Chapter 39 Afraid to Cause Trouble (3)

Right then, the image of Qiao Anhao’s placating manner in front of producer Sun flashed past Lu Jinnian’s mind. His expression closed up and in a tone without any warmth, he said, “You’re thinking too much.” Qiao Anhao lifted her head in doubt. Thinking too much? Lu Jinnian’s mesmerizing lips curved into a sardonic smile and the frosty voice continued, “I wasn’t helping you, I just didn’t want to bring trouble to myself. A newbie acting as the second female lead in this TV series would definitely stir gossip and, since you’re acting alongside me, I didn’t want any of your bad reputation to affect me.” He wasn’t trying to help her, he was just trying to save himself from trouble. She was thinking too much after all… Qiao Anhao lowered her lashes, shielding her disappointment. Her lips trembled as she wordlessly tightened the grasp she had on her skirt. Lu Jinnian glanced coldly at Qiao Anhao, then brushed past her in long strides. For a long time after Lu Jinnian left, Qiao Anhao remained motionless. Only when a sharp honk pierced the night did she blink, coming back to her senses. Zhao Meng had arrived with the car. Qiao Anhao entered the car and sat down. “There was a car accident that jammed the road for 30 mins,” Zhao Meng explained while driving. Qiao Anhao remained silent, tilting her head to the side, looking out the window. Zhao Meng took one glance at the back mirror before making a turn. “Qiao Qiao, thank goodness for Lu Jinnian. I didn’t expect him to actually help you out.” The minute she heard that, Qiao Anhao clenched her lips, shutting her eyes. Zhao Meng continued, “I guess Lu Jinnian still remembers past ties. After all, you have known each other for so many years, saying a few words should be nothing.” Past ties… That wasn’t his intention at all. He was just worried about gossip. She had been too naive, feeling as though she had struck the lottery with just a few words. She should have known that Lu Jinnian would not have helped her… She was indeed thinking too much. How could she forget, he had once used a resolute tone to inform her: no matter who he liked, it wouldn’t be her. Noting that Qiao Anhao wasn’t speaking, Zhao Meng couldn’t help reaching over to nudge her. “What is it? Something wrong?” “No.” Qiao Anhao didn’t open her eyes, afraid that she would tear up in front of Zhao Meng. “The alcohol is making me tired.” “Oh, then you should sleep, I’ll wake you up when we reach your home.” Qiao Anhao agreed lightly, and the car sank into silence.

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