently say that he doesn’t dare to cheat on me.” “That’s true.” *Ding dong!* “Coming, coming. Who is it?” her roommate said as she hurried to the door. When she saw the person standing outside, she was shocked. “Why are you here?” Lu Ya Jie got angry when she saw who was at the door. “Why are you here? I thought we already broke up.” Then, he saw the plastic bags in Lu Zi Yi’s hand and laughed, “Do you think I’d forgive you just because you bought me durians? Dream on.” Lu Zi Yi kept quiet and placed the durians firmly on the ground. Then, he took a deep breath. To the horror of Lu Ya Jie and her roommate, he kneeled on the durians. “It’s so painful…” He didn’t know it would hurt so badly until the moment he kneeled on them. The hard and sharp edges of the durian skin pierced his knees. It was so painful that he almost fainted. “Ya Jie, I was wrong. Please give me another chance. If I’m still so petty in future…” “What? You still want it to happen again?” Lu Zi Yi was interrupted by Lu Ya Jie. Lu Zi Yi realized that he had said the wrong thing and quickly shook his head. “No more next time, no more. This is the last time. I promise I will change and not doubt you again in future.” “What? Doubt? Why would you doubt me?” “No doubt, I won’t doubt you. It’s all my fault for being so petty.” Lu Zi Yi continued to shake his head as he replied. Her roommate was full of admiration for Lu Zi Yi for what he was doing. “Ya Jie, look, just give him another chance.” the roommate said. Given what Zi Yi was doing, Lu Ya Jie’s anger had simmered. “I can forgive you, but you must write an agreement to certify your words as well as apologize to my childhood friend. Can you do it?” “Yes, of course.” Lu Zi Yi nodded and replied. “Alright, I’ll give you another chance. Stand up then.” Lu Zi Yi sighed in relief as he heard her reply. Then, he involuntarily said, “The Master was indeed accurate.” Lu Ya Jie was stunned by what he had said, she asked, “What Master?” “Um, nothing, there’s no Master.” “Tell me.” Lu Ya Jie said angrily, leaving Lu Zi Yi with no choice but to reply. When Lu Zi Yi had explained everything, Lu Ya Jie shouted, “Continue to kneel on the durians! Did your IQ become negative after I left you? Are you stup*d…” Lu Zi Yi was speechless. Meanwhile, Weibo was a mess. Master Lin’s Weibo was the scene’s main focus again. Countless netizens started to believe in him. On the outside, Autumn Sword Fish Killer seemed like he was not convinced but he actually started to believe in Master Lin. The truth just hit him in his face. But since he had gone so far, he couldn’t turn back anymore. He had to preserve his dignity and pride.

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