Chapter 39 It’s All Falling into Place

On the screen of the Apple iPhone, a page attracted the attention of many people. Its content was clearly stated. Travel recommendations, the time needed for withdrawal from the clubs, everything was there. Huang Hong Rong let everyone take a look at his phone and said, “Look, it’s true. It’s not a scam!” He was frightened the moment he thought of it. Luckily his wife had found a true master which helped him to avoid the disaster. The residents looked at each other in disbelief. Right from the start, they did not believe in him and they were even furious about it. They felt that these people using the incident to hype the media were just too much. But when they saw the message on their phones about the withdrawal, they were dumbfounded. “It can’t be, how can it be that unlucky?” “If he had really predicted it, it would be insane.” Then, the crowd looked at Lin Fan, they all thought that it was too magical. Especially after seeing the message, they could confirm that it was indeed true. Fraud Tian was just at the side minding his own business. He finally understood what was going on. Fraud Tian was speechless. An unsuccessful marriage? Do not go overseas as it would be disastrous? Everything had already been predicted. To Fraud Tian, that made him believe in everything. “Master Lin, our family wants to thank you once again,” Huang Hong Rong’s family of three stood before Lin Fan and bowed, expressing their gratitude towards Lin Fan. “You’re welcome, you’re welcome. If you believe in my words, then you’ll be able to change your fate. If not, you would never have avoided it,” Lin Fan said calmly. Indeed, it felt great when everyone had treated him like a god. “Master Lin, please accept this board as our gift.” Huang Hong Rong said. “Alright, alright.” Lin Fan just accepted it, he did not waste time arguing about it. When Huang Hong Rong’s family was about to leave, he immediately stuffed a red packet into Lin Fan, which contained ten thousand dollars. Lin Fan naturally tried to reject it, but after Huang Hong Rong’s persistence, he just forced himself to keep it. When he had sent the family out of his stall, he noticed that the crowd at the entrance was still there. “Looks like it really isn’t a scam, want to try it with me?” “Master Lin, please help to take a look at me.” The crowd was still doubtful of everything that had happened but internally, they had some form of belief. “Everyone, please don’t rush. One by one, please.” Lin Fan did not expect the overwhelming reaction. In a split second, he became extremely busy. Fraud Tian was also happy with the business they were doing. They were having such a good time as compared to the past few days which had little business. If it continued to be like that, they were bound to be rich. The ‘Master Lin’ stall had long streams of customers and the shop owners opposite were all curious. … They were busy all morning and only after the last customer had left the stall could Lin Fan finally take a break. Fraud Tian was busy counting money and he was also exhausted but he was extremely happy. “How good was I?” Lin Fan lay on the bench asking while he sipped his tea. “Nothing short of a pro.” Fraud Tian was full of praises. “The wave of customers in the morning had earned us over two thousand dollars. If it was like that every day, we’re going to be rich.” “Fraud, if it was like that every day, I would be so damn exhausted.” Lin Fan rolled his eyes and said. He didn’t say anything else as his mouth was dry from all the talking he had done in the morning. “Hehe,” Fraud Tian smiled despicably then said, “It’s okay to work harder, we’ll just earn more!” This old Fraud has conned so many people but at least he has some plans in mind to work hard. Lin Fan curled his lips and said, “Wait for a few days for some things to happen, then we will have to lay some ground rules. If it’s going to be like that in future, I’ll die of exhaustion.” “What ground rules?” Fraud Tian asked curiously. Lin Fan just smiled mysteriously and said, “You’ll understand when the time comes.” … Some of the residents posted online and told their friends about what had happened that morning. “It’s all true, the fortune-teller helped a family of three to avoid a disaster.” There were various different titles which attracted the attention of many people. It even went viral on the Internet. But some people were still skeptical. “He’s just trying to con people.” “Just one look and I could tell that this fortune-teller is a conman.” “Whoever believes in this sort of thing is an idiot.” “It’s hard to judge if there was such a god-like fortune-teller. Although the content on the phone was blurred it was still visible. The family of three was indeed lucky.” … Regarding these things, Lin Fan was naturally unclear of what was going on. But the impact wasn’t great. He was basically just reading it for fun. Then, Lin Fan used his phone to look at some entertainment news. A particular headline stood out to Lin Fan and made him laugh. “International model, Zhou Li Yun rolled down a flight of stairs and injured her leg. ” “Zhou Li Yun says goodbye to her involvement in the fashion week.” … Zhou Li Yun wasn’t considered to be a superstar in the country but she was quite famous in the international modeling scene, with a large fan base. Especially since she had such a beautiful outer appearance and a nice figure, she was a goddess in countless men’s eyes. Many people in the modeling industry felt that the incident was a pity, after reading the news. This particular fashion show was something special. It was large-scale and influential, compared to the others. Many had left comments on the news article. “Damn it. What a waste.” “It was fated, I wonder how Zhou Li Yun is feeling right now.” “Fated my ass, it was predicted by the great master okay? Ben Hu Xin just wanted to ask if the great master was looking for any disciples.” “No affinity, indeed. Zhou Li Yun must be filled with regret. If she had known, she would have found out why she was dissuaded from going previously.” “Master, I was wrong, I will never flame you again. Please just leave the lottery numbers for next week.” “I went through the great master’s Weibo and saw that there were numerous predictions and one of them was regarding Zhou Li Yun.” “Let’s go, quickly subscribe to Master Lin’s Weibo. From now on, I am a fanboy of Master Lin.” … Lin Fan was amused after reading the news. It wasn’t the right time yet. He had to let the news spread first before everything was to come true and create a big disaster. Fraud Tian just sat there and trembled at the way Lin Fan was smiling creepily to himself.

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