Chapter 27 Who Allowed You to Come In? (7)

Qiao Anhao’s heart sank. Initially she had requested for a role, but that was because she was afraid that he would find out about her love for him. But now, he saw her as a woman that used her body for favors. Qiao Anhao clenched her lips, refusing to speak. Lu Jinnian waited, but seeing how Qiao Anhao was not prepared to speak, he broke the silence. “Why aren’t you saying anything? After plotting with such effort, getting me medicine, taking care of me, and even finding this place, isn’t it all for more benefits? “You mentioned that you didn’t expect to sleep with me…” Lu Jinnian stopped, realizing he was not making sense. Sinking into silence, he swallowed. Staring straight into Qiao Anhao’s eyes, he seemed to be reading her mind. In an emotionless tone, he continued, “Unless you weren’t looking for any benefits from coming here…” Qiao Anhao didn’t expect him to figure it out so easily… Subconsciously she tightened her fists, trying desperately to keep calm, and said, “Two days ago, I went to Huan Ying Entertainment for an audition for the second lead in ‘Alluring Times’ but failed.” It had never occurred to Qiao Anhao that she would end up continuously hiding her feelings, continuously portraying herself as an object used for transactions. She could feel the sharp pain from her palms but showed no signs of the pain and said, “The film has a star studded line up and has gained attention even before the show started filming. If you really want to reward me, give me the second lead role.” Wordlessly, Lu Jinnian continued to stare at Qiao Anhao. Suddenly, his eyes sank. Wrapped in his blanket, he jumped from the bed. Taking large strides towards her, he grabbed her by the wrists, yanking her forward. Lu Jinnian dragged her out of the bedroom, down the stairs, heading straight for the door. His actions slowed momentarily before he pushed Qiao Anhao out the door without hesitation. With a loud and resounding “bang”, he slammed the door shut. Lu Jinnian’s series of actions were swift and unexpected, not sparing Qiao Anhao any time to react. By the time she came back to her senses, she had already been thrown out of the mansion by Lu Jinnian. But all her things were upstairs….

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