Chapter 20 Small Acts of Love (10)

Even though Qiao Anhao acted heartlessly in front of Zhao Meng, after her friend left, she hesitated a bit before driving out in her own car. Xu Jiamu had once mentioned that Lu Jinnian had a private mansion in the northern side of the city on a mountain. Qiao Anhao had also gathered from Xu Jiamu that Lu Jinnian hated hospitals and would hide in that mansion whenever he was sick. At that time, Xu Jiamu was just randomly complaining since Lu Jinnian was not willing to receive treatment despite being very ill. Many times, the person complaining has no ill intention, but at that time, Qiao Anhao had secretly shelved the information in her mind for future use. Even though she wasn’t sure if he would be at the mansion, she still decided to try her luck. She specifically stopped by a medical shop before going to the mansion. Since she wasn’t sure of his condition, she just randomly picked some fever medicine. Qiao Anhao had never been to the mansion, but she vaguely remembered Xu Jiamu mention that the mansion was at the peak of the mountain called Yi mountain. Qiao Anhao set the GPS towards Yi mountain and realized it was indeed in the northern part of the city. She then started the engine and steered in that direction. Thankfully, Yi mountain was not big and only had one mansion. Qiao Anhao drove to the peak, and there stood a lonely mansion, which most likely belonged to Lu Jinnian. Qiao Anhao started out at 3 pm in the afternoon and by the time she reached Yi mountain, it was already 5pm in the evening. She was just in time for the sunset. Reddish-gold rays spilled onto the mansion, giving it the vibe of a castle; it was both grand and beautiful. The gates of the mansion were tightly shut. Qiao Anhao stopped her car before them and looked around. She spotted a fence that was rather low and went toward it, moving over it. She didn’t have the keys to the mansion and no one received her when she knocked on the door. She peaked in through the windows but didn’t catch a glimpse of Lu Jinnian at all. Circling the perimeter of the mansion, she located a half-open full-length window at the back of the mansion. She hesitated for a bit before opening it fully and entering the mansion. The mansion had a luxurious interior. She walked through the whole first floor but still could not find Lu Jinnian. She then climbed up to the second floor, her footsteps being the only sound. The mansion would have been deathly silent if not for her walking around. Qiao Anhao continued looking through the second floor, and only found Lu Jinnian at the end of the hallway in a big bedroom. He was wearing a suit, and with his eyes shut, he lay silently on the bed. From afar, he seemed to be sound asleep. Qiao Anhao lifted her hand, knocking on the door, but looking at the bed, she saw that Lu Jinnian remained motionless, without any reaction. She furrowed her brows, taking large strides towards the bed.

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