Chapter 19 Small Acts of Love (9)

Zhao Meng was definitely not a bad person but rather a practical one. She meant no harm and was just thinking on behalf of Qiao Anhao. She was hoping that her friend could ride on Lu Jinnian’s authority, rising in the industry so that she could still live comfortably even if she were to leave him in the future. It was not wrong for a woman to think for herself. It wasn’t that Qiao Anhao was too dignified for the idea, but rather Lu Jinnian’s hatred was so strong that it didn’t interest him to touch her. She lowered her lashes, shielding her darkened pupils. She curved her lips slightly. “He’s currently filming in Rome, don’t you know? You don’t expect me to sleep with him in Rome do you?” Zhao Meng froze slightly. Qiao Anhao’s brows furrowed and she asked, “What’s wrong?” “Qiao Qiao, don’t you know?” “Know what?” After a long while, Zhao Meng said, ” Lu Jinnian came back from Rome two days ago, didn’t he come home?” So he was back… and as his wife, she had no clue. Qiao Anhao froze, before smiling nonchalantly. “It’s normal that he didn’t come back… The longest I went without hearing from him was three months, and it’s hardly been even half a month.” Zhao Meng didn’t reply, silence engulfing the car. After a while, she couldn’t help saying, “Qiao Qiao, two days ago, I heard one of the board members from Huan Ying entertainment company say that Lu Jinnian fainted and was rushed to the hospital while having a meeting on the day he was back.” Qiao Anhao took a while to digest the information before replying with an “Oh”. “I also heard the board members say that even though he was burning with a high fever, he refused to let the doctors treat him, insisting on getting himself discharged. Ignoring all the persuasions, he drove away alone with his fever.” Zhao Meng then couldn’t help adding, ” Do you think he’ll be okay? He left the hospital without any treatment with a high fever.” Qiao Anhao remained indifferent but in a corner where Zhao Meng couldn’t see, her hands were tightly clenched, bunching up the edge of her shirt. Zhao Meng stared at the road ahead intently. After a long time, she asked again, “Qiao Qiao, aren’t you going to visit him?” Qiao Anhao was silent for a moment before shaking her head. “We agreed to not interfere in each other’s businesses.” Zhao Meng was the one to reply with an “oh” this time and the car sunk into silence once again.

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