Chapter 37 Afraid to Cause Trouble (1)

After the meal, Qiao Anhao left for the bathroom. When she returned to the banquet hall, most of the people had already left, leaving it almost empty. When she arrived, she saw that the parking lot was full, so the car had been parked far away. Zhao Meng had went to collect it while Qiao Anhao was in the bathroom. When she reached the hotel door, Zhao Meng had not yet returned with the car. She waited at the side and saw Lu Jinnian walking out from the hotel. Her position was right in front of hotel, so if Lu Jinnian were to walk straight, he would definitely bump into her. Lu Jinnian didn’t like interacting with her in public places and whenever they met, he would ignore her as though she was thin air. Rather than waiting for him to ignore her, she decided to stand aside, hiding from him. Qiao Anhao turned around swiftly, walking forward when she caught him preoccupied. Before she could walk far, a car suddenly stopped beside her. The car’s window went down and someone called her name, “Xiao Qiao.” Qiao Anhao turned her head and saw producer Sun in the seat beside the driver. She politely greeted him, “Mr. Sun” Producer Sun stretched his head out the window: “Xiao Qiao, why are you out here alone? Don’t you have a car?” As he spoke, Producer Sun came out of the car to personally help Qiao Anhao open the back door. “Where do you live? I can give you a lift.” Qiao Anhao hurriedly shook her head, expressing her gratitude. “Mr. Sun, thank you so much, but you don’t have to trouble yourself. My manager is on her way with the car.” “Oh..” Regret clouded producer Sun’s eyes as he continued to stare at Qiao Anhao. The more he looked at her, the deeper he sunk into her beauty. Impulsively he asked, “Xiao Qiao, which university are you from?” Even though Qiao Anhao wanted to avoid Lu Jinnian, she didn’t want to offend producer Sun. She answered his question politely, “X university.” “X university… that’s a really good school.” Before Qiao Anhao had spotted Lu Jinnian, he had already seen her. The minute she laid her eyes on him, she had walked away, obviously avoiding him. Lu Jinnian stopped momentarily, frost clouding his gaze. Just as he was prepared to walk towards his car, he saw producer Sun’s car stop beside her. Lu Jinnian was too far to hear their conversation, but he could tell that they were enjoying themselves. Qiao Anhao kept smiling at producer Sun, exposing her flawless teeth, and whatever she said delighted producer Sun. In the end, producer Sun took out his phone and typed something in while Qiao Anhao spoke. Afterwards, she took out her phone which was lit up, a call coming through. They must have exchanged numbers.

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