Chapter 15 Small Acts of Love (5)

Qiao Anhao paled at Lu Jinnian’s ridicule, her face bleaching white. After the incident three months ago, his impression of her had gone down the drain. He wouldn’t even listen when she tried to explain. Ignoring the hurt, she whispered, “It wasn’t intentional.” “Not intentional?” Lu Jinnian laughed sarcastically, frost clouding his eyes. His snide remark next was merciless and cruel. “Miss Qiao, I never expected your lies to be as good as your ability to take advantage of others! That day, I’m pretty sure it was you who climbed into my bed when I was drunk, and if I don’t remember wrongly, you were pretty enthusiastic, even begging me to sleep with you!” Lu Jinnian’s words pierced Qiao Anhao’s heart, each word seemingly cutting deeper and deeper, leaving her eyes red. That night, she had indeed begged him. But she too had drunk alcohol! Slightly tipsy, mistaking it for a dream, she had asked softly, “Can I be your woman?” Qiao Anhao had never expected Lu Jinnian to use the events of that night to mock her. Her face flushed a deep shade of red. Humiliated and shamed, she pinched herself. Only when the pain from her fingertips overshadowed the pain inflicted by Lu Jinnian’s words did she calmly explain herself, “I had no intentions of seducing you, I was asleep when i accidentally touched you.” “It better be the case. But get this straight, even if you were the one that started this game, from now, I’m the one in control. You can indeed gain benefits from me with your body, but that’s only when I’m interested in sleeping with you.” Lu Jinnian paused, then with arrogance soaking his every word, he continued mercilessly, “If I’m not interested, I won’t lay a finger on you even if you throw yourself at me like the first time!” With Lu Jinnian’s every word, bit by bit, the blood drained from Qiao Anhao’s face. She continued to hang her head, not daring to look at his expression When Lu Jinnian finished, he coldly released Qiao Anhao’s wrist and went to the changing room. When he came out, Qiao Anhao was still on the bed, in the same position as when he had left her. She looked fragile and thin, and with her head hung low, she looked like a student being punished. When the dim lights hit her, she looked young and innocent. Lu Jinnian stood by the changing room door, quietly staring at Qiao Anhao. After a while, his eyes lowered. He turned and left the room.

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