Chapter 35 Because She’s Teacher Tao

In the interview… Are you willing to make sacrifices for your career?” “I’m willing,” said the young lady as she nodded. Huang Lu Hao was the director of that movie. He was quite a famous director. Then, he smirked and asked several personal questions. Upon the agreement of the young lady, Huang Lu Hao nodded at her fine appearance and figure but he had to find out more. “Alright, leave your particulars and work experience details behind, we will notify you again.” “Alright.” replied the lady as she left with a coquettish look at Huang Lu Hao as if she was hinting at him to call her anytime. “Those chicks that I had just interviewed were not bad. Especially the one with the surname Wang. She had such a round ass.” “Haha, I can settle them with just one phone call. After I’ve f*cked with them, I just have to fit them into some random role in the movies.” Huang Lu Hao said. This interview was special, there were only the three of them in the interview room and they were in control the whole time. To Huang Lu Hao, he felt extremely lucky to have successfully bidded for Teacher Tao’s novel. Teacher Tao’s novels were all critically acclaimed. When her works were transformed into films, they all had extremely good reviews and were very popular. The small actors in the films had all become famous superstars and naturally, the director had also benefited from it in the film industry. But what Huang Lu Hao didn’t know was that their words and actions were all being watched. There was a giant mirror on one of the walls in the interview room and there was actually another room behind it. There were people who listened to whatever was happening in the room. Some of them felt disturbed from listening to interview that took place inside. “Teacher Tao, I’m sorry. I really didn’t know that Huang Lu Hao was this sort of person. If I had known, I wouldn’t have recommended him,” a man said, looking disturbed. He was an investor in the film, but he did not have much power over making decisions. As long as Teacher Tao mentioned that she wanted to have a movie about her novel, there would be countless investors opting to invest in the film. He only had the opportunity to do so because of his relationship with Teacher Tao. The director he recommended had just asked the actors such disturbing questions. He was extremely embarrassed. Teacher Tao was almost sixty years of age. But she still looked rather young and classy. She interlocked her fingers and just sat there emotionless. But everyone knew that he was furious. He hated those actors that had joined his films through backdooring, even if it was a small role. “Teacher Tao, I will immediately fire these three people and arrange for another interview session.” one of the investors frantically said. “There’s no need for that.” Teacher Tao replied with a rather unfriendly tone. … “Next, Chen Xin Yi.” “Xin Yi, it’s your turn. All the best!” Luo Dan shook her hand and cheered her on. “Okay,” Chen Xin Yi took a deep breath and went into the room. Huang Lu Hao and two other people were actually discussing the chicks and when they saw Xin Yi enter the room, they tried to look more serious. Chen Xin Yi told herself to not be too nervous as she entered the room. “How’re you doing, directors.” Chen Xin Yi greeted the three people in the room. Huang Lu Hao was just analyzing her physical appearance. What a masterpiece with a pretty face and good figure. What long and slender legs. Perfect! Huang Lu Hao had thought of something to say and cleared his throat to ask some questions. In the other room… “This lady is classy and she matches the role for Lan Yun perfectly.” that was the first time Teacher Tao praised someone since the interviews had started. The investors also nodded in agreement but whether they would be favored for the film, everything depended on Teacher Tao. At this moment, Huang Lu Hao smirked. “This film is based on Teacher Tao’s novel. You know that, right?” Huang Lu Hao asked. “Yes, I have read all of his novels. Especially the role of Lan Yun. I have studied it and I feel that I can succeed if I take up this role.” Chen Xin Yi said confidently. Teacher Tao nodded after hearing her words and said, “This lady is confident, good.” “Looks like you’re confident but you should know that many of the current big name actors all rose to fame from acting in films based on Teacher Tao’s novels. May I know if you’re willing to make some sacrifice for a role?” Huang Lu Hao asked while he secretly wished for Xin Yi’s agreement. Chen Xin Yi was taken aback and asked “What sacrifice?” “You don’t know what he meant by sacrifice?” the man beside him laughed and replied. Chen Xin Yi understood their intentions and shook her head. “No, I can’t agree to that.” Huang Lu Hao was a little unhappy and he said, “You should know that with this small sacrifice, you would be able to take on a bigger role. In future, you would have more opportunities to become famous in the entertainment industry. With such intense competition in the industry, do you think you’d be able to get your dream role without any sacrifice? We will give you some time to consider.” Chen Xin Yi knew that it was difficult for her to get her dream role and it would require some form of sacrifice. But she did not expect to face such a situation. Then, Chen Xin Yi suddenly thought of a phrase that she strongly believed in, “Stick firmly to the convictions of your heart and luck will come your way.” “Sorry, then I may not be suitable for this role.” Chen Xin Yi replied without any hesitation and left the room. “For someone like you, you deserve to stay as a small actor forever!” Huang Lu Hao pointed at Chen Xin Yi and said. Then, he threw her stack of particulars and resume into the bin. Chen Xin Yi stared at the bin, took a deep breath and left the room. She was heartbroken. “This lady is decent, let me see her details.” Teacher Tao unexpectedly smiled and said as she took the papers over from an investor. But Chen Xin Yi hated what Huang Lu Hao did. … “Xin Yi, how did it go?” Luo Dan asked nervously. Chen Xin Yi just nodded and said, “I guess it was alright.” She wanted to continue the conversation with Luo Dan but… “Next, Luo Dan.” “Xin Yi, I’ll head inside first.” Luo Dan interrupted and went into the room. Suddenly, a commotion could be heard. Luo Dan kicked the door and shouted, “You think you can take advantage of me just based on this? Where the f*ck your morals? Do you think you can hide the truth from the masses? Do you think I would starve to death if I didn’t get a role in this film?” Then, Chen Xin Yi immediately went forward and said, “Luo Dan…” “Xin Yi, let’s go. What a lousy director with all his nonsense. He even tried to take advantage of us.” Luo Dan shouted and scolded. The others who heard her also walked over. “What is wrong with you? You’re not suitable for the role and you’re maligning us? I want to see which company you’re from.” Huang Lu Hao didn’t expect her to be that hot-tempered and to create such a big fuss. Sister Tao panicked when she saw what had happened and said, “Luo Dan, shut up.” Then, she repeatedly half-bowed to Huang Lu Hao and apologized. “Director Huang, don’t be angry…” “Oh, so it’s Tian Ming Entertainment Group. Let me tell you that your company will not get a single role in this film.” … “Nice, nice. I like these two ladies.” Teacher Tao happily stood up and said in admiration of Chen Xin Yi and Luo Dan. “And I do not want these three perverts to be handling my work.” Teacher Tao was very firm about it and naturally, the investors didn’t dare to defy her words. For a normal person, the investors were the one making the decisions. But it wasn’t the case this time. All because the person in front of them was Teacher Tao.

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