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Chapter 42 Foshan Shadow Kick

“What are you looking at? You seem so happy about it.” Fraud Tian asked curiously when he saw Lin Fan sprawling himself on the table and laughing to himself. “Nothing much, just reading the news.” Lin Fan replied. The Internet was so amusing, especially Autumn Sword Fish Killer’s endless pursuit, leading his Trolls to scold Lin Fan. This had helped to increase the popularity of his Weibo. Lin Fan did not expect his Weibo to have exploded with such a large influx of people. Based on Zhou Li Yun, his Weibo increased to ten thousand followers and along with Chen Yu’s case, it increased by another twenty thousand followers. His life was improving so rapidly that he couldn’t even handle its progress. Just as Lin Fan was trying to react to this, a woman’s voice in a harsh tone could be heard. “Fortune-teller, try telling my fortune for me.” Lin Fan was playing with his phone but when he looked up, he was shocked. “Oh my god, small world indeed.” Fraud Tian was reading his book and when he saw there was a girl in the room, his face changed; he became more alert. “So you guys are here, I’ve been trying so hard to look for you.” The woman with thick make-up had been down with bad luck recently and she wanted to have a fortune-teller to help her. She became furious as she saw these two men in the stall. Zheng Wan Qin had been looking for these two people. But given the sheer size of Shanghai, it was extremely difficult. Now that she finally found them, she wasn’t going to let them off so easily. Zheng Wan Qin took out her phone immediately and said, “Brother Jun, come quickly. I found the two guys who kicked me in the *ss that day.” After she had hung up the phone, Zheng Wan Qin angrily pointed at the two men and said, “B*tch, I’m telling you, you’re dead.” “Babe, you must have misunderstood. I’ve never met you before.” Lin Fan said in disbelief. Lin Fan and Fraud Tian were both weaklings, if they really had to fight, they probably would be badly defeated. “Yeah, babe, we are decent people. I see that you’re looking ruddy. You must have been having good luck recently. Why not let us have a look at you?” Fraud Tian panicked and said. “Move aside.” Zheng Wan Qin kicked Fraud Tian aside and scolded, “Old hag, I let you escape the other time. This time you’ll see the consequences of kicking my *ss.” “When Brother Jun is here later, I’ll make you kneel down to lick my shoes.” Zheng Wan Qin had a foul mouth, streams of vulgarities came out of it the moment she had started talking. Fraud Tian quickly stood up and looked at Lin Fan. “We’re finished.” Lin Fan said. “What shall we do later?” Fraud Tian asked. “How do I know what to do? But let me tell you first, you gotta protect me later.” Lin Fan was speechless, he knew that things wouldn’t end up well later. How did he not know that he would face a huge disaster today? Ever since he had gotten the Encyclopedia, he kept running into problems and there was bloodshed every single time. And from the looks of today’s situation, he was afraid that it would be an extremely bloody affair. Zheng Wan Qin smiled as she saw that her people had arrived. Then, she immediately brought a man into the room with her and pointed at Lin Fan and Fraud Tian. She said, “Brother Jun, it’s them. They kicked my *ss that day.” Wu Bao Jun was 1.89m tall. He had a muscular build and a fearsome look. One look at him and you’d know that he wasn’t a good guy. Furthermore, Wu Bao Jun was the leader of the gang. Fights were common for them as they demanded debt payment. He was thus very experienced with matters like that. The people in the surrounding area also knew that they shouldn’t provoke someone like that. “So it’s you two b*stards who bullied my girlfriend?” Wu Bao Jun shouted. His gang then proceeded to block the door. Some of them weren’t tall but they stood there proudly with their heads held high as if they were a wild bunch. “Brother Jun is talking to you. Are you deaf?!” a skinny teenager shouted loudly as if he would have punched them if they didn’t reply. He was arrogant and wild. Lin Fan did not reply as he was a little nervous. If a fight were to break out, it would have been disastrous. But since they had come to their stall for a fight, they couldn’t tolerate it further. If they couldn’t win the fight, the least they could do was to look fearless. Brother Jun seemed pretty capable. They were waiting for him to make a move. “Hey big brother, don’t be angry. We can talk things over nicely. It must be a misunderstanding.” Fraud Tian smiled and took out a cigarette pack which cost him thirty bucks. “Get lost, you dare to take out such a shitty pack of cigarettes? You think we’re here to play?” The arrogant teenager said angrily and looked as though he was going to beat them up. Suddenly, he slapped Fraud Tian so hard that he fell to the ground. Then, he stepped on the packet of cigarettes and twisted his foot on it. “Old hag, speak more nonsense and my boss will break your face.” the teenager said arrogantly while pointing at Fraud Tian’s nose. Fraud Tian stood up and gently nodded his head. Then, he laughed awkwardly and said, “Alright, alright, I won’t speak anymore.” Lin Fan saw how the teenager humiliated Fraud Tian and couldn’t tolerate it any further. How dare they bully his people? Even if he couldn’t win them in a fight, he had to give his best. “F*ck your mother, you dare to bully my friend? I will fight you until the very end.” Lin Fan had always been a calm and good-natured person but when it came to this, he had to do something about it. Lin Fan grabbed an ashtray and smashed the teenager’s head. However, Lin Fan wasn’t quick enough. The experienced teenager reacted in time and shouted, “F*ck your mum!” as he kicked Lin Fan in his stomach. “D*mn it, that was fast.” Lin Fan remained in the position which he had first adopted, holding onto the ashtray. He didn’t expect this fella to have such quick reactions. “F*ck, it’s over.” Lin Fan screamed. Perhaps it was really going to be a bloody affair. At that instant, he saw a figure move. It was someone’s leg kicking at him which suddenly stopped. Someone held onto the teenager’s sole. “Fraud Tian, you…” Lin Fan was shocked. He looked at Fraud Tian and realized that there was something different about Fraud Tian. Fraud Tian suddenly looked very fearsome, much different from his usual self. “Meet my Ba Gua Zhang! I am Tian the 13th. Nice to meet you.” *snapping sound* The teenager’s leg creaked and bent. Afterward, he screamed in pain. When Wu Bao Jun had witnessed that scene, he was stunned. “F*ck…” Wu Bao Jun and his gang members charged forward. But what stood out to Lin Fan was how Fraud Tian could suddenly take on all of them. He actually managed to ground them. “D*mn, Fraud Tian, you’re insane. That’s right, f*ck him up!” Lin Fan was shocked at how fearless Fraud Tian had become. He was incredible. The group of macho men was beaten to a pulp. *snapping sound* “What the f*ck.” Even Lin Fan got scared when he heard the snapping sound. Then, Lin Fan stared at the arrogant teenager. The teenager made eye contact with Lin Fan and still shouted “F*ck your mum, you…” despite the fact that he was cold sweating from the pain. “Foshan Shadow Kick…” Lin Fan couldn’t let the teenager continue his trash talk; he jumped and shouted before kicking him in the face. “Ugh!” “Don’t fight anymore, don’t fight anymore…”

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