Chapter 19 A Special Smile

The elegant western restaurant, the retro-style tables and chairs have a complicated and unique design, the unique chandeliers reflect the beautiful landscape, and the paintings on the wall tell a story.

In front of Karin is a plate of delicate New Zealand beef steak, and citron nut sea bass with champagne sauce. Such an amazing food is not attractive to her.

Low jazz sounds echoes in her ears. The characteristic environment and the moody lights seem to complement each other. She admits that the atmosphere is good, but she also admits that she is really about to fall asleep.

“Why not eat?” Charlie holds the red wine in his hand.

“I don’t like the food very much,” she answers truthfully.

“Then what do you like to eat?”

“I like to eat… never mind. You may not like it.”

He raises an eyebrow with interest, “Oh, just say it.”

“You don’t understand even I say it, and I’ll only more want to eat it when I say it.”

“Okay, then we won’t eat this. Go eat what you like.”

Karin’s eyeballs roll around, “Really?”

“Of course.” He stands up with a smile, “Let’s go.”

Twenty minutes later, the two come to a British foodie street. It is the first time Charlie comes here.

“Come with me.” Karin grabs his arm in excitement, and the previous embarrassment disappears.

She takes him to a booth with smoke spreading, and raises her chin solemnly to introduce, “This is my favorite.”

“What?” Charlie frowns and is surprises.

“Barbecue.” She says with a smile. “Sir, I want five skewers of chicken wings and five skewers of lamb.”


The charcoal burning in the barbecue grill gives out an orange-red flame, and bursts out thick smoke, accompanied by the smell of burning, Charlie couldn’t adapt to it and coughs.

“Can it be eaten?” He asked incredulously.

“Yes, and it’s delicious.”

Karin takes the cooked food and hands it to him, “Should you try it?”

“No, thank you.” He shakes his hand.”You eat more.”

Back in the car, Charlie stares intently at Karin who enjoys the food.

“It turns out you are so easy to satisfy.”

“Yes, as long as I can eat, sleep, and laugh, I feel very satisfied.”

Karin smiles, her clear eyes are as bright as the stars hanging in the sky, and Charlie is slightly lost.

“Why do you look at me like that? Is there anything on my face?” She embarrassingly wipes her lips.

“No, I just feel like you are special when you laugh.”

“What’s so special, but the two dimples…”

She turns around shyly, and her cheeks flushed instantly.

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